The Doctor slumped against the console of the TARDIS, her churning filling the room. For having just come from the moon of Saturn6 he was unusually empty. Generally his trips to the moon with the most beautiful artificial mountains brought him up from anything, yet now that wasn't the case. To be fair, nothing had really been able to get him up since leaving New York.

Never before had he despised his talent for taste and smell as he did now. Her scent still filled the TARDIS. It coated the corridors as he walked to his room and caused him to see her faces in his slumber. only to wake up and painfully realize it was just a dream.

He knew they lived happy lives and that piece of information should be enough to hold him over, but it didn't erase the feeling of emptiness that consumed him. There were other feelings as well, frustration being the most prominent. He was a time lord, master of time and space. Being able to pop back in time and pick up Amy and Rory should be the easiest thing he's done. The fact that this wasn't so made him furious.

Then there was the fact that his whole life had been undone by a straggler. How in the universe could there have been a straggler!? What made it even worse that he had not noticed the angel in the first place. Such a simple mistake; a variable he should have accounted for. He had been so excited that they changed the time and gotten out alive, that it had slipped through his peripheral senses.

In his eleven incarnations the Doctor had many companions and fellow travelers along the way. He remembered each time he finally let them go, or in some cases when they were taken from him. Yet this resonated more so than any of those. As he told Amy, she was the first face this body saw.

All pain wasn't that Amy and Rory were trapped in the past; it was that he was trapped without them.

A/N: probably my shortest story to date but hopefully it was short and sweet (or sad). originally this was going to be a full story but i just lost muse in the end so I figured I'd publish this beginning since I sorta liked it. hope you guys did too :)