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Hey everyone. I'm writing the sequel to the story What You Saiyan by dragoscilvio (courtesy to her for the title of this, too). It's a great story and we've been working on both together. Those who have read it have been introduced to the Hiei/Vegeta nephew/uncle pair. I can now not see them any other way. So I hope you all read it. I'm sure you'll enjoy this one as well.

Hiei walked into the kitchen of his one year home. Tonight was his weekly movie night with his Aunt Bulma, whom he had recently dubbed "mom." Vegeta was training, as usual, for an upcoming fight with Goku. Bra was at a friend's sleepover, and Trunks was around. He would sometimes join them, but more often than not it was just Hiei and Bulma having some quality time.

He took out a large bowl after making a few bags of popcorn and grabbed his favorite chocolate licorice and drinks to bring to the living room.

"Need help with that?" Trunks asked as he saw his adoptive brother struggling with the movie snacks. Without waiting for a reply that would probably never come, he walked up to Hiei and took the drinks from him.

"Thanks," Hiei mumbled not enjoying the fact that he needed to accept help, although he had been getting better with that way of thinking.

Trunks just smiled knowing how his brother could be. "No problem," he replied. "So, movie night?"

"Hn," Hiei grunted an affirmative. "Wanna join?"

"Nah," he said. "I'm going over to Goten's tonight. He's trying to figure out what to wear tomorrow when his dad visits from training Uub."

Hiei raised his brow in amusement. "Don't girls normally worry about that stuff?" he asked mockingly.

Trunks laughed and said, "Hey, cut the guy some slack. He didn't meet the guy until he was seven, then he kind of goes away to go train some other kid, to train his abilities and prevent another Buu fiasco. He will always be nervous when it comes to getting re-introduced to his father, especially with these random visits."

Hiei nodded but said nothing more. He remembered how he felt his first day with his new family and their friends. He caught himself empathizing with Goten.

"Anyway, I'll probably be over late for a spar," Trunks said mischievously. "Mind covering for me?"

He smirked at his brother as they entered the living room. "I won't say a word."

Trunks set down the two soda cans and grinned. "Thanks, bro. See you in the morning. I bet you're excited about tomorrow too, huh?"

Hiei couldn't help but grin what he was reminded what the next day would bring. In addition to Goku returning, Hiei's friends and sister would also be visiting. They would be staying for a month or so. Hiei couldn't wait for Yukina to meet their aunt and cousins.

"I am excited," Hiei confirmed.

Trunks nodded and waved to Hiei as they felt their mother's ki ascending the staircase from her lab. After flashing a wink to his brother, Trunks took off towards Goten's house to support his friend in his nervousness.

Bulma spotted Hiei in the living room and smiled as she watched him set everything up. Hiei picked up the DVD she had rented and looked at is strangely. He was surprised by her choice in genre. "I thought we'd go with a horror movie tonight," she said. "I heard it was terrifying."

Hiei looked over to her with a cocky grin. "Hn, I doubt it. Anything called 'Medical Massacre' can't be that scary. Trust me; I've seen worse."

"Oh yeah?" Bulma asked in amusement. "Well, I have too. I don't think it'll freak me out too much. These movies aren't even close to the real thing."

"Agreed," Hiei replied as he placed the disc in the drive. He joined his mother on the couch and started munching on his licorice.

Bulma smiled at him and said, "Good, you found them. I wanted to make sure you ate something during this movie."

Hiei narrowed his eyes at her. "Don't start with that again."

Bulma just gave him a knowing look. "You barely eat anything and you're a Saiyan. What is wrong with that picture?"

Hiei and Bulma had been having this debate since he moved in. Being a loner in the middle of the Makai, Hiei never really ate much. Even when his Saiyan side took over, he still gripped onto those habits. Bulma would have none of that and would put more food on his plate than he wanted and demand he eat it all. It irritated him to no end, but it did feel nice to have someone care that much about his wellbeing.

"Let's just watch the movie," he muttered, taking out another piece of licorice.

As the movie progressed, Hiei and Bulma couldn't help but scoff at the plot. "What kind of hospital thinks it's a good idea to store their supplies in a morgue?" Bulma ridiculed.

