Draco woke up bright and early the next morning, he laid in bed for a while trying to fight off the urge to go back to sleep, it was time to get up. He stretched out his body with a huge yawn and then laced his hands behind his neck, after some time the large heavy curtains pulled themselves along the length of the wall, light filled the room and he finally got up to start his day. It was almost an hour later down in the kitchen while sipping his second cup of coffee when Draco noticed that something was off about the day - his mother was awfully late coming down for breakfast. Normally she started her day far earlier than he did – and then he remembered her late night drinking fiasco with Granger. He couldn't wait to use that one against the bushy headed Gryffindor, Mrs. Perfect wasn't so perfect afterall.

She was so annoying, he could hardly stand the thought of her. With her top grades and Gryffindorish attitude, cheering his mothers bad habit on, not to mention the fact that she was pretty much a weasel, bound to marry into that bunch when everything was said and done – that fact annoyed him the most about her. Maybe he could spend the school year using his Malfoy charm on her, she was a smart girl, he could talk some sense into her head… and ruin the weasel's life all at the same time.

Draco snickered into his coffee and then dropped it into his lap as he heard a sudden loud piercing scream from the other side of the Manor. A house elf popped into the room then, with a small bushy haired kid in tow. The little girl pulled her arm free of the house elves grip. "Get your hands off of me!" With wide terrified eyes she ran from the room.

Draco blinked.

He got up from his seat and used his wand to dry his trousers, and then followed the way in which she ran, it didn't take Draco long to find the girl taking refuge in the library. He decided against sneaking up on her, instead, he pushed the large opened doors aside and noisily stepped into the room.

"I know you're in here, show yourself."

A book came hurling out of the shelves, the thick hardback slammed into his chest and caused him to stumble off balance.

"Underage witches aren't allowed to use magic outside of Hogwarts, you'll be expelled now." He tisked.

"Only this is a magical home, that rule is invalid here, pea brain!" Another book flew at him, this time he managed to duck it. He waved his wand and a rope shot from it, it steered across the book shelves and bound Hermione. She screamed and fought it without any success.

"Let me go!"

"Only if you stop acting bloody bonkers."

The Gryffindor girl stiffened immediately, he released her.

"Good girl, now – " He stopped when Hermione let out a loud gasp.

"You're a Malfoy!"

Draco frowned down at her. "No..." He bit off sarcastically.

Hermione put her hands on her hips, scrunching up her nose to give him a dirty look. "Why am I here? What did you do with Harry and Ro-" Draco cut her off.

"Woah, settle down, I don't know why you're here, what's the last thing you remember?" He asked, brows falling together in confusion.

But she held her lips. "Im not telling you." She held her glare also.

Silence hung in the air, they stood in the middle of the library, Draco ran through a hundred different possibilities in his head as Hermione stood there glaring up at him. Her stomach growled.

"Have you eaten anything?" He asked out of the blue.

She shook her head.

"Well, would you like something?"

"So you can slip me poison?" She laughed. "I think not, take me back to Hogwarts, im late for class." Hogwarts. Why weren't they at Howarts? He looked down at Hermione, never feeling so confused in his life. He nod his head. "Yeah, Hogwarts." He led her through the Manor, her wide eyes took every last detail of the luxurious home in. At the grate he stepped in and looked at Hermione. "Are you coming?"

"You go first, go on, I know how to use the Floo." That bossy look was back on her face. Draco rolled his eyes. "Whatever, Hogwarts!" He dropped out in McGonagall's office, the Professor was quick to turn at the noise. "Mr. Malfoy! What on earth – where's Miss. Granger?" She fell out of the fire two seconds later, she sprawled out ungracefully and moved quickly to get up and dust the soot from her robes. She looked around. "What's going on?" She asked, "I was just about to ask the same thing." said Draco.

McGonagall's lips thinned. "Nevermind that right now, Mr. Malfoy, take Miss. Granger and go see Professor Nolver, she has been expecting the two of you." She shooed them out of the office.

