The Shy One

A little drabble for Charlie Pendleton. v_v Not with his father, but I just quickly wrote something up for him. Having a lot of Charlie feels lately. Poor baby.

Characters: Charlie and Laura, mentioned Murphy.

Though he was never brought to harm, Charlie hated Silent Hill. He had let his father leave, allowing the man to believe that he was okay, that he escaped… Finally put to rest. Well, he wasn't. There were others like him here, too. Dead, but not dead. Undead, but not monsters. He was too scared to talk to them, they all towered over him and… Some of them were so angry, others sad and many of them seemed too crazy to want to spend an eternity with.

He just wanted to leave. He was ready to let go now, to go to Heaven. He wasn't sure why he didn't go when his father was still here. It would have been easier, he would have felt safer. But he let him go and now he was alone and scared.

One day, as he sat in a park, swinging alone on the swing-set, he heard footsteps. The young ghost immediately ran behind a tree, worry overcoming him. Why had he forgotten to keep a better hiding place in sight?!

There was a soft hum, a tune he recognized, but couldn't identify. 'A girl,' Charlie thought to himself, daring to peek out from his tree. She hadn't seen him, continuing her humming, along with the soft pitter-pater of her shoes on the pavement. She breathed… He could see her breath!

He went from behind the tree and to the fence next to her. She couldn't see him. The tune, he knew it! 'Pop goes the weasel.' He whispered in time with her hum, a small smile on his face. He moved through the fence to her side. A young girl, only a year or two older than him! Blonde hair, pulled back in a ponytail and she was alive! Was she going to leave Silent Hill? He hoped so. He hated it here, he couldn't imagine a living person liking it very much. Maybe if she left, he could follow and finally be free.

Heaven sounded like such a wonderful place. "I'm Charlie." He said softly to her, the first time he had talked to anyone in this town. She just continued walking, eyes set forward. "I-I'm going to follow you, okay? I don't know anybody here." The girl still didn't reply, but he felt comforted now. Everything was going to be okay.