Hello! :D I just finished reading Leviathan, and I'm snatching up Behemoth at the library tomorrow – but I am OBSESSED with AlekxDeryn, I just can't contain myself. I LOVE Alek to death, but pair him with Deryn and I just… I can't. So I was inspired to do a 100 themes fic! :D I hope you enjoy! :3


Theme 01: Introduction

"So you are a woman, then?" Alek tilted his head. He'd been failing horribly at concealing both his embarrassment and curiosity, which Deryn wasn't failing to recognize.

"Do you need proof?" the girl asked, eyebrows raised.

The young prince quickly blushed, and managed to glare at his counterpart. "I certainly do not." He spat.

Deryn smiled triumphantly. "Good. Because I wouldn't have given you any."

"Nice to know you have some standards," Alek teased, receiving a punch in the arm as compensation.

"Oh hush up, you ninny."

"Anyhow, Miss Sharp, I don't believe we've officially met."

"Have we not?"

"Well, I haven't met Miss Sharp, have I?"

"If you don't stuff it, someone is going to hear you."


"If you don't stop speaking so loudly," Deryn sounded out, as though Alek was an infant, "someone will hear you talking about me."

The boy only looked at her blankly.

"If they find out I'm a… girl they'll kick me off the bloody ship! And it'll be your fault I remind you, Alek!"

The aforementioned prince scoffed. "No one's around to hear me."

"You never know, if a message lizard's nearby they'll repeat any babble they hear! Then we'll be in deep clart!"

Alek wrinkled his nose. "Even if I told anyone that you were a girl, I don't think they'd believe me."

Deryn laughed. "That's good for me to know then, eh?"

The boy sighed. "I suppose."

"Now, what were you saying about us not being properly introduced?" the girl smiled, raising her eyebrows at her friend.

Alek nodded clearing his throat. He stood up from Deryn's bed and bowed, taking her hand out of common courtesy to the lady and waiting for her to introduce herself first.

"Deryn Sharp, pleasure to meet you." She smiled. Alek's hand seemed to burn into her skin.

"Prince Aleksandar von Hohenburg," he lifted his head to meet her eyes. "At your service, Miss Sharp."


It's short! It's 100 themes! I can do whatever I please! XD Some chapters will be long, and some short. Some fluffy, some not. The only thing that remains constant – Alek and Deryn! :D Feel free to correct me in any mistakes that I make but NOT ANYTHING PAST LEVIATHAN. I don't need spoilers! X'D Farewell everyone! Until next time! :3