"That was weird." Hermione commented as they walked down the corridor, Draco leading the way to the defense classroom. "Really weird…" He agreed. They fell into silence, when they reached the staircase Hermione looked up and spoke. "Are you Draco's uncle?" She asked. "Cousin, actually. I was just transferred here from Durmstrang to watch over him, do you know him?" He didn't know where that lie had come from, but it sounded okay, he could go with it. Hermione laughed. "Great, another Malfoy at Hogwarts…" She seen the look Draco gave her and quickly changed her words. "Im sorry, its just – your cousin is really awful." Her face flushed. Draco shrugged. "That's why im here. Aunt Cissy said he was getting into loads of trouble, she thought sending me here would help straighten out his act." Again, his lies shot out straight out of nowhere. The young girl laughed again. "Good luck, he just bought his way onto the Slytherin Quidditch team, apparently being made Seeker has given him squatting rights." Her brows furrowed and she looked to him, then she asked. "What's wrong with Muggle - Borns?" He stopped walking as the stairs shifted, he frowned. "Why do you ask?" Hermione shrugged. "He's been calling me a mudblood alot, Draco, I learned it was a foul name for people like me, because I am from a Muggle family." Her eyes watered over for a brief moment, she turned and hurried up the stairs as they landed, she stood at the top waiting for him to catch up. Draco picked his feet up again and fell into step with Granger, he thought back to his second year, the year he made it a point to call Granger a mudblood. He looked down at the mousey second year and suddenly felt like a total git, he was such a stupid boy, hanging onto his fathers every word.

"Are you going to answer me or not?" Instead of being offended at her bossy tone like he would have been in his younger years, the bigger Draco was actually amused by it. "Mudblood is a stupid word used by stupid people, don't worry about Draco, he's a bit misguided."

"A bit? I don't believe you."

Draco rolled his eyes. "Okay, Lucius has completely brainwashed him…tell you what, next time he calls you a mudblood, just punch him on the nose."

The little Hermione gave a short giggle. "I may just have to, with him… I mean you seen that Manor he lives in, I bet you anything that he's never been disciplined." Draco vaguely remembered receiving one spanking in Head Start. When they arrived to the classroom, it was filled with people. There were double the amount of chairs, four to a desk, and double the amount of students, half of them were the same height as the shrunken Granger standing closely next to him. They walked to the only opened and available seats in the back, sitting quietly as they waited for the Professor to start.



Two people fell out of the fire and into the Head office, McGonagall sent them to the defense classroom as well, they didn't get there without one causing the other much difficulty. Hermione had woken up late the next morning, she rushed a very very grouchy Draco out of bed (He had aged a number of years in his sleep.), quickly becoming number one on his list of people to give a hard time. To make matters worse, Narcissa had not returned, the boy was not happy in the slightest about it. When they got back to Hogwarts he refused to walk as they exited the office. "Come on, you're causing me to be late." Hermione said, pulling the boys arm, his feet remained planted despite her efforts, he had grown nearly a foot since last night. Draco sneered. "You're mad if you think im going to listen to you, wait until my father hears about this." His age wasn't the only thing that changed overnight, he had no memory of the previous day and any little bit of respect that he went to sleep with didn't make it to morning. She had to pull a huge lie over him about being a wizard cop there to arrest him, she even had to bind his hands and drag him into the grate, but instead of going to Azkaban she Floo'ed them back to Hogwarts.

"If you don't start stepping, I will stun you." She said, pulling him as hard as she could down the corridor, he tried thrashing out of her hold.

"Get your hands off of me!" He yelled.

Hermione groaned, today was going to be a long day.

They burst through the defense door some time later, neither of them looked too happy as they disrupted the class. "You're killing me, Professor, turn him back!" Hermione shouted, she was out of breath. "I hope you aren't making this being late for class thing a habit, take a seat dear." Nolver stood from her desk and walked to the front of it. Hermione made a noise of anger in the back of her throat, her face began to turn two shades of red as they turned to find a seat, the only ones open were next to a smirking full grown Malfoy and a small girl with curls, it wasn't until she took her seat that it hit her. She looked across the desk to the smirking Malfoy, then turned to face the two kids scowling at eachother from across the table, those kids were them, but how?


"Oh my God." Hermione's head dropped to the top of the desk with a loud audible thunk. The big Draco snickered at her.

"Shut up." She murmured.

"Class, I am Professor Nolver, I know you all may be a bit confused right now –"

"A bit?" Someone asked.

Nolver didn't mind them. "Professor Snape will be here with snacks for the lot of you, take this class period to get to know the ones sitting at your table. At the end of the week I will be assigning each of you a test to show what you have learned from one another." She returned to her desk as the class broke out into quiet chatter.

Hermione groaned loudly and raised her head, Malfoy's smirk was bigger than ever at her, she frowned.

"I hate you…" she said. "Get that smirk off of your face."

Little Malfoy spoke up. "Women, remove these binds from my hands!" His voice was hard and demanding as he twisted in his seat so Big Hermione could free his hands. "You tied him up?" Big Draco asked in shocked amusement, Big Hermione turned to him with a sneer, "He's a brat!" she spat, she poked Little Draco in the back of the head with her wand, "Hey!" and then used a slicing charm to cut him free. He turned to her as he rubbed his wrist, glaring at her with hate in his eye, then his eyes turned to his bigger half. They went large, "Drake!...Wh- what are you doing here?" his shock turned to curiosity, "Mother said you we're too sick to come back to Hogwarts, you don't look sick anymore…"

"He's here to make sure you behave yourself, Malfoy." Little Hermione said hatefully.