"Why not?" Hiei asked. "People would be less inclined to go in there and take them. It's not like anyone goes down there much anyway."

Bulma deadpanned at Hiei's calm reaction. "Um, that's kind of the point," she answered while unconsciously scooting closer to Hiei.

Creepier things started happening in the movie. Supplies were disappearing although no one entered the room. Those who went down there came back as pale as anything, though they couldn't see that they were pale. Some of the lab technicians and interns sent to get the supplies started disappearing and no one could figure out why.

"They're probably just so freaked out that they decided to run away," Hiei muttered while repositioning himself a little bit towards Bulma.

His statement made Bulma laugh. "Yeah, and maybe they're stealing supplies too." Though she knew that in a horror movie, things weren't that logical. She moved slightly off the couch to get her soda and then sat back down ending up right next to Hiei. They exchanged nervous smiles before an intern walked into the morgue after the lab technician told him not to go in alone and then ran away. The intern just shrugged at the lab technician's behavior, walked in, and then got attacked by a shadow of a body. On the wall of the morgue, they saw the shadow of the boy being eaten by another body as some realistic looking blood splattered and the intern screamed for help. Both their eyebrows twitched before they both got up to reach for their drinks.

Vegeta had had a successful day of training and walked inside the main building of Capsule Corp. He heard the television in the living room and went to see who was in there. He was amused to see his nephew, whom he now affectionately referred to as "son," and his mate sitting together on the couch. Hiei was sitting on Bulma's lap with the bowl of popcorn on his. The two of them were taking handfuls of popcorn and not taking their eyes off the screen. Vegeta realized that the two of them were watching some type of Earthling horror movie, and it was obvious that the two of them were feeling pretty shaky. The Saiyan prince smirked as he stealthily moved into the room and behind them. Waiting for a truly terrifying part of the movie, Vegeta roughly placed his hands on both Bulma's and Hiei's shoulders effectively making the two of them jump out of their skin.

Hiei dropped the bowl of popcorn, fell on the floor, and looked behind the couch to see Vegeta smirking at him with his arms crossed. "Scared, Hiei?" he asked smugly.

"No," Hiei lied. "Just had a small muscle spasm."

Vegeta laughed and shook his head. "That was a good try, son, but it was the lamest excuse you've ever given."

"Oh shut up," Hiei scoffed while blushing slightly.

Bulma rolled her eyes and glared at Vegeta. "You know, next time you do that, I may die of a heart attack," she scolded.

Vegeta's expression softened, but his prideful smirk still remained. "I'll try to remember."

Bulma decided to take what she could get before taking out the movie. "I think I'm done with this one," she said. "Hope you don't mind."

"Not at all," Hiei replied casually, trying to make it seem like he was indifferent about the whole situation. After Bulma left the room, he started to clean up the mess he made.

Vegeta watched the boy as he took the time to make sure every piece of popcorn was off the floor. He knew that the popcorn could be vacuumed up, but Hiei seemed to want to do things for himself most of the time. He had come a long way since the first day they had met. Hiei was more open about his feelings, and a lot more carefree, especially around little Bra. He and Trunks had a playful yet meaningful brotherly bond which pleased Vegeta greatly. Things had definitely happened for a reason back then and Vegeta couldn't be happier that the little fire demon could adjust so well into their little family.

"Dad?" he heard Hiei called him. His nephew had eventually started calling him and Bulma his parents, not that he minded at all. Sometimes it was still shocking to hear, but it made Vegeta happy that he could be there for his nephew when his own brother could not. He looked to see Hiei staring at him curiously.

"Yes, Hiei," Vegeta acknowledged.

"No pun intended," he started, "but you just spaced out."

Vegeta smirked when Hiei did and chuckled. "Did Trunks teach you that one?"

Hiei shrugged. "Possibly."

"Where is the brat, anyway?" Vegeta asked.

"At Goten's," Hiei replied. "Kid's nervous about tomorrow."

"Yes, well Kakarot has the tendency to disappear for extended periods of time," Vegeta replied. "But HE should be the nervous one. He has the harpy to deal with."

