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Drakath's POV

I was sat on my throne. I was happy with my victory but something was off. Not only that but the girl who had defended the king was stuck in my head and refused to leave. Every time I closed my eyes I saw her midnight black hair with red streaks that reminded me of flames and her eyes that were turquoise, a colour that represented a holy stone, a bringer of happiness and long life or a good-luck-charm. Her lips had been a delicate rose-pink, not to dark or to light but a perfect shade. They were probably soft too.

I paused a little confused. I had never thought about a girl's lips before, so why would I now. She had been pretty, I could admit that, but why would I think about her like that, I mean I didn't even know her name and even if I did I was the champion of chaos. She was not even a well-known hero. She had shown some bravery though 'To hell we can't stop you, me and my friends will stop you' she had yelled defiantly at me while protecting the king. I smiled ever so slightly when I thought about what she had said, a feat no one had ever managed. She was an interesting one alright. I closed my eyes for a last time, promising myself I would find out about her, and forced her out of my mind. Then I placed my mind on more important things.

Lisa's POV

"What do I do?" I said, wiping away the rest of my tears with my hand "Should I choose good or evil, Light or darkness. If I join good I could use my sword to protect the world and if I choose evil and I could gain unspeakable power and riches. Gods I don't even know anymore". Then, almost giving me a heart attack a person about my height appeared. She looked like a devil with short black hair. "You are wasting time thinking about this. CHOOSE EVIL! By sitting here you are wasting precious time in which you could be gaining power!" She suddenly yelled, sinking me deeper into despair.

Then another person appeared. She was the same height as the other one, but she had blond hair and while the other had devil wings she had angel wings. "NO! Join Good! You could become a true real hero of the Land. Be a Champion of Justice and a role model for the children!" she called, her melodious voice pulling me back to the light.

The devil one sighed and said "Do not listen to her! Choose Evil and a better fashion sense!". The angel quickly disagreed "I disagree! Good-guys look awesome! Choose Good and feel great about everything you do!". I agreed with her on that one after all think of all the creepy looking bad guys.

"Umm thanks, I think, I'll think about everything you've said but could you go now I'm kinda tired". They suddenly disappeared as quickly as they had appeared and I closed my eyes and fell asleep against the tree.


I opened my eyes and all I saw was black. "Not here again!"
Hi Lisa
"Does this mean that this is actually real and why am I here again. Also I still don't know your name"
Yes this is real in a manner of speaking and you are here cause you wanted help with something, what do you need help with anyhow and I already said you have to figure it out,
"What do you mean in a manner of speaking it has to be real or not, right?"
What I mean is that this is your subconscious
"My subconscious is dark, does this mean I'm evil"
No! The hell did that come from Li. Is this what you need help with?
"I was just asked to pick a side and I don't know what to do, I mean THE hero of Lore would know but I don't"
I felt like I was going to break down again. Then I felt a comforting hand on my shoulder.
Hey now don't feel bad. If it will make you feel better I'll tell you the hero of lore was always being tempted by the darkness, she almost joined it once or twice cause it made her unsure of the right choice, so don't think you have to be her. If you are yourself then everything will be fine.
"How do you know about the hero of Lore and how can you be so sure I will make the right choice"
Let's just say I know more about you and the hero than anyone ever will, plus you have your friends. So no more tears and remember I am always with you if you need someone other than your friends to confide in.
I felt a lot better and had come to a decision. Then I felt whoever it was drifting away. "Thank you" I called just before she left.


I awoke and the first thing I noticed the ground and me was soaked. The I noticed Twilly yanking on my sleeve. He was soaked. "Lisa come on. We can't stay here in the rain" He said, his voice sounding all adorable and cute like. I stood up and picked him up. "Since you came to get me I'll carry you back" I said cheerfully. He smiled and said "Okays" even more cheerfully than me. We had walked about half way to the castle when I saw someone who I had been praying to avoid since I saw him rip Sepulchure's soul out of his chest, and even more so since I called him cute, staring at me.
"Drakath" I whispered quietly.

Drakath's POV

I had decided to go out for a walk (Chaos Champions need space too) after Chaorruping the twins, and who do I find but the girl who had once again been plaguing my thoughts. I heard her quietly whisper my name. Then she put the red moglin she had been carrying and told him two get Sophie and Beth, though he seemed reluctant to leave her. I wondered who they were for a second, but the she drew her sword. I smirked. If she wanted a fight she would get one and I would find out about her. She charged forward, but I blocked it Semi-easily. She was actually kind of good. Then, after a couple more minutes I managed to push her at a tree. She crashed into it and then tumbled to the floor. "God's be dammed" I heard her grumble as she pulled herself up. Then as she stood up I quickly ran over and pressed my sword against her throat, forcing her against the tree.

I smirked at her again and said "Hello again hero". Then to my surprise she smiled and said "Hello Princey". That shocked me not many people knew about that. I shook my head and spoke again "Well now, it's not really fair that you know about me when I know nothing about you". She laughed and replied, with confidence shining in her eyes "I know a lot more than that Drakath Slugwrath. I know you are a spoiled child, you believe that you are entitled to anything that you might desire, even if that is impossible to accomplish. You are arrogant and determined and you will never accept total defeat in anything, which I kind of admire". I had frozen, she knew so much about me. Then I put my face closer to hers, at which point her confidence left her. When I looked at her from this close I noticed that her eyes had light hazelnut flecks and held a certain amount of Innocence, yet they also held courage too. "As I said you know so much about me and I know nothing about me, something I mean to rectify, so what is your name" I whispered quietly in her ear. Her ear twitched as if she heard something else.


I heard a voice yell and then I narrowly avoided a knife that had been aimed at my head. The girl collapse on the ground with her hand on her chest, as she had obviously become accustom to me supporting her weight. A smaller girl ran in between me and the girl, knives in hand and a look of slight insanity in her eyes, as a blond taller girl went over to her. "Language Beth." the blond said as she helped the girl up "Are you okay Lisa?". "Yeah, what did he do to you L" the small one, Beth, called as she stared at me.

I merely looked over her shoulder at Lisa and said before I let "We will meet again Lisa".

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