Little Malfoy turned to Little Hermione and sneered. "No one asked you, Mudblood."

Little Hermione bunched her nose up nastily to the boy, Big Hermione seen her fist ball up in anger, and then she went for her wand, only it wasn't there. "Wha- where is my wand? Oh screw it." She took her fist and sent it hurling into the boys face, the sound of fist against flesh rang across the room, Little Malfoy fell from his seat. He got up and fixed his hair back, with fury etched in his face he grabbed for his wand, but it too was missing. He charged, completely leaping over the desk, and tackled Hermione to the ground. The Big's could do nothing but watch as their younger selves rolled around the floor trying to throttle each others necks. "You dare hit me!" Little Draco shouted, his voice choked out as Little Hermione wrapped her hands around his throat. "Yes I dare, want me to do it again?" She bit off and squeezed harder, Malfoy was beginning to turn red in the face.

"Break it up!" Snape bellowed as he finally entered the room, a line of house elves followed behind him in a neat line, their hands filled with large overflowing trays.

The two sprang apart and returned to their seats huffing, glaring hatefully at one another. The house elves sat the trays in a long line across the side of the room, one levitated two large cauldrons filled with pumpkin juice in the center of all the food, they bowed and then disappeared. The class rose and stood in a line around the classroom, they filled their goblets and grabbed a snack, there were pastries and cakes and biscuits. Hermione one and two both grabbed for an apple as the two Draco's ate almost one of everything.

"So, what year are you two in?" Little Hermione asked, sipping from her goblet. Hermione answered herself. "7th, you?" She asked. "Only second." "What is this class?" Little Draco asked, biting into a pastry. Big Draco shrugged. "It's supposed to be defense, although I have no idea what this nutty Professor is doing." The rest of the class was passed in civil conversation, they wasted the time asking simple questions back and forth, by the time the end of the lesson neared, Hermione was known as Jane Grander to the young ones, another lie that just seemed to slip into it all. Before the bell rang, Professor Nolver bought the class to her attention.

"Second years, all your classes have been cancelled," all fourteen of them cheered and high-fived at this announcement. "For the rest of this week." They whooped and hollered. "What!" Little Hermione protested. Nolver continued. "Instead, you will be spending time with the older students, they will be your care givers. I will provide each of you with a list of instructions. " Large scrolls dropped onto each table, Little Hermione made a quick grab for it before Little Malfoy could get his hands on it. "Mudblood…" Little Draco muttered as the bell sounded.

Out on the grounds, the group of four walked together to the greenhouses for Herbology.

"What's the scroll say?" Hermione asked herself.

Little Hermione looked to the parchment. "It says we need to stick together and do the things as they appear on the list." She handed it out to her. Big Hermione took it, giving it a look, then said. "Okay, sounds simple enough." Mentally she was throwing a massive fit, forced to spend the next week with two Draco Malfoy's, it was that darned Hogwarts curse, she knew it was.

"How about I go with my cousin, Drake, and you take the mudblood." Said Little Draco, throwing a nasty look to the small Gryffin.

"Draco…" Big Draco said sternly.

Little Draco just rolled his eyes.

Big Hermione smiled at the small boy as Little Hermione wrinkled up her nose, the elder one put her arm around the little ones shoulders. "That's really rude of you, Draco, I don't want that word to ever spill from your lips again. Now if you'll excuse us, we Mudblood's are running late to class, we'll inform you if anything shows on the scroll."

Hermione watched as Draco's sneer faltered, then she steered her younger self away from the blonde duo.

"I still don't know what the big deal with being muggle born is." Little Hermione huffed as they walked into the Greenhouse. "Maybe you should punch him again." Big Hermione gave a laugh, blood status became a big joke to her after her third year. "I hate him." The young witch said flatly. "How can someone judge a person based on blood status, is that even a real thing?" She looked up at herself. Jane laughed. "I don't think so, you're magical or you're not, at least that's what I think." She pulled a band from her bag and began to tie her hair up, she had forgotten to use the silver brush and in result; it left her hair an extravagantly frizzy mess.

Little Hermione smiled. "I think that too, and you're also Muggle-born?"

She nod, pulling her hair tight. "And an insufferable know it all." She gave a short laugh, little Hermione laughed along.

"um, Jane?"


