Part 3 The Attack of the Cow-Boy Bands.

"Where the hell are the Baron and Sub? They've been gone forever. Cissie go look for them would you," Cissie headed off.

Robin looked toward the people assembled in the saloon. "All right people, here is the plan for tomorrow," he noticed Bart who was contorting his body in a variety of weird positions.

"What the hell are you doing Bart?"

"Translating for you, well, kind of sign translating. You just keep on talking."

Robin sighed. "Ok here's the plan for tomorrow…"

Sub and the Baron sat on the floor.

Sub looked around at the valuables in the room. "Quite a collection."

"Yes they are the Von Prey Geedus family heirlooms. What's left of them.  Once they filled our estates in the old country before…"

"You lost your lands and titles?"

The Baron gave him a hard questioning look. "Why yes, back in the old country the whole order of things is going to hell. All over Dukes, Barons, and Lords are displaced of their properties. Even so, I was a still a wealthy man, but I was not given an ounce of respect. Wherever I went, they judged me as a Baron, they assumed I was stupid, worthless, and lazy, by the fact that I inherited what I had and had not earned it. That is why I wanted to come to America, to be judged by my accomplishments and not judged by the family I was born into."

"Baron did you not judge me by what family I was born into?"

The Baron sighed, "Yes, I suppose. But the stories I'd read in the papers my brother Adolph sends me from home, they speak of you as a great evil, the yellow scourge."

"Your tale does not sound unfamiliar. My family once had a high position as well, but we fell from favor with the emperor, and I was forced to abandon everything and flee. You see we are more alike then one would have thought," said Sub, "Baron, why did you hate us so?"

"Hmm… I don't know, it was easy to hate you because…" he paused, "because you're different." At this the pair looked at each other, and became to laugh.

"I hope that the Baron and Sub haven't killed each other. Where are they? I can't believe I had to rely on Bart's sign translation to organize this thing."

The gang looked at the sun, as its light started peaking over the horizon.

"See anything?" asked Cassie.

 Robin stared through a pair of binoculars. "Yup a bunch of riders on horseback are throwing a cloud of dust up in the distance."

The suns dim light shone on the town that Robin looked toward, he drew back in shock. "What the hell happened? The whole town has been painted red."

"Yeah well, Mr. Eastwood wanted me to paint his shop. But I didn't know which one was his exactly. So I figured, why take chances and put red on all of it." Impulse shrugged.

"As opposed to taking chances and putting it all on red." Cissie added.

Joe Dalton and his gang looked at the newly painted red town they were approaching. "What the hell?"

"They's treatin' us like royalty Joe," said the tallest outlaw.

"You nitwit, that's rolling out the red carpet, not rolling on the red paint."

The gunmen stormed into the town, they fired their pistols into the air, and yelled and hooted. One of the horsebacked riders shot his pistol at one of the windows. The bullet hit a kerosene lamb inside. The lamp exploded setting the place on fire. A woman inside screamed, "My baby, oh no my baby." One of the Chinese in hiding recognized the word from Impulse's translation. He jumped up unnoticed amid the confusion and sprang into the burning house, jumping and crashing through the window the bullet had been fired through. He saw the woman in the corner of the room surrounded by flames, holding her baby in her arms. She saw the Chinese man, and then screamed huddling with her child in the corner of the room. "Oh please god, save us."

The next moment she could feel herself being lifted into his arms.  "Huh?" she thought. The man jumped through the window he had entered through, yet this time backwards using his back to shelter the mother and child from mother sharp glass edges.

 The woman opened her eyes into the face of the Chinese man who smiled at her, glinting his eyes seductively at her. In the next instant he kissed her full on the mouth. She seemed shocked by the action.  Then he put her down, and rushed off once again.

Superboy saw the building they had escaped from now rapidly being engulfed in flames. "Oh man, the whole town will go up if that isn't put out." He spied one of the horse troughs nearby, he quickly looked around to see that nobody was looking, then picked up the trough and threw it at the fire. There was a hissing sound. Steam flowed from the area where the trough had crashed through the building spilling its water over the fire containing it.

Another woman in the building next to the one that had been set ablaze ran out of her home fearfully. One of the gunmen spotted her and stepped down from his horse. "Well howdy there, pussycat." The outlaw grabbed a woman by the arm and pulled her toward him. The woman resisted fiercely kicking and scratching at him.

 One of the townsfolk yelled encouragement to her from a window. "That's it Josie, wail on that outlaw."

Cassie came up behind him and shoved a bucket over his head. The woman broke away and ran into one of the nearby buildings.

Cassie hefted the man with the bucket still lodged on his head, onto his horse and slapped it's behind. The horse galloped off. "See ya later, pail rider."

Bart ran down the avenue, a group of men on horseback rode after him.

Bart turned a corner around which Empress was waiting.

