Written for/inspired by lovelydangerousdear. This is tahnorroh Tahno/Korra/Iroh II, and my idea of how it went from Korroh and Tahnorra to Tahnorroh, in snippets.

This situation was awkward. Every part of it. Korra steeled herself, ready for the onslaught of slight embarrassment and the dancing tint across her face. It wasn't her fault, really. She wasn't good at this sort of thing. A white lotus sentry and a pair of bending brothers reminded her of it quite frequently, whenever she glanced at a guard around her home or tuned into the goings-on of the arena. Even when she caught a glimpse of Asami. Korra decided to let those memories rest– temporarily, at least– as she stalked with purpose toward Narook's Noodlery.

The sun's descent had been long and colorful, and the plain aftermath slowly lit up with the movements of a quickly-moving firebender along a line of streetlamps. A quiet Monday evening commenced, as the Avatar's headache from a rude awakening around 9 am pounded in the background– nearly forgotten in the tumble of the day but resurfacing as she stood before noodles teeming with more than seaweed.

Briefly, staring up silently at Narook's wooden structure, she wondered if it would go down in flames or like a bloated whale, overstuffed with water. Inside, the General of the United Forces neatly sat at a table for two, sipping regally at tea in a plain blue cup– concealing a grimace– a grimace being a slight downturn of his lips. Narook's wasn't a tea shop. The table next to the general– also for two– contained a leaning, posing Tahno– foppish hair gelled into perfection.

Korra entered the noodlery and both men raised their eyes to meet with her's. She carefully looked at nothing.

There are two or three more snippets I'll write eventually. Reviews make glitter shoot out of my eyeballs like laser vision which I use to attack criminals. And yeah, Howrra is a dry docked ship here, although that's just from me, not Fanon. I couldn't resist.