"Can I ask you something?" She sounded a bit hesitant.

"Sure, what is it?"

"Hey muddy, yo-"

His words were cut short as the back of Big Hermione's hand came down and wacked him in the mouth. "Her name is Hermione," She said hotly. "and I told you never to speak that word again."

Little Draco stood there, stunned, never in his life! "You'll pay for that." He said very calmly, but the fury blazed in his eyes like white hot iron. Big Hermione laughed. "Do your worst, you big scary Malfoy you." She coo'ed the last part, bending down to pinch his flushing cheek, but he smacked her hand away.

Little Hermione giggled as he walked off behind Drake. "He is so mean, do you suppose he might just need a hug?"

Big Hermione laughed. "Maybe, who do you think will hug him?"

Little Hermione didn't miss a second. "Not even his own mother." She said with an amused grin.



After dinner, instead of going back to their dorms, the defense Professor led them to a new one on the west of the castle, it was behind the statue of Dumbledore, a fairly new edition to the school. Little Draco scoffed. "The old man really is that full of himself, installing a statue of his ugly face in the school... I wonder what my father would say…"

"Shut up, Malfoy."

"Scar head."

"Harry, don't."

"That will be enough, children...," She gave them a stern look and continued. "Your new living quarters are behind Dumbledore here, get along all of you, remember, this is for your graduation." She tapped the statue with her wand, a door materialized behind it, Nolver walked away.

They filed into the room, it was actually a long and wide corridor with doors lined down either side, "The parchment says one door for each group." A second year said. The crowd broke apart and claimed their doors.

Big Draco popped up next to Hermione, they shared a brief look and opened their door.

Hogwarts really was a beautiful place. Big Hermione gasped in wonderful delight as the four of them magically stepped into a beautiful grassy field. "Woah..." Little Hermione uttered, a little breathlessly. After the four shuffled in, the corridor door slowly shut by itself, with a note that read the door back to Hogwarts will only reappear when you are in need of it. and then the door vanished. They were left standing there, looking tiny in the acres of plush green grass. Hermione suddenly remembered Lydia, her eyes shot back and fourth between the two Malfoy's. Big Draco's misty grey eyes met hers and a swarm of butterflies flew from the flowers and flew in a fluttery ribbon around her, from her stomach to her head, a couple of them got their little wings caught in her loose air, but they broke free, falling back in line as they stayed close to her like she was their Mother. Little Hermione broke the silence. "Look! There!" She shouted, pointing a finger way up ahead, standing on her tippy toes to express how far she wanted them to look. The bigs broke their eye contact, and followed Little Hermiones direction.

Far off in the distance a farm house sat, "The scroll says to follow the butterflies. Follow the butterflies?' and then under her breath she muttered, 'loony teacher...follow the butterflies? Drake, are you sure this is defense? I dont see anything trying to kill us, maybe this is a test...Maybe those butterflies are some kind of evil trap. If You-Know-Who is down there..." Little Draco snarled, "You-Know-Who is dead!" Little Hermione glared, but silenced. The Bigs couldnt help but laugh at their childish spat, because neither of them knew of the horrors to come in their future. "You two-o" he had to restrain his laughter back, "It means to follow Jane, dont work yourselves up!" Mean Malfoy was back.

And so they followed Hermione.

Inside it was just an ordinary large sitting room, with a couch, and a fireplace, and a television, there was a small staircase that led to the second floor, which was probably just a couple bedrooms and a loo. A dining room and a small kitchen, it was small, but spacious and homey.

"It's not very big." Little Draco noted, his nose bunched up in distaste. Hermione's lips thinned, but big Draco spoke first. "Draco, stop that!" The little Slytherin rolled his eyes and snarled back his lip, then they all broke apart and went their ways in around the house. Big Hermione walked up the stairs, she was tired, and if she went to sleep now that was a good ten hours of rest, rest that she really needed. Upstairs at the far end of the hall was the master bedroom, a king sized bed sat on a platform in the center of the spacious room. Hermione pushed the door shut quietly, stripping to her under garments and leaped in the middle of the bed, she pulled the covers over herself and gave a sigh of relief as she finally started to wind down for this day, she felt herself sink into the mattress. She was nearly asleep, when a door from the left side of the room burst open. Light spilled into the room and on Hermiones slack face. She cracked her one eye that wasn't blocked by the pillow to scope out her surroundings. Big Draco stood in the lightened doorframe, steam rolled around him, he had only a towel around himself. Her eye slid back shut, on the brink of sleep…but she listened as his movements went around the room, he was very quiet as he opened the window, she felt the breeze hit her uncovered back, it actually did feel quite nice. She heard his towel drop and a dresser drawer open, her face went hot as the image of a freshly showered Draco Malfoy standing in the buff filled her head. She had to suppress herself from giggling. A large smirk suddenly slipped onto her face, she quickly turned her face to hide it in the pillow, rolling over onto her stomach to make Draco think that she was just simply shifting in her sleep.

