The Twilight Tale of Bellafly

Chapter 1

Bellafly steped onto the car. She had not ever been two a new town, but her dad made them move to knowhere for his work. She looked around and it wus raining all over the ground, drenching her in sorrows.

Bellafly was a silverish white pony with brownish tan hair who had a radient sun cutie mark on her butt. Because of her cutie mark, nun of the boys liked her because she shined brighter then anyone and town was dark and mean. She had no friends because they were at her old town were she was not living anyomore because she had moved.

Her new house totally sucked because their were no internet connection and the tb was badish and had only wether chanel which sucked because she did not care abot the wither except when it was sunny like her cutie mark witch was a sun cutie mark that was as golden as the sun. her room was tinyer then a cardburd box and she could barly get her wings in past the door because it was to small.

After movin in in a week, she was siting at her kitchaen eating horse feed foosd when suddently a bat came thru the wall. It was a magically spakling bat that sparkled in the sun when the sun hit it. Bellafly yelled "AAAAAAAAAAA" and she hit it with a broom out the window. "that was scry! She thought." I"I hope i never comes back!".That night she had dreams about a super hawt pony who had beautiful red eyes and could turn into a bat. She couldn't understand what it ment. Her dad worked her up and said "bellfly its time for school". She said "oh no! I don't want to go to school!"