Yo my peeps- this is like the dozenth story I've posted for TMNT and I thought I'd go a different way this time. This is a humanized turtle's story, starring Leo and a nice OC that my buddy Cha is helping me with.

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It rippled along his spine, causing him to grit his teeth and groan as he rolled over onto his back. His joints ached and his shell felt like a suffocating wieght- hanging around his neck and shoulders. Restricting his movements as he slowly opened his eyes upon hearing the faint sounds of sobbing coming from one of his brother's rooms.

What was going on? He wondered as the sobbing grew louder. He could make out the faint sounds of his master/father hurrying into the room next to his own and crying out as something hit the floor with a dull thud.

The panic in that usually soothing and serene voice, forcing him to try and open his eyes against his better judgment. He was blind at first, due to the light he must have left on while he had been reading- before he had dozed off. His eyes hurt. Almost like his joints, everything felt as if it was burning.

He felt like he was burning.

The door to his bedroom opened and his father stepped in, his expression fearful as he called his name. Expecting him to jump up and come running, but not this time. Something was wrong. Horribly, horribly, horribly wrong.

Everything hurt. It was like someone had ripped off his shell and skin and was now working on his insides. It was agonizing.

His father moved over to his side and laid a clawed hand on his upper arm, causing him to jerk under the gentle touch as his father tried to soothe him. But the feel of his father's soft fur and claws against his sensitive skin felt more like razors ripping into him. Making him twitch, hiss and finally growl at his father in warning before he backed off and sat in the corner a few feet from his bed crying for him and his brothers.

He knew little else for the next few hours but when he finally regained some awareness, the first thing that crossed his mind was fear. Where were his brothers? Were they alright? He tried speaking- asking his father, whom had moved closer and was now stroking the top of his head. Moving his jet black hair back from his face as he lay on his sweat soaked bed, shivering and breathing.

He heard movement just in the doorway and glanced in that direction just long enough to see April and Casey running by with blankets as Leatherhead suddenly appeared in his doorway and peered inside his room. "Splinter, the others seemed to have finally stablized." He said softly before asking. "How is Leonardo?"

Splinter looked back down at his eldest son, Leonardo, and replied. "I think he is alright now." Leatherhead nodded and left them alone, coming back only briefly to check Leo's vitals and give him something to put him to sleep and cover his naked body so that he didn't become ill. Leaving Splinter to his thoughts.

He knew that he should feel relief that his sons were all still alive after the massive changes that their bodies had gone through but he couldn't help but fear that the mutations would continue even in their current forms. And if that happened, his sons would die.

As it was he had nearly lost Donatello. The changes he'd gone through physically had been such a shock to his system that his heart had stopped three times. If not for the fact that he had called for April, Leatherhead and Casey the moment he had found out that something was wrong- Donatello would be lost to him. Would be lost to their family.

And that would be a tradgedy that Splinter doubted any of them could have endured.