The feeling…. Was slow motion…..

Everything was a blur…. yet it felt like an eternity….

All six of the brethren leapt into the air, bringing their claws, fists, and weapons out, preparing to slay the monstrous Shredder before them.

Dear Turtle, who was clung to Donny, Reached from behind her, seizing her weapon as well. With a look of fire in her eyes, she glared eye to eye with the monster before her.

Finally, the feeling of slow motion subsided as our heroes came down upon the beast.

Mikey's chucks were seized by the Shredder, and used against him. Shredder used Mike's own nunchucks and flung him into the water!

Donny attacked Shredder with his staff while Turtle Defended him with hers! She twisted the staff and a blade came out of the edge of it.

Leo stabbed Shredder in the back with both of his swords! Shredder let out a thunderous roar!

Tokka and Rhazar leapt on top of their former guardian, ripping of his helmet, revealing how horribly the ooze twisted and transformed his face. Even the three scars that Splinter had left on his face were now literally oozing with some kind of sick, dark, green and brown, infectious puss.

The two new brothers dug their claws into his head, and he emitted such a roar! The water itself shook in fear!

Leo's swords still remained buried into Shredder's back, Don was still fighting off the beast with his staff and Turtle, who remained on Donny's back, prepared her weapon.

A whooshing ring was heard as Raph threw his sais! They made their mark in Shredder's chest! He grunted and knocked Tokka and Rhazar off of him! They screamed and landed in the water below.

Shredder then swept his foot below Don! Knocking him to the ground! But as Donny fell, Turtle pushed her feet up off her brother's back, leaping into the air.

With a scream, she embedded her bladed staff right in between the soulless eyes of the Shredder…..

Shredder stood there…

Turtles feet were pressed firmly on his chest as she hung from the staff who's blade was buried deep into the Shredder's skull….

A fatal blow indeed…. However….

Shredder began to chuckle…

Turtle yelped as she was grabbed from behind! She clung to her weapon for dear life! As the Shredder pulled her, the sickening sound of the blade being pulled from his head was nauseating…

He threw Turtle to the ground harshly. She rolled a good few feet before she stopped.

Shredder then pulled the rest of the weapons out from his back and torso, throwing them to the ground.

He was covered in what appeared to be bright green blood, flowing from his wounds…

His sharp toothed mouth twisted into a grin.

"Fools.." He said… "Have I not told you before…. I am.. the Shredder… the IMMORTAL!"

"Uh guys!' Mikey said popping his head out of the water, holding up Tokka and Rhazar. "I think its time to make like. a tactical retreat or somethin"!

"I hate to say this!" Leo said grabbing his swords. "But Mikey's right! Everyone into the water!"

Everyone grabbed their weapons, Donny grabbed Turtle, and they leapt into the freezing cold Atlantic water!

"That's right cowards!" Shredder said. "Run, run away like the filthy vermin you are!"

Tokka and Rhazar were held onto Mike and Raph, Don was holding Turtle and Leo was leading the way. Thanks to their biology, Turtle and her reptilian brothers were able to hold their breath for up to an hour under water, but they knew they had to swim fast for poor Tokka and Rhazar.

Finding an underwater drain, they swam too it so that they could reach the sewers.

How can our heroes get out of this one? With the Shredder ever be defeated?! How can they beat the new "immortal" Shdredder?! Find out next time!

(Hey fellas. It's me, Ash. Your emails haven't gone unread. Look guys I just haven't been able to get the story out to you. I'm starting college, Culinary school in fact, next month. I've got so much on my plate with family matters and the move. I'm glad I could get this bit of the story out to you. I'm sorry it had to be a cliffhanger. The next is the last, I promise.)