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This chapter, chronologically, occurs before Chapter 1.

Finally, she found him. Tahno no longer frequented Narook's or the Arena's training rooms, and his address remained a mystery to her. Korra didn't want to be creepy, so didn't she exert power over the City and simply look up his residence.

There was no valid reason for her to search for him around town, unsure if the areas overlooking bodies of water were too inappropriate a place to search for a waterbender whose connection with La lay broken.

But that was where he was: leaning against the ornate railing of a viewing platform alongside a busy harbor– arms indenting to the angles and curves of the motif.

Korra paused. Originally, she planned to punch his shoulder and tell him to hold still while she did her avatar duties, but she found that method too intrusive to his current semi-meditative state. Not usually one to care about intruding on others, she approached him anyway.

"Uhvatar," he stated. His eyes never left the crashing waves. Korra raised a brow at him.

"I lost my bending, too." she started. He momentarily flickered his eyes to her face. The waves sloped out and in, in and out.

A pause: Tahno sighed. "They left me, you know." The Avatar only looked, expectant. "My... friends. They all left the moment Amon touched me." Abandonment by others a foreign concept, Korra looked at the wolfbat with eyes laced with pity, a frown crossing her lips.

Tahno ignored her for a time, focusing on the ocean once more, simultaneously ignoring the shouts of crew members hoisting packages and crates from sea to land. Korra's fists clenched and unclenched in frustration.

"Just let me give you back your bending," she ventured. He didn't turn toward her this time, his response a dismissive scoff. Her brows furrowed. "You don't want to bend again?" she asked, nearing annoyance.

"I do, Uhvatar. La is still beautiful, but she won't respond to me. Tui is completely gone." a lost sort of pain slipped behind the words, waiting to be discovered.

"Tahno. I know. I–"

"Lost your bending once. Yes. The entire world knows, Uhvatar." he dismissed her.

"So you don't want your bending back? Is that why you're–" she was getting frustrated.

Finally, he turned fully toward her, not just in face or head or upper body. He physically removed himself from the railing and turned his body toward her: "I'll let you give it back," –she brightened and prepared her stance– "but not yet," a smirk crept into his voice, a glimmer of his former self. Korra pouted.

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