AN: So, this is my Bade A-Z story! I've written drabbles for all letters of the alphabet already, and they get longer, but I hope to post one a day. This is letter A. Please Enjoy.


"Don't touch mommy."

Beck felt a harsh pang in his stomach after Jade said this to him in a brief moment of improvisation. He used to always pride himself on being the only one that Jade would let touch her, and he loved the feeling of her soft, warm body against his. It didn't matter any more though, because she had obviously stripped him of that privilege. Beck remembered those times when Jade would warn people not to touch her, and he would sit back and smile, because he was certain she would never say that to him. Looking back at the scene before him, he realised he had been zoning out because Tori, pretending to be an astronaut, was talking to Jade already. It didn't matter too much that he lost focus for a little while, because he only had a small part anyway.

Beck's fists clenched as part of the scene had Tori collapse onto Jade's chest. He felt something bubbling within the pit of his stomach thinking about how he was supposed to be the only one who could touch Jade, let alone her chest. Jade awkwardly pushed Tori off her and continued acting, but the deed was done.

Beck was jealous of a Narcoleptic Astronaut.