The riders rode near full speed around the corner, when Empress commanded "Whoa." to the horses. They stopped dead in their tracks. Hurtling the outlaws off their horses and roughly onto the ground. Anita used her baton to quickly knock them unconscious. "Ah, there's nothing like a nice piece of hickory."

Joe Dalton sat upon his horse. "All right you yellow bellies, bring out all your gold and maybe we won't put this here town to the torch. "

"Now," Robin commanded. The Kung Fu fighters launched their boomerang attack on the outlaws, knocking the guns from their hands.

Joe and his gang began climbing off their horses to try and retrieve their weapons.

The fighters jumped out from where they were hidden and attacked the outlaws on the ground.

"It's them crazy chinamen, run for it." One of the men yelled as he forgot about his pistol on the ground and jumped back onto his horse. The Kung Fu fighters hurled themselves at the unarmed bandits. A flurry of punches, kicks, and throws followed.

The fighters quickly overwhelmed the gunmen. Soon the street was filled with the unconscious bodies of the outlaw gang.

Joe ran away, throwing a lit stick of dynamite on top of a nearby building.

Kon saw it from the corner of his eye. "That'll blow the roof off the place. I hope nobody notices me flying up to get it."

Kon was about to take off, when Luke took aim at the stick of dynamite. He fired his pistol shooting through the burning wick, extinguishing it.

"How does he do that?" Traya watched from a nearby window. "There's no way he could be that accurate with his antique revolvers."

"Maybe it was a lucky fluke?" Cissie optioned.

Joe ran around the corner trying to get away. "Got to find the gold and escape."

He was met by Anita, Bart, and an assortment of fighters from the town, and the Chinese mining camp.

"Hey little Joe, you looking for the golden bonanza?"

Joe turned around and began to run in the other direction.

Anita took out a small blowgun and put it to her lips. She fired a small dart at Joe hitting him in the back of the neck, "You want-a-dose-a this."

Joe slumped forward unconscious, landing face first in a pile of manure.

Robin looked in the stagecoach with barred windows. The members of Joe Dalton's gang were inside, their hands and feet bound to each other's with shackles. "They should be secure until they get to the prison."

Cassie looked to Luke on the back of his horse. "I'm sure the coach will be ok, with Luke riding escort."

"So long fellas." Luke shouted. The driver of the stagecoach flicked the reins and it began to head off. Luke followed it riding off into the sun.

"Oh no they're leaving," said Bart who just arrived on the scene. He had a couple of sugar cubes in his hand. "I got this sugar for the horse." Bart called out the figure riding off into the sun. "Shane, come back Shane. Shane!"

"Would you stop a cryin' Shane." Cassie said annoyed.

"He can't hear you over that song he's singing Bart." Cissie pointed out.

The Young Justice gang looked around the town. Everywhere he could see the Chinese and the townsfolk tentatively working on trying to communicate with each other.

"Where the heck is Sub, it would go a long way toward making peace between these two groups if they could understand each other on some level."

One of the Chinese men was about to step into the saloon,

The woman who had been rescued by him stepped out of the saloon. She looked to him, her face expressionless, then she rushed toward him and jumped on top of him and began kissing him passionately.

"Looks like they understand each other on some level. Level as in horizontal even." Kon remarked.

One of the townsfolk looked toward the kissing couple. "How did you say Claudia's husband died again Clem?"

"I done heard it was a heart attack, or stroke."


Suddenly they heard a shot ring out. "It came from over that way," Anita pointed at one of the buildings.

They headed towards the shack they had heard the shots come from. The door had multiple locks on it. Deftly, Robin removed a small pin and began to pick at the lock mechanism. Quickly he had the door open. He was astonished at what he saw; the Baron and Sub were sitting on the floor, laughing uncontrollably. "What the heck happened to you guys?"

"What are they friends now?"

"You locked in here all night?"

"Where did that gunshot come from?"

Sub pointed at the gold inlay revolver that was smoking on the floor. "Why from the gun of course." And again the two men began to laugh.

"Ah at last we are free," said the baron wiping his eyes.

"Not quite," Sub motioned to the cuffs. "I have the key for it back at our encampment."

"We should head that way, anyway" said Robin softly, "we never did get to see what the x on the map led to."

The gang rode on horseback towards the Chinese miners camp.

"Orchards? Your serious aren't you Sub."

"Why not it is the perfect climate for such, plenty of water with it being so near the mountain streams. A wide variety of fruits would grow very well here."

"Your town needs an industry, now that the silver is tapped out." Anita said.

"It would provide lots of work. There's a future in it." Cass whispered out of the side of her mouth. "Quite literally."

"Oh my dear Lord, " Cissie exclaimed.

They saw the camp in the distance, the tents had been uprooted and torn away, and the entire area where the Chinese had put up small shacks was demolished. The ground was dug up in the center on the area. A huge gaping hole was all that remained of the camp.

 Superboy gazed in awe, "Holy hole. Bat-  I mean Robin."

"Sick Kon."

"You don't like my jokes?"