She woke up hours later just as the morning Sun peaked through the curtains, she heard the birds chirping and the wind blow, with a sleepy brain Hermione fought hard to wake up…she was unusually comfortable, and warm, and the chest that she was lying on was very firm, she ran her hand over the smooth muscles. At first she thought she was lying on Ron. She snuggled in a little closer and slung her leg over his hip, his arms held her tight in his grip. It made her stomach do little flips. Ron never held her like this anymore. Usually the only thing he was possessive over was his stupid Quidditch team and meals, he hadn't been possessive of her since they got together in the War, two months ago...or something like that - her memory was no good anymore. Maybe their relationship was on the mend afterall. With a tired smile stretched across her face, Hermione fell in love all over again, and then she fell asleep. In her dreams an army of Death Eaters surrounded her in War, they had their wands pointed, taking turns torturing her. It wasn't the first dream she had like this, she had nightmares most often than not anymore, she always woke up screaming…in fact that's what woke Draco up some hours later, the sound of her screaming.

"whasgoinon?" Her scream had jolted him straight out of his sleep, when he opened his eyes Granger was sitting up in the bed, firing off an explosion of curses, "Reducto! Bombarta! Secremsempra! Expelliarmus! Patrificus Totalus!" Draco had to duck and cover himself on the bed to keep from being hit with the shards of everything that she cursed, "Granger!", his voice was lost over her screams, "Averta Statum! BOMBARTA MAXIUMAS!" Her final curse slammed into the master bathroom door as Draco slammed into her. It blew a large gaping hole in the wall, its force caused the windows to break under pressure. Draco held her pinned and gasping to the bed, he used his body weight to hold her down, she was still fighting. "I wont! I wont tell you where he is, kill me, but you aren't going to hurt Harry!" she snarled up at Draco and thrashed, he straddled over her to keep her down, using his strong arms to pin her wrist above her head. "You're bonkers, Granger, SNAP OUT OF IT!", he screamed so loud in her face that spit flew from his lips and sprinkled her face. He watched as her eyes came back to reality, then she looked up at Draco in confusion. "What are you doing?" She looked away from his face to his arms holding hers, and then she looked downward and noticed that they were both nearly naked. "Get off of me, you pervert!" she bucked him as hard as she could, the force shocked Draco as he flung off of her over to his side of the bed. He shot her a fierce glare as he sat back up, "I'm not a pervert. Yo-" "I wake up with you ontop of me, PERVERT!" she pointed a finger and yelled it again, "Draco Malfoy is a dirty perv – ahh!" Draco had grabbed up a pillow and wacked her in the face with it as hard as he could, Hermione was cut short of calling Draco a pervert again.

There was a sudden knock on their bedroom door, "Is everything alright in there? We heard screaming..." Little Draco opened the door and poked his face in, little Hermione peaked her head in from under his arm, glancing around the room. The two of them weren't so little anymore, they had to be nearing Fourth Year. "What happened in here?", little Hermione took her eyes away from the wrecked room and directed them to the two of them, they widened, she looked at little Draco. "Uh…I think we're interrupting. Come on, I'll make us breakfast, what do you want?" Little Draco smirked at his Big, then his teenaged eyes darted over to Big Hermione only sitting in the bed in her bra and knickers. "Good going Drake! Woah, look at this room…you animals!" Little Hermione covered her face in embarrassment as Big Hermione sat there shell shocked. The two younger ones shut the door behind them and left, the sound of Draco's laughter carried down the hallway.

"What a dirty little pervert…" Hermione said, Draco laughed, Hermione glared. "What? You were screaming off curses in your sleep, I had to stop you somehow!" "Liar…" "How would you know? You were asleep, cursing everything!" this only deepened Hermione's anger, "Keep your hands off of me." She stormed across the debris with a blanket wrapped around her, she used her wand to repair the wall and then locked herself in the bathroom. Draco rolled his eyes and laid back down, waiting for Granger to get out of the loo so he could use it. When she came out half an hour later she was dressed for class, she shot Draco a glare as she passed him, "Im going down to Ron's, don't wait up for me." She tucked her shirt in and grabbed her bag at the bedroom door.

"Don't get pregnant." Draco gave her a wild smirk, but she was disgusted, and slammed the door on her way out.