Hiei let out a small chuckle before saying, "I bet you're excited about his return. You've been training nonstop. I was worried mom was going to ban you from using the GR."

"Well," Vegeta began, "Kakarot won't know what hit him when I'm done with him. What about you? I know you've been keeping in touch with your sister through letters, but it is the first time you're seeing them in a year."

"It will be good to see them," Hiei said casually, hiding his excitement.

Vegeta's eyebrow raised in amusement at his "son's" antics. "Oh really? And if I were to cancel on them…"

Hiei flash him a look is disproval. "Not even funny."

"I disagree," Vegeta countered. "Your expression is quite amusing."

"Oh shut up," Hiei grumbled.

Vegeta just laughed and walked over to him, putting a hand on his shoulder. "Rest up, kid. You've got a long day tomorrow. I'll finish cleaning."

"That's strangely helpful of you," Hiei teased while smirking. "If I didn't know any better I'd say you cared."

Vegeta's expression became serious as he stared into Hiei's eyes. "I do, son, very much so."

Likewise, Hiei's expression softened and became more serious. "Thank you…dad."

"No problem." He gave Hiei a small push. "Now get to bed. Don't think you get to skip out on your early training session tomorrow."

"Right!" Hiei chimed before disappearing out of the room.

Vegeta finished picking up the rest of the popcorn when Bulma entered the room again, smiling at her husband. "I saw that," she told him.

"Saw what?" he muttered.

"You know you can't fool me with your tough guy act," she continued to tease.

"Act?" Vegeta retorted.

"You are a good father, Vegeta, especially to Hiei," she said happily. "I am proud at how good you are with all of them."

"Would it surprise you if I told you I never wanted to be a father?" Vegeta asked.

"Not at all," Bulma replied. "Would it surprise you that you used to terrify me?"

Vegeta just chuckled. "You would have been very foolish not to have been 'terrified.'"

"I'm serious, Vegeta," she said to bring them back to her true point. "You've done a good job with him. You are a wonderful father, and it is clear as day that you see him as your son. It just makes me proud to call you my husband and the father of my children."

"Hmph, humans are so sentimental," he jokingly scoffed, trying to hide his faint blush.

Bulma just smiled and rolled her eyes, being used to how he was. "Oh whatever. You better come to bed soon, too. If not, I think I really will start banning you from the GR."

Vegeta growled slightly, but nodded anyway. He really did need to get some rest, especially because he felt like something was about to happen. He couldn't figure out what it could be, but he knew it definitely didn't have to do with Kakarot's return or the visit from Hiei's friends. Something else was going to happen, but Vegeta was too tired to harp on it in that moment. Maybe after getting a good night's sleep, he'd feel better about the next day. Little did he know, there would be another visitor showing up unannounced.

Hiei was up early, ready and waiting in the Gravity Room. Surprisingly enough, Vegeta was the one who was late. That rarely ever happened, and when it did, it would be because Bulma would be giving him grief from excessive training. But right now, Bulma was still asleep and he sensed Vegeta's ki in his room, awake. Something was up, but Hiei couldn't figure it out.

Before he could go to check and see what was wrong, Trunks rushed into the GR, gasping for air. "Please don't tell me I'm late," he pleaded.

Hiei shook his head. "No, but dad is."

"That's…strange," Trunks replied. "I wonder what's up."

"Me too, Trunks…me too."

Vegeta didn't feel any better. In fact, he felt worse, like something that he had worked hard for in his life was about to be uprooted. It was strange. He hadn't felt like that since back when he first came to Earth. Back then, he tried to force himself to avoid feeling anything for Bulma because having her was just too good to be true. She would have been snatched away by someone else, including his enemies; or at least that's what he used to believe. Over time, he lost that feeling of dread in getting close to another. Why now, after so many years, would he be feeling this way again? No one would be taking his family away from him; there was nothing to worry about.

"Hey, you ready to go?" Bulma asked him coming out of their master bathroom. They had to go pick up Bra from her friend's, and then the spirit detective gang from the airport. There was only an hour before the plane landed, and with the crazy city traffic, they needed to leave soon.

