A/N: Ugh! This chapter took forever to write with college in the way! Real life suuucks!

Title: The Apprentice's Teacher

Author: girl1213

Fandom: Chaotic

My Challenge: AU-verse! Humans are a sixth tribe

Characters: Tom Majors and Jaison LeFeuvre (My OC)

Words: 1,628

Rating: G

Summary: Tom has a talk with his Trainer

During the next week, between his potion-making practices, Tom spent time getting use to his Scanner. He had been mildly disappointed earlier in the week when Kaz informed him that it will be a while before he would have his first official Drome match outside of the Alpha Drome. He had been looking forward to his first Beta Drome match for almost as long as he had been awaiting his Scanner.

But on the upside, the day after meeting the mysterious (and possibly mugical) Drome Overseers, Kaz took him to a part of the Inner Sector of Chaotic that he had not been allowed access before.

Chaotic's famous PortCourt.

Built before the Deep Sleep, and quite far into the Forgotten Time, the PortCourt was easily the oldest part of the city. What made it so famous, and so restricted to the city's residents, was the well-known fact that the PortCourt held the city's famous Transport Hub: the doorway into Perium.

Tom had been a little disenchanted when he saw that the Hub was nothing more than a few circles built into the floor with even more circles lining the edges. He had been something much grander, not simpler when he first heard of the famous Hub. Thankfully, his discontent did not last long when several Chaotis, clearly veterans of the Game, suddenly appeared in gentle flashes of bluish light.

"Neat, huh?" Kaz asked, grinning knowingly.

Tom had wordlessly nodded. Simple as the Hub looked, he could not argue with its effectiveness, especially when he learned that the surrounding area of the PortCourt around the Hub had the best viewing screens to watch the Drome Matches. Kaz took him to his often used table and the two of them had a fun time watching the Drome Matches broadcasted from the Chirrul Drome until it was time for Tom to meet with Jaison LeFeuvre.

The apprentice healer bit back a hiss of pain when he felt a fat drop of steaming hot liquid hopped out of the little cauldron he was supposed to be gently stirring in front of him with a ladle with an elongated handle. Letting go of the ladle's handle, Tom sent the innocent cauldron a glare as he raised his hand to gently suck at the stinging area on the back of his hand, before giving it few hard blows of air.

His Trainer, Jaison LeFeuvre, was only a few feet behind him, twisting her mortar hard into the stone bowl in front of her, grinding the stubbornly hardy fire leaves into a fine orange-red powder. She did not seem to notice anything going on around her, her attention solely focused on grinding. But Tom knew better than to think she was ignorant of her surroundings. Back when he was younger and not so focused on his studies, she always knew whenever he tried to sneak out of her little clinic when her back was turned.

The stinging now a dull ache, Tom went back to stirring the suspended cauldron hanging over the paver fire pit in the center of Jaison's workroom. He had to stir it carefully to allow the brew inside the cauldron to boil out evenly, otherwise the elixirs and oils would react badly when the herb ingredients were added. How badly the reaction would be depended on what kind of elixir or oil had been poured into the brew, but thankfully, the potion brew that they were making was not one to explode in a fury of steaming hot liquid, or let out a horrible stench if mixed wrong. This one would just change color and then become an interesting shade of dirty water.

But this potion was placed on a high demand order from the city's sanatorium. They were running low on Fire Leaf Potions needed to treat a serious case of infection that had been plaguing the Chaotis visiting the Gloomuck Swamp in Perim.

The Codemasters, or more specifically, the Guildmaster of the Healers Guild, Codemaster Crellan, had to declare the area as a "High Caution" location. Until the Healers could find out how the infection was getting into their bodies and what was causing the taint, the area would have limited access—only the most skilled of Healers and Enchanters could go freely there now; apprentices and Choatic Players were not allowed to go there until the safety ban was lifted.

The only thing that seemed to have the greatest chance on ridding the body of the mysterious swamp infection was the Fire Leaf Potion. A notice had been delivered to the Healing Clinics throughout the city, and the Clinic Healers and their apprentices had been hard at work to meet the demand. The Enchanters have also pitched in by helping the Gardeners grow more of the herb quickly through the use of their runes.

As much as he was anxious to start his first BetaDrome Match, Tom refused to allow himself to let down his suffering people while so many others were working hard to assist them. The Chaotic Game could wait, those patients could not.

"Is the brew ready?" came Jaison's voice from her worktable

Tom peeked into cauldron. The sizzling brew was a violent shade of yellow that reminded Tom of a well-ripe lemon. "It's ready," he answered, removing the spoon.

Tom flipped the switch next to him and the fire doused itself out always instantly. Using a long hook, he secured the cauldron's handle and carefully pulled the still hot suspended kettle closer to where he was sitting on the stone and concrete wall encircling the pit.