Later, after classes. Draco stood in the kitchen wearing an apron, he was flipping, stirring, and burning all kinds of things. He was royally pissed at Granger, this was her job, instead she ran off to cook dinner for Weasley. He wiped the sweat from his eyes and poured a little water in the pan with the hot oil, the pan gave a loud fizzing scream as smoke engulfed around him, scolding hot grease jumped from the pan, landing on his bare arms. A grunt of pain escaped his lips before he could help it, he slammed the measuring cup into the sink and ran his hands under the cold tap. He opened the window all the way up, the room was filled to the top with smoke and it was hot. Draco turned off all the stove burners and walked out the back door, leaving it open to air out. The night wind prickled his hairs, he pulled a fag out of his pocket in need of a smoke, and then Hermione came out, frowning as he took a long drag. "Those are disgusting, I don't see how anyone can smoke them." She fanned the smoke from her face, Draco grinned a little as he took another drag. "It's a nasty thing, smoking, but it helps." He shrugged and ran a hand through his growing hair, making it stick up even more. They stood there for a while in silence, Hermione looking down the mountain their house sat ontop of, all the other houses and buildings looked like ants in the distance. Draco was looking up at the stars, puffing his cigarette.

Hermione looked at him looking up, "Do you think we should find Jane, try talking her back into coming home…What did you do to her to make her so mad in the first place?" She turned her eyes from Draconis to Draco, he looked down at her, his face vacant. He suddenly cocked a brow, "She was firing curses in her sleep, I had to restrain her this morning…she woke up and thought I was trying to have my wicked ways with her." He rolled his eyes, stupid Granger, he'd never do anything like that.

Hermione started walking down the slope of their new lawn, "Hey! Where do you think you're going?" Draco yelled after her as she disappeared in the darkness, "Come on, Drake, follow me!" she replied, not stopping to wait up for him. Draco grumbled under his breath, lighting his wand to see, he followed after her. When they arrived to the last house on the farthest edge of the town Hermione knocked on the door, a tall red haired freckle faced man opened the door. He looked down to Hermione, then he noticed the person behind her, "You!" Ronald Weasley stormed from the house and was in Draco Malfoy's face in a flash, "I heard what you did to my girlfriend, Malfoy, I should rip your head off right where you stand!" His fist balled at his sides, Draco straightened to his full height, which was only a few inches taller than Ron himself. He made it clear on his face that he wasn't going to put up with any of weaselbee's dung, "If that foul stench you call breath doesn't kill me first…" Draco's smirk found its way back on his face, but his eyes were hard. Ron glared and then shoved Draco, he stumbled backwards off of the small porch, smacking the ground hard. Little Hermione squeaked "Drake!" she took a step to assist him, Ron swung his steel toed boot into Drakes ribs with surprising force as he tried to get back to his feet, Drake released a pained huff and clutched at his bruising side.

Ronald didn't stop there. He pulled his foot back and slammed it into Draco's ribs again, and again, and again…and again! The last one was a solid kick to Draco's jaw, his neck gave a loud crack, Little Hermione was above Draco, using all her strength to push the belligerent red head away, "Stop it! You're not even listening to what we've got to sa – AHH!" she gave a loud cry as Ron shoved her away, she smacked the ground harder than Draco did, lying there she gasped to catch her breath back..

Draco seen this, and the boiler in his head finally tipped over. He was off the ground, a vicious growl rumbling deep in his chest, and had Ronald pinned to the dirt by his throat with a speed faster than light, a sudden strength he didn't know he had come out of him, turning Weasleys face a lovely shade of purple. Draco didn't want to see purple, he wanted to see the life leave his eyes. With both hands now, Draco squeezed his windpipe harder. The screen door to the house behind them was thrown open, it gave a loud bang as it swung its limit and smacked the siding, Hermione stormed off of the porch, she had her wand drawn, and her curls were as wild as her face, she blasted Draco off of her boyfriend with a hurler. "What on Earth are you doing?" she yelled, going over to Ron, he was barely breathing. "Ron, oh my God, Ron!" his neck was bruising something awful, she needed to get him up to the infirmary. Hermione rounded on Draco with furious eyes, her nostrils flared, "What are you doing here? Besides starting fights…" But Draco paid her no mind, instead, he helped Little Hermione up out of the dirt, "You look at me when I speak!" after a moment when Draco didn't turn his eyes she huffed, "Draco Malfoy…" finally he looked at her. "Spit it out or get out of here, or just get out of here because I don't want to hear it. I've got to take care of Ron, you nearly just killed him, what gives you the right?" She rhetorically spat, turning her harsh eyes away from them. Draco frowned, "Nevermind…nevermind…" He shook his head, turned around, and started walking back in the direction he came. "What? NO!" Little Hermione leaped after him and caught the back of his sleeve, "Drake, No! Remember what I sai-" he ripped his arm away from her and kept walking, "To hell with what you said, you're just a stupid kid." Hermione froze, she looked stung for a moment, and then she cleared her throat, reaching inside of her jumper pocket she pulled out the scroll. "Here, I don't care how much you hate eachother, my grade isn't going to suffer…fighting like Draco and I, at least we have an excuse, we're kids. What's yours?" She turned away and ran to catch up with Drake, Hermione looked down at the scroll.