"Yeah," Vegeta replied while hiding his uncertainty.

Bulma smiled and placed a kiss on his cheek. "Alright, hurry up and get dressed so we can go."

"Fine. I'll be down soon."

Bulma left the room and Vegeta let out a sigh. Something was off, but maybe once they had the kids and Kakarot came back, he would feel normal again. He could only hope.

Yusuke was the first to de-board the plane. He wasn't really used to being in small, enclosed spaces, especially with his rival/best friend for extended periods of time. He was ready to get out into the open, see Hiei, and enjoy the vacation they were finally able to take. No demons, no fighting (except for the friendly kind), just friends and some R&R.

"Hm," Kuwabara said as they got to see outside the gate window. "Doesn't look like a bad place. I wonder what it's been like where the shrimp's staying."

"Well, if you had listened to Yukina as she read the letters, you would know," Kurama pointed out. "He's been very thorough in describing his home."

"Oh, right," Kuwabara said nervously rubbing the back of his head.

Yusuke smiled slyly at his friend. "You never really listened to the letters as much as you were making googly eyes at Hiei's sister," he said. He couldn't help but remember the days where he would have to hold back those kinds of retorts. Now, he could make them whenever he wanted and fluster Kuwabara in the process.

"Shut up, Urameshi!" Kuwabara hissed as Yukina and Botan met up with them.

"What are you yelling about?" Botan shrieked. "We don't have time for arguments. We need to get our bags so we can meet up with Hiei."

"Well, Botan, someone's a little excited to our little reunion, ne?" Yusuke teased while raising an eyebrow.

Botan blushed, but continued to scold them. "Hiei's and Yukina's family is going out of their way to pick us up as well as giving us food and shelter for our entire visit. It would be bad manners to keep them waiting and show up late because you boys had to get into it in a public place."

"Alright, alright," Yusuke said not wanting to be scolded like a child in front of strangers. "Let's just go."

The group made their way past security and to baggage claim. After gathering their personal belongings, they headed outside to wait for Hiei to show up. They were shocked when they saw a limo pull up to them. They looked at it curiously as the window went down. Hiei was smirking at them through the window.

"We didn't have a car big enough to come get you, so we thought this would be a better solution," he explained nonchalantly. "Get in."

Yusuke couldn't help but laugh at Hiei's casual attitude. "You haven't changed a bit, buddy," he said before opening the door. Everyone got in and saw Vegeta and three others whom they recognized as Bulma, Trunks, and Bra, from Hiei's letters of course.

Bra got up and moved to sit next to Yukina. "You're my cousin," she said happily.

Yukina looked down to the young girl and smiled. "Yes, I am."

Bra gave Yukina a hug and said. "Big brother Hiei told me lots of stories about you. We're going to bestest friends, okay?"

"I'd like that," Yukina said hugging the little girl back. She looked over to Bulma who was grinning at her and felt a similar feeling that Hiei had when he first met Bulma. She looked a lot like their mother. "Hi," Yukina said quietly, almost shyly.

"Hello," Bulma chimed happily. "It's great to finally meet you, Yukina. I'm Bulma."

"I know," Yukina responded smiling over to Hiei. "My brother told me about all of you in his letters."

"He's told us a lot about you, too," Trunks spoke up. "Dad did too. It's really cool that we have another cousin."

Hiei scoffed at Trunks attempt at humor. "Do you really have to use puns? That's kind of below us, isn't it?" Trunks blushed and all of the guys laughed except for Vegeta who just chuckled.

"It's fine," Yukina said giggling.

"Well, when we get back to Capsule Corp., please make yourselves at home," Bulma said. "Hiei and Trunks will show you to the guest rooms and then we'll have lunch. We're getting visitors later too."

"Sounds good to me," Yusuke exclaimed. "I'm starving."

"Yusuke!" Botan shouted. "That's rude."

Trunks laughed at the outburst. "No, it's fine. We feel that way all the time. You'll see what I mean later."

"Um, okay then…" Botan surrendered.

"Alright then," Bulma stated. "Let's head home."