She felt like she was finally going to be doing something other then sitting around. Jason began passing the floor. He had a very tall figure and his eyes were hard to see when they were hooded by his disheveled blonde hair.

He remained composed. She didn't really care whether he was in agreement with this plan or not. She finally got to escape from that miserable little situation that she had winded up in. Jason or no Jason, she was leaving.

It took her a couple minutes to get all her belongings ready. Idly she looked out the window and it was still dark. She couldn't contain her excitement. She had run up and hugged Jason a few times and he didn't seem bothered nor excited by it. What a complicated man, poor, distressed man, she pitied him for not sharing her joy of the situation.

She was setting off to experience. Whatever she came across she would be happy. As long as it meant she was living. Slowly but surely, the darkness faded and light hit the window. She bounced in excitement. Pulling Jason by his long sleeve she made it to the door. He calmly bent over to grab her over-sized bag in one hand and took her hand in his other.

She was in awe. Autumn was truly one of the most beautiful things a person could ever experience, and she knew it. She felt a moment of gratitude towards mother nature, her parents and other worldly forces that allowed her life on this planet. Removing her hand from Jason's, she bent over a picked up a colorful leaf. Leaves were falling around her at the same time. She gazed towards the trees around the now vacant house, and appreciated the colossal wonder. Jason eyed her as she took her time analyzing the tree. He felt some warmth and appreciation for it aswell. He knew he had to pull her out of her reverie soon.

He shook his head. "Em, let's get going." His voice was foreign to her after not hearing him speak for a while. Her thoughts forgotten, she followed him down the leafy path away from the house. She carried a smaller bag with her more lightweight belongings and food for the trip. She got to see Katarina soon and it was about time. She needed some time to unwind with her, needed space away from Jason and he needed some away from her. Jason eyed her speculatively. Noticing her wide grin, he new she was up to no good.

As soon as they reached the bus, she handed her bag to Jason while she pulled out the money and he followed suit. This area was pretty empty so it was no wonder there weren't many people on board. Now in public she knew what was expected of her so she internalized her excitment and calmly walked towards the back of the bus. Passing a bold looking gentlemen who sat in a oneseater, two giggling girls and a man intent on his ipod, she chose the corner by the window and gazed out, Jason on the opposite side of the row of vacancies.

She looked over at Jason, who had his ipod in his ears listening to some secret melody of his. She continued on look at all the intricacies of the bus, inwardly cursing herself for not bringing her own ipod or book to amuse herself with. She loved to analyze the people on the bus. Think of intricate stories of what made them come on this bus.