"No, I mean you look pale and sick, is something wrong." Cass asked concerned.

"Yeah right!" Kon turned away from her.

Robin started to approach the hole. The gang followed him.

The gang looked into the hole. There, lining the walls of the hole was what looked to be pure gold, thousands upon thousands of small flakes and nuggets of gold.

Sub trembled, and then began to jump up and down in the air. He muttered something in Chinese.

 "What's happening?" the Baron was bewildered, being yanked around by Sub, who he was still handcuffed to. Then he spotted the gold.  "Sub, you've struck it rich."

"Ha Fiddler's Gulch is saved as well. We must get back to town and tell everyone." They each grabbed handfuls of nuggets.

Sub looked to the Baron "I always knew America would be the land of golden opportunity." Sub smiled at Traya as prepared to leave.

They jumped on a horse and rode off. "So long strangers, thanks for everything."

"Geez Kon, you look like crap." Anita raised an eyebrow.

"Well thanks a lot."

"You sure you're feeling ok?" Cassie prodded again.

"I'm fine," he then fell to his knees and vomited. "100 percent ok."

Cass bent down to him, worried and angry. "Enough with this macho crap Kon, something is seriously wrong, you're not supposed to get sick. What is it kryptonite?"

Kon sighed feeling a bit groggy, "I guess maybe it sorta feels like kryptonite, but not near as strong."

Robin narrowed his eyes "Residual radiation emanating from the pit." Robin pointed to the hole filled with gold. "Cassie get him as far away from it as possible." Robin put his fingers to his lips and whistled.

"Residual radiation? Do you mean to say that there was kryptonite in that hole?" asked Cissie.

"Remember that huge chunk of kryptonite that almost killed Kon and Superman, the last time we were transported to the 1950's.  Well I'm pretty sure it was in that hole. It's about the same size."

"But that makes no sense. We were camped here before if there was kryptonite buried under the ground Kon would've gotten as sick as he did back then."

"No he wouldn't have. The kryptonite was surrounded by large amounts of gold," said Robin.

"Gold, the ultimate stable element, very closely linked to lead. It would have shielded against the radiations effects perhaps even better then lead would have." Traya said. Robin again raised an eyebrow.

"Why would they have shielded the kryptonite with gold instead of lead anyway. Think of what it would cost."

"Absolutely nothing!" The group stared puzzled at Robin's words. Robin explained, "One of the townsfolk mentioned that the rivers and streams of this area are conspicuous in that they have little to no gold deposits. My guess is that whoever buried the kryptonite, had some means at their disposal to draw the gold from the silt, and pile it together."

"But why would anybody do that?"

"I don't know why, but I have a hunch as to who." He spotted a Delorian. It was below on the desert plane, plowing along having a very rough ride, "or more precisely where."

"Ha we've got him, they'll never make it up to speed. And we've got a vehicle that can fly." Anita laughed.

The supercycle zoomed in from nowhere. The gang piled onboard. Kon reinvigorated yelled, "We've got 'em now." That's when the wheels of the Delorian twirled in and the car took off into the air. In the next instant it crackled in electricity.

Then everything shimmered around them. The entire environment turned black.

"What the hell, where-" Anita was interrupted by Robin.

"There it is!" he pointed to the Delorian in the distance.

"Oh no, Robin speed up he's going to get away," Cass yelled. The Delorian seemed to be fading in the distance, and then it disappeared.

"We lost him."

"No, I think we're following him into whatever time zone he fled into. We're just in a sort of slowdown entering the time period more slowly then the Delorian, relativity speaking that is of course."

"You mean we're traveling through time at different speeds, how in the name of Einstein did you figure that one out?"

 Robin pointed to a new gauge that had popped up on the dashboard. Below the dial indicator on the dashboard, a small sign lit up reading, Time Period Entry Slowdown in Progress, "See the dial count down the number of seconds to our time reentry."

"Oh please Kon don't say it."

"Say what. We've just obtained the world's greatest perspective."

"Whatever reason the cycle slowed down must be important." Robin tried to think.

Impulse noticed the blackness they had been traveling through started to shimmer a bit. "Hey that black isn't as black, as back when it was black."

"He's right, look the blackness is beginning to change." Cissie pointed

"I'm starting to make out an image Robin. I see the Delorian and oh geez."

Impulse skittered about the cycle at super speed.

"Oh geez what?"

"We're surrounded, god it must be an army."

The image began to clear. There, in a half formed, static filled, frozen state they could make out the Delorian parked before them. All around them as far as the eye could see was a range of sophisticated robots, all of them colored in semi uniforms of yellow and black. They pointed their array of weaponry at the group. Finally, an older boy, leaned against the Delorian, he was dressed in red and green tights with a black and yellow cape.

Cassie gasped astonished. "Oh my god Robin! It's you and you've turned evil!"

"Kung Fu Cowboys"  m

Stay tuned to the time travel trilogy in three parts. (As opposed to the customary five.)