Watched 'Trouble' one too many times, combine it with too much sugar and too little sleep, and this is what happens. Also, inspired by Sebi's Law of the Land.


Clinton Hawk pushed open the door to the Jail and entered soundlessly. Work was done and it was time for another bottle and another night filled with his memories from the war. As he shut the door, he heard a voice in the darkness. "Thank you for joining me, Sheriff Hawk." The voice was calm and dangerous. The hairs on the back of Clinton's neck stood up. "Who are you?" He asked, one hand going to his hip, where his gun rested. He had developed a sense of when there was going to be trouble, and he knew this voice was the harbinger of doom.

A man stood, and began to approach slowly. Clinton's superb eyesight was able to pick up subtle things in the fading lamplight. The man was tall, with black hair and was well dressed. He looked as though he were a rich man from the east, who had stopped over i the town on his way to San Francisco. Not very threatening, but still, Clinton remained wary.

"I am Loki Laufeyson." he said bowing from the waist. Clinton didn't bat an eye at the foreign sounding name. "And What can I do for you, Mr. Laufeyson?" The manners drilled into him by his white mother dictated that he was to stay polite to his guest. At the same time, the rules his father had taught him stated that he was to remain suspicious of this man until his true motivations were known.

The man gave him a smile that reminded Clinton of the very first wolf he had ever killed. Deadly and hungry. This was a man who knew what he wanted and God help anyone who stood in his way. "I simply wish to become the Mayor of this charming little town." His town was so matter of fact, that Clinton almost laughed at him.

"I'm afraid you're a little too late for that, Sir." Clinton began, "We already have Mayor Coulson." The stranger took a few steps closer. "I'm sure we can do something to fix that little problem." He extended the walking stick that he was holding and touched the top to the spot directly over Clinton's heart.

Clinton's found himself no longer in the jail. He didn't know where he was. It was a darkness that was so profound, he lost his sense of being. "What is going on?" He demanded. A cold voice hissed at him from the darkness. "I am but the tesseract. I can grant you your hearts desire, and no price." Clinton backed away from the direction he thought the voice was coming from. "This is a trick. Your nothing more than a demon who has come to steal my spirit." The voice laughed, the sound coming from directly behind his left ear. "You doubt me? You doubt my power? What do you have to lose by just naming your greatest desire?"

Clinton hesitated. His thoughts turned to those of a girl. With hair as fiery as the desert sunset. As red as the blood that covered his hands. Unbidden, his mind became filled with the flashes of gunfire, the roar of cannons, and the cries of the dying. It rose to such a fevered pitch, he covered his ears with his hands. "Please." He cried.

"Please, what?"

"I wish for no more nightmares. Make me forget them."


Clinton's last conscious thoughts were 'forgive me, Natasha.'

Well thats over and done with. Don't worry, the rest of the cast will be making an appaerance.