Chapter 2: An Abundance of Pears

The Doctor walked into town. I mean, trotted into town. Still getting the hang of this "pony" thing. He looked at his surroundings: light blue sidewalks, pink buildings, and ridiculously bright colored ponies. He walked by a grey pony, with two eyes going in opposite directions. I wonder if a pony face counts as the first face I see post-regeneration.

What? What's this? There's ponies everywhere. On all of my travels, I have never seen a place like this.

"Where are the Cybermen, the Daleks, the Weeping Angels?" he asked himself. Everything seemed to be fine in this little town, which he still did not know the name of. The Doctor heard a sound coming from behind him. It was similar to the ones that he was producing, but lighter and three times as many. Yet, he turned around and saw nothing. As he continued his walk, the sound resumed.

"I can hear you, so just COME OUT!" he shouted. However, even the Doctor was not ready for what happened next. Three young fillies came out from behind the building. They all wore matching red and golden capes. "Gryffindor, I see!" but they all just stared at him. Oh, there must not be Harry Potter in this world, how disappointing. The white filly with lilac and cream curls spoke first.

"Are you new here? We don't get many new people here!" she said. The Doctor considered replying with the truth, but felt that this tiny pony would not be able to understand so he looked around, trying to make up a plausible story. "Umm, I am visiting- that bakery," he lied. The orange filly stared at him suspiciously with an eyebrow raised, "Are you sure?" she asked. "Ah, Scootaloo, don't be so rude to 'im. He clearly doesn't know where he is goin'" said the one with a yellow coat and red mane. "Ah'm Applebloom, she's Scootaloo, and that's Sweetie Belle."

"Great, I'll um- be on my way then," the Doctor replied. As he kept walking, they kept following him. Over five minutes had passed and he turned around, shouting: "I'M NOT YOUR MOTHER." They gave him strange glances and dispersed. He would soon figure out that he should not have spoken so loudly, as he had inadvertently attracted the attention of the one known as Pinkius Piecus.

After taking just one step forward, the Doctor was approached by a freakishly, way too pink pony. I don't know if I should be happy to see a new member of this pony race, or look away because her color hurts my eyes. She ran up to him, jumped, and froze in midair with her jaw touching the floor. And I thought I was strange.

"Umm, hello." But she just ran away. The Doctor wondered what could have scared her off. Was it his breath? Oh good lord, when was the last time he had brushed his teeth? He put his hoof to his mouth and attempted to smell his breath. I'm fine, she was probably just scared off by the sight of me...? Yet, for some reason, he had never considered turning around. And reader, I will let you know, that if he had just turned around at that point, there would not be a need to write out this story. Now, where will I stay while I am here? He was suddenly pulled behind a house. "Is it YOU?" he heard a new voice say. "Oh my Celestia! I have read about this?! You're EVERYWHERE! I thought it was all fictional! I mean, wow, a real alien! I don't even know what to say! Celestia has to be notified as soon as possible!"

"Um, not that I am not flattered, but- who ARE you?" asked the Doctor. "Oops, I'm sorry. My name is Twilight Sparkle, I am Celestia's student." said a purple pony. "And Celestia would be?"

"The best tutor in the world, ruler of Equestria, the Goddess of the Sun, etc." explained Twilight. Poor pony, thought the Doctor, to share namesake with one of the most awful novels in human history. "And you say that you know me?"

"Well of COURSE. There is a section just about you in the Princess' Royal Library. You seem to be everywhere in history, although I thought it was just nonsense! But here you are," Twilight said. Huh, I never knew that I was THAT popular. The Doctor smugly fidgeted with his tie, quite flattered. "And now, we have to get to Canterlot. Derpy, what have you done?" she said, mostly talking to herself as she shook her head.

The Doctor would rarely ever meet one as interesting as this. This new world seemed promising. Twilight walked up to what seemed like a purple and green lizard, handing him a letter. He breathed flames on it and the letter vanished. "I just sent a letter to the Princess explaining the situation," explained Twilight. It was mere seconds before the lizard started coughing. "I think your lizard is choking," said the Doctor.

"Hey! I am a dragon! DRAG-ON."

"It talks..." said the Doctor in disbelief. "Yeah, although he shouldn't most of the time," replied Twilight, taking the newly coughed up piece of parchment. "Celestia says that she will arrive tomorrow, as she has important princess-y stuff to do." The Doctor had no idea what to make of this so he responded with a simple "okay".

"I suppose you may stay in a guest room at my house, it would be quite an honor." Twilight told the the Doctor. "I suppose, thank you." As they both stepped in to Twilight's home, the light flicked on and over twenty ponies jumped out, screaming: "SURPRISE"

"Everytime..." whispered Twilight to herself. "Pinkiiee, what did I tell you about surprise parties?"

"That they are AMAZING," said the pink one, apparently known as Pinkie Pie. I really should have been able to guess that one. He looked around. The last thing he wanted at the moment were crowds of unknown ponies. They would probably ask questions. They can't be worse than humans, he thought. There is no pollution, murder, hate. The Doctor might even like it here. Ponyville, it was called.

Yet everything changed when he saw it... THE PEARS.

"NO! NOT THE PEARS!" The Doctor shouted. He quickly ran out of the house, bumping into the same grey pony from earlier. She was eating a banana nut muffin. Things were starting to look up.