With a firm grip on the cauldron, Tom watched Jaison finish grinding the needed herb and pour it into her glass measuring bowl where the already grinded fire leaves sat in. He watched her check to see if the amount was at the precise measurement. Too much of the herb would make the potion too strong and could cause further harm to the patient, too little and the potion would not have the desired effect.

Giving herself a satisfied nod, Jaison lifted the bowl carefully off the table and walked over to the pit. As she poured the grinded herbs into the brew, Tom grimaced and turned his face away when an unexpected wave of uncomfortably hot air, followed by some steam, drifted up into his face. Jaison did not appear bothered by it, probably due to after the many years of brewing she performed, she had long gotten used to the more unpleasant parts of potion-making.

"You're going to preform your first BetaDrome match soon?" Jaison asked to her apprentice as he carefully allowed the cauldron to pull itself back into its original position.

"Yeah," Tom answered unhooking the hook from the cauldron's handle, "I'm really looking forward to it."

"No doubt," Jaison smiled, tossing a rune stone into the cauldron with well-practiced accuracy. "You've been quiet this past week and you've been quite focused on helping me in the clinic."

Tom frowned. "You make it sound as if that is bad thing."

Jaison gave him a smile and shook her head. "No, it is a very good thing that you've been quite helpful. However, I can't help but think part of this good behavior has to do with the fact that you want to stay in good favor with me. Because, sooner or later, you're going to want time to visit Perium."


Tom felt sheepish. He should have known that she would know that he had a bit of alternative motion. Jaison had known him since he was a young seven-year-old spitfire, who was more interested in having adventures then sitting down in one place to study. He had been such a brat in the early days of his apprenticeship, but somehow Jaison managed to calm him down and make him into the responsible person he was today. Maybe it had to do with all those painful ear pulls she subjected him too. To this day whenever he remembered her pulling his ears they throbbed dully at the memory.

Jaison's smiled widened and she gave an amused little chuckle, taking the ladle's handle in her hand and began blending the herbs into the brew.

"Am I too easy to read?" Tom asked his Trainer as he scotched down to make room for her to get at the cauldron better.

"To me, yes," Jaison answered, leaning forward against the pit's wall, her green eyes on her apprentice, "But I practically raised you with your parents off on their own adventures in Perium, ever searching for even the slightest trace of clues to our lost history. I know you very well Tom Majors. And it's because I know you so well that I'm actually encouraging you to visit Perium."

"Wha—? Really?" If it were physically possible, Tom was sure his jaw was hanging so low at it was just about not touching the floor.

"Close your mouth."

Tom snapped his jaws back together.

"Yes, I'm allowing you to go to Perium at your leisure once you've earned your pass," Jaison said, turning her head to look at him squarely in the eyes, "Tom, you're fifteen and you've proven responsible enough to me. You're old enough now to leave our sanctuary. You need to see the world beyond our barrier of mists since we rely so heavily upon it. Furthermore, you're a Healer's Apprentice, not a novice. It's time you put your knowledge and craft into practical use. Healers benefit the most from hands-on experience then what they read in a book."

When she looked away, Tom did something he had not done since he was ten-years-old.

He hugged his Trainer…no, more than that, his teacher.

"Thank you," he said, almost in a whisper.

Some Chaotis Info:

Forgotten Time (F.T) – As the name says, the Forgotten Time is the lost forgotten history of the Chaotis Tribe. It is often referred to as the "Time Before The Deep Sleep," and sometimes even as "The Time Before Time." Very little is known about this lost time and many Chaotis wish to discovery knowledge about it. However what is known is that their city, Chaotic, had been built long into this time, which hints strongly that the Chaotis are an old tribe.

Fire Leaves – One of the few herbs native to Chaotic. Its name comes from its red and orange colors. Chaotis are cautioned not to eat it since it's so spicy that it literally burns the mouth. However, in herbalism medicine it's used to help with serious infections by "burning" the germs and diseases out of the infected area.

The Sanatorium – This is basically the major hospital of Chaotic as well as the Headquarters of the Healers Guild. More on the guilds later…

Fan Questions!

nomad wants to know: Do the Chaotis have its own army or a police force?

At this point, the Chaotis are a militia force in terms of army stance. However, they do have a budding police force (Tobias and Daniel).

A guest wants to know: Can the Chaotis be better fighters than most tribes if they can change form and fight in Perim?

Well…I haven't really thought of going that far that since, in the show, their form changes are just holograms with limited access into memories. However, The Chaotis are in fact a sleeping giant since they are learning how the Tribes fight. Spoiler! I actually am planning on the Chaotis eventually going into battle against the Tribes, but not for the Cothica.