Chapter 1-A Circus

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Rainbow Dash was straightening her mane in the mirror she borrowed from Rarity. She was practically bursting with excitement. Today was special.

Today I'm gonna to prove it to the world. I'm going to show everyone that I'm…


"Huh? Oh sorry Twilight I guess I kinda drifted off,"

"That's ok, we all know how much you've been looking forward to today," Twilight continued.

"It sure was nice of them, princesses, to give them tickets for us to go to the circus," Applejack commented smiling happily.

"It simply is a wonderful gift. The Emerald of Life Circus is the most prominent social scene, everypony whose anypony goes to their shows. I hope we run into some socialites," Rarity said her eyes sparkling at the prospect of being able to show off her new outfits.

"Well we all know who Rainbow is excited to meet," Twilight said with a sly smile on her face.

Rainbow Dash jumped up indignantly at the comment. "I don't want to meet him I want to beat him. The fastest flyer in all Equestria! HA, everyone knows I'm the fastest flyer in all of the UNIVERSE!"

"Sure Rainbow Dash," Twilight said rolling her eyes.

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"AHHHHH!" the roar of the crowd filled the air.

A black pegasus landed and walked out of the big top after smiling and waving to the crowd. Flash shook his head tiredly, his blue mane going everywhere. As I settled the fiery red streak in his mane and tail showing. The cutie mark on his flank was a pair of white wings in the middle of a fireball. Flash Fahrenheit was unhappy normal tricks had kept the crowd ecstatic and his boss happy, which would have normally been enough for him. His friend's, if he had any, would have described him as a guy always happy to just get through the day. Something was just different today. He wished he had someone to explain to him what he was feeling. But everyone avoided him so the boss wouldn't get the chance to yell at them.

Speak of the Devil…

"Good show today Flash," said a tall gryphon in a top hat. It was Slen Hook, a corrupt gryphon with a lot of power. He also had a thing for money.


"But If you want to keep your wings I recommend you do something better," he said as he began to walk away waving to show his claws honed to a deadly point.

There it is Flash just didn't care anymore most days he could take it but he was just… done.

"Hey asshole, I am…"

He stopped short because he was now off the ground. A large hand had picked him up by the scruff of his neck.

Woops forgot about Snap and Pop, Flash thought as he was spun around. He was greeted by two figures, a minotaur and a young dragon.

"What were you saying, PIPSQUEAK!" the minotaur, Snap, shouted, the veins popping out of his skin.

"Sorry but he's been hitting the juice hard," Pop said. "Calm down Snap we do need him alive."

"Yes, Pop we do but let's allow him to keep him there," Slen said, then turning to address Snap, "Turn him towards me."

"YES SIR," he shouted eager to please his boss.

"Calm down, my friend," he was quite pleased with this response though, evident by the smile on his face.

With Flash now facing him he began to speak in a disapproving tone, "Oh, Mr. Fahrenheit I would have expected you to know how things worked around here by now, especially having been raised here. Now that doesn't seem right, where are your parents?"

He paused for a moment to watch Flash squirm at the mention of his parents, though he couldn't respond because how he was being held even breathing was a challenge.

"Oh that's right there dead." Slen said with the mock surprise, "I sure hope that you don't join them, too soon."

Slen began walking away only to turn and quickly slashed Flash across the belly. He walked out and then said, "Well come along boys, let us allow Mr. Fahrenheit to rest and recover."

As Flash lay there bleeding he mumbled, "Goddesses Damn you, Slen."