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Lisa's POV

It was late at night and I was staying at my Granny's, so I had decided to call my friends."So guys want to play some Adventure Quest Worlds with me" I asked my friends over Skype. "Sure Lisa" both Sophie and Beth replied. I had just logged in when my Internet page went black. I tried to close it, but it kept refusing to. "Guy's my computers doing something weird" Sophie said worriedly.

"Is it that the Internet has gone black and refuses to close" I asked. "How did you know?" she replied. "Cause the same thing is happening to me" I said quietly.

"Okay this is freaky." Beth added "It's the same with me".

Just before I could say anything, a bright light flashed out of the screen. The last sound I remember hearing was my friends screaming and my Granny's car coming up the drive way.

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