Move in together.

Dress up for a fancy family dinner outing.

Anger soared through Hermione, she crumpled the parchment up into a ball, then decided against that and began to rip it to shreds, cursing under her breath as she done so, "So help me God, there has got to be a way out of…this…stupid…class!" she threw her arms out, the instructions sheet danced to the ground in tiny pieces, her eyes glanced up the hills, watching her younger self chase after the ferret. "Ugh!" with the smallest sob, she assisted to Ronald.



(The next day)

She walked down the corridors with Ron's arm around her shoulder, her mind was completely buzzed from all the beers she'd drank with Millicent that afternoon during break, for the moment she didn't mind a thing. "I was thinking we go out together, there's an upcoming Quidditch match coming up this season, want to go?" asked Ron, he looked over to her with bloodshot eyes, she only shrugged. "Sure, when?" Perhaps that's what their relationship needed, it had been months since he took her out last…not that she minded, she knew that money was hard and times were harder, but Ron seemed to treat her more like a girlfriend during their dates, they always gave her hope for their relationship. "The eleventh, it can an early birthday present of sorts." Ron held the Great Hall door open for her, "Thank you, Ron." she was talking about the door, but behind her Ron seemed to relax greatly, "It's the Cannons against the UK Dragon Tamers, it's going to be a great game, the Dragons royally suck!" He grinned widely as they sat at the Gryffindor table together.

At the end of the day Ron and Hermione entered the defense class holding hands, he dropped her hand as they went their separate ways at separate ends of the classroom, Hermione paid no mind to her group as she sat down, not even a glance. "Good afternoon, class…today our potion is ready, are we all ready to start the real fun?"

"You mean…"

"Yes, Weasley," Snape drawled with his own expression of delight. "the project hasn't even begun yet."

There was a breakout of groans from all over the classroom, some of them slammed their fists down on their desks, "Silence…Snape is coming around with the potions," "What does it do?" One person was smart enough to ask, then Snape walked around the desk with a tray of medical needles.


"No, no, no."

"Silence! I've heard enough of the lot of you, crying like school children. Now when I go around the room I want absolute silence, one person even sneezes and the whole class will serve me detention for the rest of the year." No one dared to make a peep, some of them were afraid to move at all. Snape picked up the tray with the needles, he started at the front. At last he got to Hermione, "Stand up." she shook her head, "Nmmm mmm." Snape snapped the elastic gloves to his wrist as he put on a fresh pair, "Don't make me ask you again, stand up." He reached over and plucked a hair from Big Draco's head as Hermione slowly stood, he took the hair and picked up a needle syringe filled with red. "Is that blood?" Hermione asked uneasily, Snape rolled his eyes as he dropped Draco's hair into it. "Silly Gryffindor, it's the potion, lift your shirt." "What?" Snape frowned, Hermione reluctantly pulled her shirt up to her belly button, he stuck her, the potion made her lower belly burn as Snape emptied the syringe. When he was finished Nolver called the class to her attention, "Ladies, you are excused from classes for the next four weeks, I want you all to take this time to rest and relax." Hermione raised her hand, "Yes?" "What about our lessons? If I fail all of my classes trying to pass this one…what's the point?" Nolver just smiled. "If you are concerned, your partner has full responsibility to gather all your work daily between his classes and deliver them back and forth everyday…Also ladies, I will be coming to your headquarters for a home inspection, then we will go out together, I have further things to discuss with you." The bell rang and they piled out the door.

