Hologram Renaissance

The light of the heavens was naught but a sliver behind her.

Darkness, an ancient and wise void had encircled her now—she was here to see something that mystified even herself, the High Seraph.

The Gods had named her Ultima, and through her transcendence and manifest, she understood her role as a holy aid to the great creators. She came to know wandering and lost souls and guided them to the under-realms of light at the steps of Heaven. She never questioned it, she simply understood her role. This is how the Gods preferred it anyhow—although sometimes she wondered what drove her. She was no weak and frail being, and she certainly wasn't human, she was simply a celestial device.

Why was she doing this?

Ultima had no idea when it was first conceived, but deep within her, deep inside her hyperconsciousness, that very question would be her undoing.

She knew that she was considered a "Masterpiece" among Scions. Her form was that of a maiden, in shining gown and wings of gold. Her lower body was machine however, a cannon. While she didn't quite use it ever, she understood it's destructive power-its name, Eschaton.

She was a multi-faceted entity, with footholds in machine, angel, human, and ascended being. This made her a bit uncomfortable. What was she truly as a whole?

She understood her role, she understood what they intended for her, but what of her will? As she understood it, she wasn't allowed true free will. Yet why were the Gods so keen on exercising their hold on her? Why wasn't she allowed a key role in constructing the cosmos? After all, she had more experience with the infinite number of beings who had crossed sides than all the Gods combined—what right did they have?

Yet, she knew she shouldn't think such things—although it ate at her. The Gods, sometimes they would sense her discomfort; her dissent. They would pick and pry, driving that her purpose was simply to be the guide to the Heavens, and that she was important in the 'stability' of things.

Stability, what a fable.

There was no "stability." The universe was predestined, the Gods, or the Undying as she came to know them, ruled it with an iron fist! What stability!? Why the need for a metaphorical concept when the variable for instability versus stability is non-existent? It was almost a cruel mockery. The Gods controlled everything; mankind and all the creatures in existence. Their past, present, and current future were all being manipulated and observed at all times. She wasn't needed at all, she was simply a convenient tool.

That thought dug in like a tic, and as she dived deeper into the darkness it left a soft pain in her—heart? If she had such a thing.

She was going to the underworld. There was no doubt the Gods were observing this happening, she understood that most likely she would be thoroughly questioned for this, maybe even wiped. She didn't care however, she simply wanted to see this bizarre phenomenon.

What she was going to observe The Emperor himself.

While she didn't know much, this being that had come to be known as 'The Emperor' had been sent to the nether realms—namely the underworld, to destroy the hordes of obnoxious and rather violent monsters. His name was Adrammelech, and apparently he was a fearsome and violent brute.

With her being a guide to the Heavens, she saw very little carnage and bloodshed, but she knew all about it, especially with mankind being so violent. The wroth Adrammelech was a sight to behold, and his legendary bolts of strength were impressive to say the least. She looked forward to seeing him, his strength, and most importantly, his lure.

You see, the hordes of creatures deep within these realms have come to fear him—and rightly so. But more interestingly, they have come to serve him. What madness! They were serving a being other than the Gods. He would use them for all sorts of tasks: cruel arena battles with each other, building small monuments to the Gods and moreso himself, and sacrifices for every arbitrary reason there was.

Surely the Creators know, yet Adrammelech. . .he has convinced them that they were simply desperate fools, that they would all be destroyed.

But Ultima knew better, she knew that he was enjoying every second of it.

He was a proud one, and she too knew that with such power there was no doubt he was using the fiends here or there. Who could blame him? After all, the Gods controlled everything.

A taste of control, it's a nectar far too sweet to have only a little of.

Ultima got a feel for it every now and then, when she shifted planes with the lost souls. She felt their fates moving in her hands, no matter how hollow that 'control' really was.

The real interesting tidbit was her strength. Being such a high celestial entity, her power was also immense. Over time she came to understand that she was "High Seraph" for a reason. She came to understand that among all scions under the Gods, excluding The Banished One of course, she was the most powerful. Seeing as The Banished One was merely a locked away child, Ultima was easily the closest to the Gods themselves. Their strength, she could feel it pulsing and moving unto her as she moved through the Heavens. She could break away—but not alone.

She arrived at the waypoint between nether realms, the baron and dry landscape visible for miles. A thick and yellow cloud front riding a strong and chilling breeze approached from the north, the binary sun system just setting on the horizon. This place felt deathly, lacking of any life at all really. She could feel Adrammelech though, his might was pulling on the very atmosphere.

She drifted through space-time folds throughout the rocky and desert like landscape, moving hundreds of miles in an instant, until finally she found a horde of horrific looking creatures coming from the underground. There, above them, The Emperor.

It didn't take long for him to spot her. The horde stopped as he waved an angry, charged fist. In an instant he was before her, his dark form pulsating a thick static. He had the shape of a horned deity, with ancient runes carved into his armor like exoskeleton. His glowing eyes that burned into hers were nothing short of sparks.

He spoke. At first Ultima didn't understand what he was saying for he spoke in very old tongues, those that even the Gods had abandoned.

"Why do you come Seraph? I am fulfilling my purpose."

Ultima stared at the horde behind him, still taking in the rather intimidating aura he had. She simply shook her head and glanced up at the sky with a faint smile. He followed her gaze and stared up at the Heavens as well, at them. In the same old tongues she whispered a message to him.

"Do you seek freedom?"

He remained silent.

"Wait for me."

With that she opened a cross-door and began her ascent back to the Heavens, leaving a perplexed Adrammelech.

"Do you seek freedom. . ." he whispered to himself, trying to fully grasp her message—or rather trying to believe he was fully understanding what she was getting at if it was what he thought she was.

Rebellion? Could the High Seraph really be thinking of any sort of rebellion?

As she made her way back to the highest reaches of the cosmos, she could feel their eyes fixing on her, their thoughts and curiosities focusing in on her. She knew she didn't have much time. However, she knew that she had successfully planted the seed of dissent in the already rebellious Adremmelech—sure enough, it was only a matter of time. If she could get him, surely she could rally others.

Now, she only needed to wait for it to sprout. The Masterpiece herself had made the first move.