Chrono Crusade and Blue Exorcist/Ao No Exorcist Cross Over

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Rewritten and edited to make it better

This was inspired by a comment on the first episode of Chrono Crusade "Chrono Crusade + Ao No Exorcist = EPIC DEMON SLAYING ACTION" and I have to agree there so time to stop chatting and on to the story

Mephisto's office

"So Rin, Yukio, I need you both at St. Leonard's park to stop this demon from feeding on the life force of people" Mephisto told the twins. "ALL RIGHT! FINNALY! A REAL MISSION!" "Rin would you please control yourself…" sighed Yukio. As the twins left the building and into the car Rin asked Yukio the probably most pathetic question ever "So, where are we going?" "WE'ER GOING TO 'S PARK YOU IDOIT!" "Oh right, I forgot hehe" "We were JUST told about the mission FOUR MINUTES AGO!" "Really?" "Yes, REALLY. For once in your life could you at least TRY to remember something for MORE than ten minutes." *engine starts* 'You know Rin you should listen to Yukio' Kuro telepathically told Rin 'Maybe, but he is just so damn annoying' replied Rin telepathically of course 'If I know Rin he is probably talking to Kuro about how annoying I am' Yukio thought with a glare "What?" Rin said amwardly "Nothing" Yukio sighed

Sister Kate's office

"Sister Rosette you will need to head to St. Leonard's park to stop a demon from feeding of the astral energy of humans understood?" Sister Kate said to Rosette "AND YOU BETTER NOT DESTROY ANYTHING!" "Yeah, yeah." Rosette said with a dull tone. As Sister Rosette came out of the office to look for her demon partner Chrono she bumped into Father Remmington, "Ah Rosette, it seems you have another mission." "AH! Father Remmington! Your back!" Greeted the Girl, Rosette craned her neck and looked behind the priest and saw two men, about eighteen years old, they were wearing novice priest uniforms. "Ah hello." One of them said "So you must be the famous Sister Rosette" "Hey isn't she the one who keeps destroying building after building on each mission? I'm surprised she isn't sacked" the other one told the other priest "Oh forgive them of their rudeness" Father Remmington told Rossette apologetically, the one with blond brown hair is named Euan, Euan Pomson, while the other is named Cameron Austin. "How do you do?" Euan greeted "Fine, now if you excuse me I have a mission to do." Rosette replied, with a hint of blushing as she left "Looks like someone has a new girlfriend" Cameron elbowed Euan "Hey quit it, she is NOT my girlfriend and you know it" Euan replied rubbing his elbow

Elder's Lab

"Elder, are you sure this will work?" Chrono stared in doubt "I have no idea!" Elder flips the switch and the machine flickers too life, "So will this really help me grow my horns back?" Chrono questioned the Elder, "Sure it will! Just step onto this platform and…"


"cough, cough, hack, ahem, see? I told you it would work!" Elder said with a grin "cough cough, your right! My horns DID grow back! I can protect Rosette without using her soul now!" Chrono transformed into his true form and flew to look for Rosette to tell her the good news "Chrono! How in the world are you in your true form!" Rosette called out to Chrono "Elder made a machine that made them grow back!" Chrono said with the biggest grin he could make "Hang on, could you fly me to 's park right now? We have a misson there!" Rosette asked "You sure? People will see me…" "Oh don't be such a scaredy cat just go into the clouds." "You won't be able to breath than." "Oh fine I'll go get the keys" Chrono ran to the car whist transforming back to his twelve year old by form "Oh god in heaven please don't let me die in a car crash."

A vein popped in Rosette's head "WHY YOU!"