"I wonder what you just got injected with back there…" Fourth Year Hermione said as she walked alongside her bigger self, Big Hermione rubbed her burning belly, "I don't know, but it's really uncomfortable, he put one of Malfoy's hairs in it, so it can't be too good. I cant believe I have essence of that git inside of me now, who knows what's going to happen…" "Are you scared?" Big Hermione shook her head, "Through all these years I've learned that the only thing being scared does is make things worse, it's stressing the inevitable, so no…im not scared." "Anxious?" They stopped infront of the statue of Dumbledore, Big Hermione looked into the stone face, the finely crafted eyes still seemed to twinkle behind his half-moon specks, her eyes burned with the threat of tears, she forced them back and made herself walk away. Inside the hidden corridor Little Hermione asked, "Are you coming home?...uh, to our new dorm I mean…" Big Hermione turned her head over her shoulder, "No, we would only fight, plus I need to fix things with my boyfriend, we're not getting along very well-" Fourth Year Hermione fussed, "But – but, you can't! Our final grades cant suffer, come on, Drake was going to say he was sorry…Since when in the history of forever has a Malfoy apologized?...come on, please, for me?" She pouted her lip out in an attempt to get her way, but Hermione just shook her head and continued down the corridor, "No amount of sorry from that boys mouth will ever make up for what he's done, tell him I say stuff it." Both Hermione's went their separate ways.



"And then, she told me to tell you to stuff it!" Little Hermione finally finished explaining over the dinner that Drake had cooked for the three of them, chicken stir fry with rice, it was surprisingly delicious. "That's the weasel talking, he's got her brainwashed… I told you that last year, Weasley's –are- trouble..." Little Hermione rolled her eyes, "Shut up, Draco, the Weasley Family is absolutely lovely…just because you haven't got a decent bone in your body, -" Fourth Year Draco gave a short snort, "I don't have one nice bone in my body, the weasel family doesn't have one galleon in their bank account…being lovely will get you nowhere." Drake interrupted their argument, "Being mean will either get you thrown in Azkaban, hated, or killed, so where does that leave you?" Little Hermione stuck her tongue out as Draco began to scowl, "You're really still that bent out of shape over Harry not shaking your hand last year?" She got up to help Drake clear the table, when they returned Draco glared at her.

"I offered my alliance with that git, if he'd rather run off to the Weasley's then so be it, I really don't care." He turned his nose up, "Harry wouldn't have minded being your friend if you hadn't been so self-righteous…maybe if you wouldn't have had your nose up at Ron he would have shaken your hand." "Maybe Weasley should keep my name out of his mouth," he saw Hermione about to cut in, "don't even try and defend him, I know everything weasels had to say about me…" Hermione shook her head, she turned to ask Drake. "Why are boys so thick? I mean, it's like they look for a reason to fight." Drake only shrugged, "Girls are the same, sometimes their worse…look at Jane." Little Hermione's eyes bulged, "You're right, oh my God…oh my god!" Draco turned to Drake, "She's freaking out again…" they shared a smirk as Hermione babbled on, "…guys we need a plan, she needs to come back." Drake shook his head at this, "Im not going to worry about her, I tried, that's all. Now the two of you go wash up, its time for bed…" they obeyed and went on, bickering back and forth.

Draco was left sitting at the dining table, he listened upstairs as he and Granger's younger selves argued. "I want to use the shower first, I don't want to stand in your Malfoy slime!" "Go away, Granger, im stripping!" "No you're not!...Oh my God!" He heard a door slam and then there was silence, he chuckled and strolled to bed, sleeping comfortably all by himself.



Hermione completely ignored Draco and their two charges for the rest of the week, to the point where she acted as if she didn't hear them when one of the Little's tried talking to her. She stayed glued to Ron Weasley's side.



Draco woke up Saturday morning, the first thing that caught his eye was the mop of red hair lying on his chest, he screamed. "Whassamadder?" Ron woke up, looking at Hermione like she was mad, "Why'd you scream?" he was falling back into sleep, Draco was too shocked to even breathe as Ron turned over and started snoring. He jumped out of the bed like it was on fire, and then he ran for it, he didn't know where he was going, anywhere else was better than being in bed with Weasley. Draco found himself outside puking off the side of the porch, "You okay, Mione?" from across the street Harry Potter was standing out on his own front porch, a cup of coffee in one hand and a fag in the other, he looked at Draco strangely for a second before he began making his way over. As Harry stepped onto the porch another wave of nausea swept over Draco and he bent over the bushes again, Harry stepped up behind him and held his hair back, patting his bare back as he emptied his stomach.

Draco straightened back up and wiped a hand over his clammy forehead, "Do you need to go see Madame Pompfrey?" asked Harry, concerned. Draco shook his head, closing his eyes as his stomach did another weird flip flop, he opened them back when he felt a hand on his forehead, "You're burning up, Hermione, go have a seat, I'll be right back." He left his coffee and cigarettes sitting on the small table, Draco snatched up the pack of fags and hurridly lit one. In one long drag, Draco found his head spinning, he threw it away from him and dry heaved into the bushes. He sat on the dirty porch with his head in his knees, when Harry came back a short time later, he had Pansy with him.

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