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I woke up the next morning in the pretty, pristine hotel room just before lunchtime, and Jake was long gone.

He left a note, which I snatched off his side of the bed, giddy with excitement.

My sexy little minx, please order anything from room service and put it on the tab if you're hungry. I'll be back to join you for lunch, though, and then maybe I can take you to the shop afterwards? I won't be too long... Then we'll really do something fun. Promise. Also, there's a little shopping plaza connected to the south side of the lobby, with a bookstore I thought you'd like, if you get bored. Jake," it read.

So sweet, I thought. Jake did know me so well. I'd almost forgotten. Oh— a lunch date... with Jake? I have the perfect dress for that.

I figured I wouldn't have time for shopping today, since I still had to shower and dress before Jake got back. I thought about last night while I scrubbed at my club-induced sex hair...

I was able to retaliate against Quil's incessant teasing by giving it right back to him, new-Bella style. Jacob, who'd kept his arm around me almost the entire time we weren't dancing, in a sweet, protective way, whispered in my ear. "Quil plays up his bachelor status, but he secretly wants to find the girl he can put a ring on."

I loved that Jake let me fight my own battles, like he knew I could handle it. He also got a kick out of when I start firing off, and from the look on Embry and even Quil's face, they liked it, too.

"Damn, Jake, this one's got bit of a mouth on her!" Quil shouted over the music, while Embry hooted and whooped at a particularly good jab I'd made.

Embry's girlfriend was sweet too, and a good dancer, though I couldn't remember her name after all the drinking and hearing Embry's sickening pet names, "Want another drink, my kitten?" Gross! We'd all been having so much fun when I remembered they had to work tomorrow.

"Shit, what time is it?"

Jake mouth affixed, it was only 1. "Time to go. I have to be at the shop by 7:30. But... I don't want to leave." He shook his head, and what he did next made me want to drag him to bed. He smoothed his fire-y hands lightly over the tops of my shoulders and down my bare back, making me lean into him and shiver lightly, my breath leaving through my mouth. I couldn't help it, I reached a hand up behind me, taking his cheek in my palm, slighting it towards me.

And I kissed him.

He kissed me back at first, and then pulled back slightly.

He breathed out deeply through his nose, and looked away.

I was dumbstruck. That wasn't a good reaction.

He hugged me lightly, his arms loose around my waist while he called out to the boys to make a move home. When Jake went to pay the tab, I didn't miss the significant conversation that played out between the 3.

It certainly showed in his expression.

But the rush for time's sake didn't mean we weren't all starved by then, so Embry stopped at McD's before dropping us home. "Mmmm... fries and vanilla milkshake, please." I ordered when Em asked.

"Baby, can I get some fries with that shake?" Jake joked, and everybody burst out laughing at the silliness of it, frightening the guy who was taking our order. When we reached the hotel, Jake grabbed my hand as we walked to room, chatting. Quil wolf whistled as they pulled away.

Jake was telling me a story about a guy who had worked for him for 4 years the Seattle shop, even became a manager, before Jake discovered he was stealing and selling loads of their equipment, costing him tons of money. He still considered pressing charges, but didn't have the time or energy to deal with it.

"I thought he was my friend, too. I trusted him so blindly... ugh. So stupid of me." I found myself becoming irrationally upset, that this awful guy hurt my man, even if it was in the past.

Did I just say my man?

"No, Jake. You believe in people... there isn't anything wrong with that." I sighed. "It's one thing I love about you. Don't let it stop you from trusting people. That's just a risk you have to take in life. Or it's not really worth living." This I had learned the hard way. "You couldn't have known."

"Hey, Bella." He called out, after unlocking the door with his card key. He reached over and squeezed my hand with suddenly serious eyes, "I trust you."

I smiled at him.

We went to bed in each others arms again. At first, I thought about how short our time was together, and that we shouldn't waste any, and we didn't know, we really didn't, what would happen after my 2 week holidays AND 2 week vacation (which I had built up by saving all my sick and vacation days over the years (and ask me again why anybody bashes being a teacher?)). But I forced myself to focus on doing what felt right. And not worrying. Just enjoying him.

Even though, it was safe to say I was falling...

I had just finished slipping on my deep burgundy dress for lunch and was applying some make up in front of the long mirror by the closet. After giving my hair a quick blow out, my skin was skin hot and flushed with heat when Jake got in.

"Hey, gorgeous," he greeted me with twinkling dark eyes that made my heart melt. They were smaller than usual and I could see exhaustion veiling over his face.

"Jake!" I greeted, skinning, wrapping my arms around his neck. "I missed you this morning." I really did.

"God," he said in a low voice, "It's almost like I forget how pretty you are every time I leave, and then I see you again..."

I looked up into his deep, dark eyes and wanted so, so badly to kiss him, but like he was afraid, he pulled away.

"So, what do you feel like for lunch? There's a nice little French place right behind here."

"Sounds great." I replied smoothly, masking my hurt.

The French place, Toulouse, was beautiful. On the south trail of the hotel, which Jake had mentioned in his note, was a pretty cemented pathway with selective greenery allowed for a sort of park, and attached to it were some boutiques. The day was grey-ish with a cold wind, but not wet and no snow in sight.

The restaurant had a ceiling-to-floor open glass window so I could see outside, which I really enjoyed.

Jake watched me while I stared out at everything, thinking about his pull-away, swirling my wine glass that was full of water.

