What is death?

What is life?

What is…Death in life?

Valkyrie Cain didn't know, didn't know what to say when she saw him being blown backwards into space. "SKULDUGGERY!"

And she watched him tumble over the edge of the cliff, into the dark sea below them.

Tumbled into the abyss of her mind. Where Darquesse tore him up, crushed his bones and sent his skull arching through the pale blue sky.

Bones rained down on her, splinters, shards. Pieces of cloth. The skull landed at her feet, cracked. She screamed, screamed until her lungs burst, blood flowed from her mouth and still she screamed.

She was falling down the rabbit-hole, down, down, though she'd never stop. Down the rabbit-hole. Down the well. Down the tunnels of her mind. Claustrophobia gripped her in its claws, squeezing the very life out of her.

What do I fear?

What is fear?

What am I?

She blinked, blinked until her eyes watered, until bile rose in her throat, and she screamed his name. Rushed to the cliff's edge. The water sprayed her full in the face.

Where was he? Where was the… Down the rabbit-hole… To where Darquesse waited… To have a… Tea party…?

She waited for him. Waited, dread growing in her heart. Time passed. She walked back to the Bentley, put on her seatbelt.

Who am I?

Will I kill….Myself?

Will I…Die?

He got in the driver's seat. They drove off. And she was thinking of Darquesse again. Thinking. Waiting to let her out….