Chapter 3: The Filly Who Derped

"Oops," exclaimed the grey pony.

The Doctor recognized her as the voice he had heard when he first arrived on this planet.

"Hello, I'm the Doctor."

"Oh, a doctor of what?" asked the young horse with eyes going in opposite directions.

"No- not a doctor, the Doctor."

"What is your specialty, though?" she asked, looking very confused.

"Just- call me the Doctor." he replied with exasperation.

These ponies are very- different from every other species. The Doctor decided he'd rather handle a hundred Daleks, opposed to just this one pony.

"What do they call you?" The Doctor asked her.
"I guess I go by Derpy?" she said questioningly.
"Why did that sound like a question?" he asked.

Note to self, she is a bit unstable. Be gentle around the pony known as "Derpy".

"So, you like bananas? That's lovely because bananas contain dietary fiber, vitamin C, and manganese, while having low amounts of saturated Fat, cholesterol and sodium. It's a great source of potassium!" the Doctor exclaimed, oblivious to Derpy's state of awe.

"Umm, yeah, but I- got it because I like muffins... but now that I think of it, I don't really enjoy it all that much- so you can have it," she said as she tossed it to him.

"Hmm, it's a tad salty," said the Doctor thoughtfully.
"OMGASFHGJKASK Salt. Get the salt. Right in the feels." she said.
"Wait! Are you hurt? What is happening!" he exclaimed.
"Oh nothing, I just get all fanfilly when I hear 'salt'. It's from this show I watch called Equestrianatural, with the Neighchesters-" she tried to explain.
"Right then..." he said. "Well, I'll be off now."
"Where to?" she asked.

The Doctor had begun walking, "Umm, to my TARDIS- it's sort of a box, but when you- nevermind." Derpy casually followed him. It was minutes before he turned around to notice her. "Are you- following me?" he asked. "No, not really." she stated and resumed walking behind him. Okay, then. Right. I'll just- keep walking then. She'll leave eventually.

It had been over ten minutes of walking with a quiet tension before the Doctor heard a loud crash. He turned around to notice Derpy tangled up in all sorts of plants. "I just don't know what went wrong!" she exclaimed as she untangled herself. The Doctor just stared at her, confused and unsure of what to do.

"Can I see your TARDIS box thing?" she asked.
"I suppose- I do seem to be in need of a new companion," he replied, his mood beginning to cheer up.

Oh, this is great! I can show her the world! Shining, shimmering, and splendid! Sorry, I can't help from making the occasional Aladdin reference from time to time.

"Such a classic movie," sighed the Doctor with great appreciation.
"You okay, Doc?"
"Never better!" he shouted as the TARDIS began to be in sight. "Oh, darling, how I have missed you." He stroked the TARDIS.

"We can go wherever! Anywhere! Just tell me when and where!"
"Huh?" replied a confuzed Derpy. As the Doctor began to enter to date, he noticed something. The TARDIS-

it wasn't working.