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I sit here looking around observing. I remember just yesterday waking up on a bench down town. Only knowing my name, Melanie. I know other things, like this is Earth the year 2012, but what I don't know is my past, any of it. I frown trying to think of before waking up on the bench, but nothing comes. Which doesn't make sense, how come I could read? Speak? Or even know what what the elements are made out of? But I knew, somehow I knew. I knew almost everything, except myself.

I turn my head when I hear shouting, it's a tall man running from aliens. I also knew this. The aliens were Sontarans. People were running from them, but the aliens ignored them. They were after this man, this tall man with a strange device in his arms. He was tall, wore blue and was running pretty fast toward me. As he ran past me I stared, he looked familiar somehow, but of course I didn't know how. I ran after him just a head of the Sontarans.

He stops at a building and pulls out a screwdriver. A sonic screwdriver. I could tell he was trying to unlock the door, but a Sontaran knocked the screwdriver our of his hand. It rolled down to my feet. "Oi, what was that for?" I hear the man saying to the alien angrily.

I grab the screwdriver and but it in my pocket and walk up to the man through the crowd of aliens. I smile at the man who has a look of confusion. I myself don't know what I'm doing but I continue. I turn to the aliens. I smile. "Do we have a problem here?" I ask to the one who seems to be the leader.

The alien looks surprised but answers me. "This life form has stolen a precious device from us. Please stand aside as we punish the guilty." I look to the Sontaran.

"What device has he stolen?" I look to the man who looks deep in thought while staring at me. I look down to the device in his hands and instantly know what it is. "A DNA replicator? What would you want with that?" I say looking at the leader confused.

"We are not to discuss our purposes to you." The leader says stepping forward.

"I'm just making sure that you aren't breaking any laws here." Say and the man looks interested in what I say. Then I remember something. I grab the sonic out of my pocket and hand it to the man. "You dropped this." I say with a smile.

He smiles back. "Thank you." He says putting it in his pocket.

I turn back. "Now where was I?" I say for a second. "Oh, yes! I remember now! What are you doing here anyway? On Earth?"

"We are not to discus..." I put my hand up.

"Yes, yes. I know, but I just need to make sure here. I mean, you guys are honorable right?" I say already knowing the answer.

"Of course, it is our life." The Sontaran says hand on chest.

"So you wouldn't want to break Galactic law, right?" I felt like I was on auto pilot, not knowing how I knew these things or what I was getting to. It made my head hurt. I felt almost dizzy.

"Of course not!" The leader says.

"Then why would you need a DNA replicator? You do know this is a Level 5 planet? It's against Galactic Law to replicate your species here." I say looking the leader in his eyes.

"Why, of course. We..." I put my hand up again.

"You what? Thought it would be fun to replicate humans? Or maybe make a hybrid? I'm not stupid. Let this man leave with this device or leave the planet with it. It's your choice." I say confidently.

"We will not surrender! We will leave this planet for it is not worthy of our ruling of it. Return our Replicator and then we shall leave." The leader says proudly.

I smile and look at the man to return the device. He does so. "There we go. Problem solved. You may leave this planet with all your honor and such." I say. They finally leave. I head over to a bench ignoring the fact that the man is following me. My head hurts, I have no idea how I know this stuff. I sit down with my head in my hands. I can feel the presence of someone sitting next to me.

"You okay?" I hear the man say. I look up. He smiles, but I see worry in his eyes. "I'm the doctor by the way." He says putting his hand out.

I shake his hand. "I'm Melanie and I'm fine, just a headache." I say. I can almost see his brain working.

"Thank you for you know, back there." He says. I smile.

"No problem, you know I could tell you were in trouble when you dropped your screwdriver." I say.

He looks surprised. "How did you know about that?" He says all serious.

I look confused. "About what?"

"About the Sontarans, the Galactic Law, the fact that I was holding a DNA replicator! Your clever, very clever!" He says excited.

I drop my smile, thinking for a second. How did I know that stuff? Who was I? It didn't make any sense. I shake my head. "I don't know." I look up at him. He frowns.

"You don't know?" He asks, his face in concentration

"I don't know...I... I woke up in town yesterday, just knowing my name, and now I know so much stuff, but nothing about me." I say thinking he'll think I'm crazy, but there was something about this man, like I knew him, but I didn't. I trusted him though, for some reason I just did.

He looks at me. "What planet are the Slitheen from?" He says as if testing me.

The name pops up inside my head. "Raxacoricofallapatorius." I say instantly. I look to the man. "How did I know that?" My head hurts again I rub my temples.

"Headache?" He asks looking worried again.

"Yeah, I've been getting those lately." I say trying to ease the pain.

We sit there in silence for a second. "Do you happen to have a watch on you?" He says and I know what he's getting too.

"No I don't. I don't have a fob watch." I say. Once again I see surprise on his face, but he quickly hides it.

"I have an idea, but you have to trust me." He says. I nod. "Okay, good." He clamps his hands together. "Lets go to my Tardis and then We'll see what we can find, okay?" He says looking at me.

I'm scared and nervous. I want to know about myself, about my past, all I know is I am a 15 year old girl named Melanie, who apparently is very clever. "Okay." I say following the doctor to his Tardis.