'Do not worry, you won't in a car crash.' The angel of forgiveness thought to himself

Saint Leonard's Park


"Rosette! You broke another car from the order, Sister Kate is gonna MURDER US!" "Oh quit your whining Chrono, you gotta make sacrifices to save people's lives." "You just want a new car" Chrono sighed under his breath, unfortunately Rosette heard him "WHY YOU LITTLE"


"Chrono is probably gonna die from Rosette's noogies if you ask me" one of the archangels told forgiveness "Probably" forgiveness replied

Saint Leonard's park

"We're here! FINNALY! That took FOREVER!" Rin said excitedly "It was only ten minutes." Yukio muttered Unbeknownst to both of them, a certain pink haired lady is sleeping in the trunk of the car their using and man is she gonna be pissed "Hey, (Yukio wipes his glasses) isn't that a Nun harassing a twelve year old child?" "What are you talking about, did that shampoo seep into your brain? Or are your glasses too fogg…, that's just not right." As the twins got out of the car, Rosette "HIYA!" "You know the car was STILL repairable, until you kicked the door down." "Oh put a sock in it Chrono." "You know this isn't a place for a nun and her little brother to be here, get out of here quickly." Yukio told Chrono and Rosette with a grim stare "What are you talking about? It's you who should be running away screaming" Rosette angrily told Yukio while grabbing a gun

"Hang on…" Chrono said staring in disbelief "You're a demon aren't you?" "How can you tell?!" Rin said in shock "Your demonic aura is too strong to miss" Chrono replied "Demonic aura?" Yukio questioned the small boy "How can you sense it?" "That's easy, it's because I'm a demon as well." "Wait, so that would mean that a nun was harassing a demon? Wow that's bold." Rin said in disbelief "Hey where's Kuro?" "Hold on, did you just say Kuro?" Chrono asked "Yeah, why?" Rin questioned "I thought I gave that cat sith to Fujimoto." "That's not possible, Yukio told me he befriended him." Rin said in doubt. "I guess he didn't tell the you whole story, he did befriend Kuro but I was the one who allowed Kuro to go with Fujimoto." "Wow you sound like a horrible owner." Yukio said "Not exactly, you see Kuro and I were traveling around the world when we stopped at a town of silk weavers. Kuro was helping them so much and Kuro because Kuro asked me if he could stay so I let him, only to come back several hundred years later to find Fujimoto giving him some catnip wine." 'CHRONO!' "Huh?" both Rin and Chrono turned to face Rin and Yukio's car "Kuro! I missed you so much." Chrono said hugging him "And you've grown so much!" Chrono pulls out a ruler from his pocket (Anime logic, best one ever) "Hey Yukio, you told me Father Fujimoto befriended Kuro, not given to by a demon." Rin questioned his twin brother "Well… that is a very good question, I did get knocked out part of the way…" Yukio admitted "Although Father Fujimoto didn't say anything."

"Speaking of Fujimoto" Interrupted Chrono "How is he doing? Is he well?" Both Rin and Yukio put on sad faces, Rin looked like he was about to cry "Yukio was the first to break the silence, "He's… passed" Now it was Chrono's turn to put on a sad face. "Fujimoto was a good man, I have to visit his grave sometime…, hey where's Rosette?" "The nun?" Yukio asked "Yeah" Chrono replied "…AND BRING DEATH TO THE DEVIL!" Rosette had just fired a gospel right in the demon's face 'Ouch' Chrono thought

"Are you serious, a nun holding a gun. That is just not right." Yukio said. Chrono sighed "Well, that's Rosette for you." "Now who should be the one running away?" Rosette chuckled

Chrono: This is going to get crazy…

Rin: You said it

Yukio: What am I going to do with you…

Rosette: *eating like a horse*


Kredigidragon (Digi) : OH CRAP

Chrono: Rosette! Clam down!

Yukio: Well Digi did just state fact…

Chrono: Oh HELL NO

Rin: *ducks as a chair flies past*

Digi: um… uh…WHAT THE FU- *smacked in the head by the chair* *faints*

Rin & Chrono: That has got to hurt


Rosette: COME BACK HERE! I'M NOT DONE WITH YOU YET *Grabs a table*

Digi: *wakes up* Oh I forgot, I made some Team Fortress 2 references in there for fun. See if you can spot them all