"So, Angela said your gang is up for it tomorrow night. Saturday's are easier than Friday's for everyone." I wasn't the type to club more than once a year, but yesterday was too short.

"That's cool." I nodded, frowning now, staring down at the swirling water in my glass. He reached his warm hand up to touch the hand holding the glass lightly.

"What's wrong?"

"Oh, I just remembered, I have to get Angela a present, you know? For being pregnant and all. I'll check out the boutiques and the bookstore tomorrow." Jake only had to be at work in the morning for a bit.

"That's not it." He disagreed with me. I met his eyes then, deciding at once to just say it, be brave.

"Why didn't you kiss me?"

His fingers anxiously tugged at each other in his lap. "Bella... I just don't want it to seem like— like I'm taking advantage of you while you're here. We haven't really seen each other in ten years, and I really hope it doesn't go back to that when you leave again."

"Okay. Yeah, I get that. But Jake... I don't want it to go back to that."

His eyes changed, surprise in them. "You don't?"

"No, but I do want to enjoy you while I have you. We'll figure... something... out, when it comes to that. But for now, we'll have fun? Okay?"

"Okay," he agreed, grinning. The idea that we just communicated and solved an entire problem so well baffled me. I guess that's what normal people did, not stupid know-it-all vampires.

"And Bella," he said, quickly, not meeting my eyes at all. "There are some things you still don't know, and I'm not ready to tell you." He exhaled in a rush. "But soon. Is that alright?"

"Okay," I said, after a moment. I could handle that.

"I know I said we'd do something fun tonight." He smiled a small smile. "So I was wondering if you would go to the theatre with me... What do you think? I have tickets for The Christmas Story. It's not too far, just downtown. I heard it's pretty funny."

"Well, well, well, Black," I leaned forward, my elbows pressing into the wooden table, propping my chin on my interlaced hands. "You're cultured now." I had to smile. "Ten years did you right." I said sexily, teasingly.

He barked a laugh.

"That sounds lovely." I added.

"Also..." he continued, "I have a little surprise for you, afterwards."

"Oh no!" I exclaimed, slapping my hands on my cheeks, "Not a surprise! Please Jake, no."

He laughed, eyes sparkling at me. "It's not crazy or anything, you'll love it. Just something for us to enjoy tonight."

"Okay, fine, fine."

"But, here's the deal." He yawned, I eyed him suspiciously. "After this... I need a short nap." He smiled sheepishly at me. I rolled my eyes. "Of course, dimwit. I don't think I could stop you even if I wanted to."

"There are ways..." He stroked my hand suggestively, and I snatched it away, laughing.

"Really, Jake?"

"No, but you could lie next to me, so I don't have bad dreams?"

My cheeks hurt from smiling so much.

I cuddled closer, burrowing myself into Jake's chest. He had fallen asleep immediately as we returned from the restaurant after a wonderful lunch. His skin was burning hot, but I admit I liked it. I was always cold, anyway.

He said he only needed a half-hour, but I didn't want to wake him.

"Jake," I mumbled, trying to rouse him. "Jacob Black... earth to Jake-y."

He stirred, grunting that he'd heard me. I decided to have a little fun with it. I snuck my fingers under his soft cotton t-shirt and stroked the soft skin of his abs... which were enticingly hard. "Mr. Black," I whispered huskily in his ear. "You are in for a major surprise if you don't get up right now." I moved up to straddle him, and leaned over to kiss his cheeks.

"Mmmm." He hummed, his eyes still closed, but his hand rubbed the sides of my hips that were planted on his body. "Can you wake me up like that every day?" He breathed again, deeply with sleep.

"Only if you're a good boy." I said. I couldn't help but laugh at that one.

Unusually quick, he flipped me over and hovered over me. "I'm not a good boy," he said in a deep voice, "I can be a very, very bad one."

I gasped as he kissed my neck.

He jumped off me then, just as quickly. "Saving it for later," he explained, wickedly.

I almost punched him.

The place was, least to say, luxurious. A man in an white oxford and tie greeted me at the door. "Welcome," he said cheerfully. "I take it you must be Bella Swan?"

"Yes," I was confused. Was this the shop? I'd seen the cars outside, but... "I— I, am I in the right place?"

He laughed, "Come."

I looked back at Jake behind me. Several men had leached onto him, dressed similar to the man here. Jake's eyes were serious, pointing to words on printed stacks of papers. Two other men hovered around, impatiently waiting to speak to him.

"Mr. Black will come find you when he gets a second to breathe. Allow me to give you a tour, in the meantime."

I followed him through what looked like a hotel lobby. Further inside... there were people, everywhere. Some chatting, some reading the newspaper, watching the flat screen, on their own laptops, drinking coffee. It was a waiting room, I realized.

Dark brown leather couches of various sizes sat far around the front of a large flatscreen tv, displaying Seattle's local news. It was so large, anyone could see it from the entire span of the room. Dark beige carpeting on the floor complimented the similar colored walls. In the back was a coffee bar, with various coffee makers and tiers of coffee kinds. There were cupboards of hardwood, and even two sinks on the back counter of the bar. The actual coffee bar sat tall in front of the make-shift kichen, directly in the line of the TV. On the left side of the TV had desks, lined up on behind another, where they could also see the TV, each desk topped with a desktop computer and lamp.

It was the most luxurious car shop I could ever imagine. Now I knew why Charlie and Jake insisted I come up here.