They get married at a lighthouse.

Blaine feels guilty for a whole half a day after they visit it when they're still looking for the perfect site because Kurt gushes about how it will look at sunset and how the honeymoon would be in the little cottage within walking distance. The reception can be on the grass in the breeze and the warm spring sun.

Blaine caves to his own guilt and blurts out: "Eli's facebook picture was a lighthouse!" when Kurt starts comparing the lighthouse to the botanical gardens on the drive home.

Kurt says: "Who?"

And Blaine flushes and bites his lip and hates to bring it up because he is still so embarrassed. "When I—" and he has to clear his throat. "When I cheated on you."

Kurt is still grinning but his eyes widen when he realizes and then he looks to the side and sees Blaine's red cheeks and imploring look. Kurt pulls over on the side of the road beside a paddock full of cows. "Blaine," is all he says.

"I just thought you should know," Blaine mumbles out.

"I've forgiven you," because he has. He will never ever forget how it felt in those first weeks, in those first months, because he will do everything from now on to never let it happen again. And he knows Blaine will too. But he has forgiven him.

"I know but I'm still sorry."

Kurt reaches out without undoing his seat belt and cups Blaine's face, fixing his gaze with his own. "You don't need to keep being sorry if I've forgiven you." Blaine's eyes just get wider. "His facebook photo was a lighthouse?" Blaine nods and bites his lip. "Compensating?" Kurt almost hates to ask but it's too easy a tease and he remembers last night when Blaine had both hands around him, reverence in his eyes and couldn't stop saying, "So perfect, so fucking perfect for me." So he asks. And then Blaine starts to smile and nods just a little.

They fall into a moment of silence. Remembering, years ago, and it feels longer because since then everything had felt so good and perfect and nineteen year old Kurt would sneer and judge to see how much twenty one year old Kurt trusts Blaine with his heart. Nineteen year old Blaine wouldn't believe he could be this happy. Not ever.

"It's a beautiful place to get married. The sunset alone..." Kurt trails off because he can imagine the reds and oranges and purples offsetting the white and black of their suits. (And he might have snooped other people's wedding photos online the night before.) "But if you don't—"

"I do," Blaine says with such surety Kurt feels his toes tingle and then Blaine's mouth is on his, not hard or deep or owning. Just sure, pressing and moving against his, caress after caress as Kurt's fingernails scratch down Blaine's cheek and Blaine's hand rests against Kurt's thigh. They kiss until they're smiling and Blaine pulls back far enough to say it again, "I do."

Kurt pulls all the way back and sighs, happily. Then he puts the car into drive.

"The sunsets!" Blaine says, sounding too excited.

Kurt looks at him before checking his rear-view mirror to check for traffic. "Yeah?"

"Let's go watch one." Blaine grins. "At the lighthouse."

Kurt glances sideways and their grins match. "Yeah?"

"Yeah?" Kurt asks. Except they should get back, they have work and social commitments and—

"Yeah," Blaine says, hand closing over Kurt's on the gear-stick. "Where we're gonna get married."