Hi, so being a huge Naomily fan (or more accurately a huge Emily fan!) I decided to write a little fan fiction for them. Yay! The fiction starts during Emily's episode of season 4, but it doesn't quite follow the episode exactly. anyway enough jibba jabba. Hope you enjoy the story if you do decide to read it

The entire world seemed to fall away out of her grasp, this was normal right? When something horrible happened she comforted herself that the feeling was normal. But the thing that got her was she didn't care that she couldn't grasp the world anymore. Cause, well its not like that really mattered, not now. Standing on the ledge all it would take would be to lean forward too much, or to take one step. She couldn't see in front of her through the thick sheen of tears fogging up her eyes. It really seemed so easy to just step one foot out in front of her, she started to step.

Then that voice ran frantically around her ears "EMILY I'M SORRY" for a couple of seconds it was gone again, but then a softer almost defeated the voice was clinging onto her "Emily, please". It seemed so odd to her that hearing her named said by the voice behind her, made her feel ill, quite literally made her feel physically sick. When less than a week ago that same voice saying her name kept her warm when she had lost everything else. Perhaps that is why just moments before Emily didn't care about anything. Hearing the voice that she had cared so much for speaking stopped her from doing something stupid that much was true, the rest of that truth though was, that voice made her so incredibly furious. There was no happiness or love in her when she heard that voice, just unfathomable irritation and anger.

Emily couldn't help but wonder. How the fuck was she supposed to react to this whole situation? How the hell did Naomi think she would ever be forgiven? But more than anything Emily wanted to know Why wasn't she enough? What wasn't good enough about her that made Naomi do this to her? And why did she have to fuck another girl AND lie about it as well.

All of Emily's life was to please someone, it occurred to her that her life had never truly been hers before, it felt like it was when she was with Naomi, perhaps it had been, at least a little . But even Emily's time with Naomi had been Emily trying anything to please the outspoken confident girl she met. The only time Emily was herself was when she was pursuing Naomi and letting everyone around her know that, this was one part of her life that Emily would not let go of for anyone not anymore. But as soon as Emily got Naomi, Naomi had won, Emily was to be her door mat. Some where deep inside her Emily knew that she would never trust Naomi again. Perhaps its because Emily no longer trusted anything in Naomi and her the past now, nothing they had done or experienced together felt like it contained any truth. No memories with Naomi held any sincerity, not in Emily's eyes. Everything felt false. All the doubts Emily had ever had about Naomi were now set in concrete as truths. After all Naomi was free with her words and ready to lie when directly confronted. Emily would always see Naomi in that light from now on.

Every time Naomi had flirted with another girl or ignored Emily's presence or simply not noticed Emily entering a room because she was occupied with another girl or even the times Naomi told Emily she would just be a minute and had not returned ran through Emily's head a million times that day. And Emily was positively ashamed with herself for her to believe Naomi would have ever cared about her.

It was time to walk away. Time to call it quits. Emily need to go and bathe her wounds let them heal up and stay out of this war she seemed to be in. Emily collected herself as best as she could considering the situation, stepped away from the dangerously tempting ledge. She passed the blonde haired vixen that had seduced Emily's very heart and soul. When Naomi finally made her attempt at an excuse, " I was scared!" Emily might have given in and accepted the reason and thought about how to fix the situation if she didn't have that thrown at her every step of their relationship. Emily did understand how Naomi could not notice that she was terrified every single day but Emily still worked hard for Naomi because Emily had thought that they were more important than her fears. This time that excuse wouldn't be enough. Emily only response to Naomi's fear was " You're always scared." Emily kept going leaving Naomi alone on the roof top without looking back once.