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'Everything is done, Professor.' Fennel typed up a few numbers and letters on her laptop for her report on the legendary Pokémon.

'Fennel, you know the legend about the legendary black Dragon-Type Pokémon?' Professor Juniper questioned her oblivious assistant that had agreed to the most boring job on the planet.

'Yes,' Fennel said, hesitating at the thought. 'Well I had a bad nightmare about it, but then it turned into a dream. Humans and Pokémon were about to be separated forever, but then a Trainer, I don't know which gender, battled a guy that was driven with evil. He had the black legend, Zekrom with him. The other Trainer had the white legend, Reshiram and the unknown trainer won.'

'I didn't know Reshiram existed until that dream and I did research, 'Fennel continued on. 'And anyway, Professor, why did you have to remind me? Is it because you think my dreams can come true? Zekrom forbid.' Fennel sarcastically said to her boss.

'I wouldn't say it's impossible for that to happen,' the Professor sighed to her just confusing her assistant even more than she already did.

Professor Juniper's Munna hopped up and down.

The professor started to walk away from her lab and into her house.

'You are seriously walking away from this conversation, come on,' Fennel said in total annoyance at the Professor. She ran after the Professor. 'Seriously!'

End Of Prologue

One year later

Chapter 1: What Is Going On?

In a small village, on the east coast of the mysterious Unova region, lived an interesting girl with a dark unknown past.

The girl lived with her mother alone in a small, white house in the loneliest part of the village that had sweeping hills that rolled across the plains.

She had dark brown hair with gleaming sapphire eyes. She had pale skin.

The girl's name was Black Coldman.

Black was in the living room with her mum in the bathroom taking a shower when the doorbell rang.

'I'll get it!' Black shouted running to the door while her mother was in the shower.

Black opened the large brown doors of her humble home that she had loved since she could remember.

There were two people outside on that brisk warm day.

One of them was a boy that had dark-blue hair, red glasses, was wearing a red and white shirt and blue jacket with black jeans.

The other was a girl that had blonde hair, a green beret, was wearing an orange and white sundress.

'Hello,' the girl said in a cheery tone.

A sudden wave of remembrance swept over Black.

'Cheren, Bianca, what are you doing here?' she said over joyed to see the people she called best friends before she moved away from them several years ago. They left after her father died in an explosion at his mysterious secret work that also claimed the life of Cheren's father. She never truly knew her father and his secret work.

Black and Cheren broke into a hug that lasted one minute until they broke it up. Black took a step back, still smiling. She looked at Cheren who was rubbing the back of his head.

'Hello,' Cheren said awkwardly to her. Black hugged him for two seconds then took another step back.

'Who was there? her mother called to her.

'It's Cheren and Bianca,' she called back.

'What!' her mother screeched then quietness reached throughout the house. 'I thought I left there without people knowing where we are. Tell them to leave now because we are leaving!' She yelled to her ignorant daughter as she quickly got changed. Black's mother was scared for this outcome to happen, she didn't want to lose Black just like she lost him.

Ignoring her mother's yell, Black invited her lost friends in to the house. They were happy as they sat across the lounge, laughing and telling the wonderful stories of what had happened since they last spoke.

'This house is so small and uncomfortable,' Bianca said commented on Black's house.

'It's alright especially for this type of area,' Black said to her defending her home.

'Black's right,' Cheren said helping Black's case.

'I said get out!' Black's mother screamed from upstairs. Black's mother ran downstairs and started grabbing stuff. She was wearing a black jacket that was undone with a pink shirt. She was wearing blue jeans and black boots.

'Why, they are my friends?' Black pleaded to her flustered mother who was panicking like Black has never seen before.

'No they will find us like they found him,' Black's mother droned as she grabbed things and them into her bag.

'Mum, calm down. Who are you talking about?' Black asked her mother worried.

'No, can't speak, must get out while still have chance,' her mother said as she grabbed Black's arm and started to run out. Black struggled out of her mother's grip then her mother tripped over and knocked her head hard on the white blank concrete. Everything stopped mid-air for Black.

'Mum,' she shook her mother desperately but her mother still didn't move. She turned her mother over. Her mother had cut her lip and was knocked unconscious.

'Black, go on a journey to find… Please…' she silently whispered then closed her fragile eyes with one single tear running across her pale cheek.

'Mum! Please wake up. Mum!' Black screamed. She lay on her mother and cried her eyes out.

'I'll call 000,' Cheren said and called Nurse Joy. Soon the ambulance arrived and after frantic CPR, they loaded her mother on to the stretcher then took her mother away.

She sat cross-legged on one of the hills crying alongside her friends.

'Are you alright?' Cheren asked her. She suddenly lunged at him, tackling him over, laying across him and crying into his chest. Bianca started to stroke her back and Cheren just lay across the ground helpless.

'It was my fault,' she cried, burying her head into his chest. 'If I had of listened to her, she would be,' she cried even more. Cheren got up and she sat on her legs. 'She told me to go on a journey to find something.'

'Find what!' Bianca demanded at her.

'I don't know but I am going to find out. I am going to visit my mother though before I find the real meaning to those words,' she said determined walking off to the direction of the village centre. Cheren and Bianca shared worried glances then took off with her.

Meanwhile, a green-haired boy watched her movements from a branch of a hidden tree.

Those words signed her mother's demise and his plan.

End of Chapter

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