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The Hawk in the Vents

The next day, Peter was definitely rethinking his life choices.

I can't believe I'm actually doing this.

Somehow, Clint had snuck into the air vents during 2nd period.

And was lost.

At first, Peter thought it was a joke. Clint was an agent of SHIELD. He was an assassin. He had gone to secret missions in countries Peter didn't even know existed. He helped kicked Loki's ass. He does car commercials in- [1]

…...Okay, maybe not the last part, but who knew? Maybe that's what happened in Budapest. You seriously don't know what exactly goes on in an agent's life, especially Clint.

Ironically, in all seriousness, one of the top agents of SHIELD was lost.

In a school air duct system.

What is this life I have to live?

Peter had forgotten to turn his phone off in the morning, like he did before 1st period. But he noticed the familiar envelope icon on the screen.

Hey Webhead...Can you throw a map up here or something?

Peter slid his phone under the back cover of his English text book. He could feel the teacher's gaze on him, so he casually wrote something on his notebook, just to throw Mr. Griffin off. [2]

He thought about it. Should he go in the lobby and pick up a map? Maybe a bag of Goldfish from the vending machines too. Maybe even a Dr. Pepper. During lunch, he could just toss it up to Clint, wherever the hell he was, just so he wouldn't starve.

Lunch was after third period, so that left him with approximately 45 minutes.

45 minutes wasn't much. Clint could wait. Classes came first, for the moment. Not to mention the English teacher can be really scary sometimes. Besides, it was only 45 minutes. Clint had to have some patience somehow. According to SHIELD, he was a former sniper, so he had to be used to waiting for a target. Sometimes, even on rooftops or snow covered trees in the woods of Switzerland...

...Not that Peter hacked into Tony's files one night and decided take a look. No, he just wouldn't do that. Invasion of privacy was not in his zone. He wasn't raised that way. Definitely not...

Okay, he looked. It was hard though. Tony wasn't kidding when he said he made everything in the tower unhackable. It took him about three long hours and a lot of coding to at least get a small briefing of the Avengers' backgrounds.

And guess who was the first one in the confidential files of SHIELD? The Hawk himself.

Even though he got a glimpse of the former paid assassin's background, he knew not to mess with him.

And that even SHIELD doesn't know what happened in Budapest.

"Mr. Parker, how is Hamlet?" asked the English teacher.

"It's good, Mr. Griffin."

Clint could handle the wait. After all, it was only 45 minutes.


Clint was so not handling the wait.

"C'mon Webhead, I don't have all day..." mumbled Clint.

He was in a rather uncomfortable position. Who knew the vents could be so cramped in schools?

"Damn high school vents..." he mumbled.

He has been in many air vent systems before. Some missions required to get inside the building and as cliche as it sounds, air vents were the way for Clint.

But in his entire career as Hawkeye, never has he been in air vents this tight.

Fuck...Next time, Tony is so watching over Webhead.

Maybe if he went to the vent to the right, he could at least drop by a vending machine...

Oh wait, he can't.

Because he's stuck.

In the middle of nowhere! [3]

Okay, not exactly nowhere, but in the middle of an air vent system, which in a way is the middle of nowhere.

With much effort in a cramped vent, he turned around to face the right vent.

Now to find out where he was...

It was cold. Very cold. Not only was he regretting his decision, but he was also regretting not bringing a jacket. Who knew public schools could be this cold?

He crawled and looked down at the vent.


Well, at least he knew where he was...

And he was still hungry.

Finally, Lunch came around.

Peter had to tell Gwen. He sat with her in lunch and he needed back up.

Besides, maybe she had a plan on how to find Clint.

"Gwen, I have to tell you something."

"What do you want to tell me?" asked Gwen after they had the door shut.

"Uh, Hawkeye is in the air vents."

"Wait, what?!"

"Shhhh!" Peter silenced her, making sure no one was watching. "Yes, I'm being honest. And he's lost!"

Gwen nodded, still trying to believe what she just heard. "Hawkeye. Hawkeye, the same guy who helped save the world from an alien army is lost in a school air duct system," she said, almost to herself. Then she laughed, half shocked, half amused. "Peter, I don't know what to do with you anymore," she said with complete sincerity.

"I don't even know what's going on in my life anymore," Peter shrugged.

"I don't know where he is."

"We have about twenty minutes left of lunch. How exactly can we track down someone in an air vent?" asked Gwen.

"I can try texting him, even though the reception here is crap."

They began walking down the conjoined bridge hall that united the science wing and english wing.

Walking down that hall still gave him the jitters. Sure, it has been two years ago, but the Lizard's attack was still fresh on his mind. It took awhile for the hall to be rebuilt, along with most of the English hall...and Queens. And Manhattan. And the sewage system.

It all felt very recent, him becoming Spider-Man. Sometimes it felt like it happened yesterday, instead of two years ago.

"Hey," Gwen poked Peter's arm. "You okay?"

Peter returned to reality. "Yeah, I'm fine."

"You sure?"


"Are you still thinking about what happened two years ago?" asked Gwen.

Peter busied himself by texting Clint. "...A little bit..."

"Hey, the Lizard's gone. Nothing to worry about," Gwen reassured Peter. She leaned her head onto his arm. "You'll be fine...And if anything does happen, there is an Avenger in the air vents...somewhere."

Peter smiled a little bit. "True...Thanks Gwen."

"No problem, Peter."

He squeezed her hand and hit send.

"Now...where can Clint be?"

A small vibration came from Peter's pocket.

About fucking TIME you replied Webhead.

Webhead. Another one of Clint's nicknames.

Like Tony, Clint had a knack for giving people nicknames. Tony's nickname was Buckethead. Steve's nickname was Stripes, but he didn't say it to the Captain's face, unlike Tony. Natasha's was Tasha or Nat. Bruce's was Bill Nye. Why? No one knew. He hasn't given Thor a nickname yet, to Peter's knowledge.

Giving up on the text, Peter went ahead and dialed Clint.

"Where are you?"

"Okay...It's cold and there's a lot of computers here...Wait...I'm in the library."

Library. That wasn't far from where they were.

"Okay, here's the plan; we can get you out, but we need to turn off the security cameras."

"They have blind spots. I can sneak by."

"So...The library?"

"Yes, Webhead. The library."

"On my way."

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Oh yeah, reference index!

1=Mean Girls

2=To Kill Mr. Griffin, great read

3=Doctor Who

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