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so this chapter is more bitterness. But a new character is introduced, and Emily finally has a back bone and doesn't hold back.

A little over a week had passed since Emily had walked out on Naomi. That meant over a week of avoiding Naomi in hallways at college, during break times, on the way home from college, in the morning before college and after college when the gang hung out. At least Naomi and Emily were in mostly different classes. Unfortunately there was still English class though which they both shared. It had been Emily's favourite class before. Not now , now she dreaded it. So Emily came up with her own solution, simply to skip class.

It had even worked for the first few lessons, but Emily Knew she couldn't spend every English lesson out by the back green. Even if she did get all of her course work done. Now it was Friday a whole week of skipping class, still again this time Emily went straight to the back green rather than suffer through the hell that was her English class. As the petite redhead reached her destination she fumbled through her bag to find her fags, but of course it had to be one of those days instead of safely retrieving the desired item from her bag without incident all the books she had been holding slipped out of the nook of her elbow where they had been resting splattering all over the dirty ground to add insult to injury all the sheets contained in the books slipped out and fluttered around her also meeting their fate on the dirtied ground.

Already over her day at this day Emily dropped her bag where she was standing and started to scamper around collecting her course work. Emily was so busy chasing her belongings that she hadn't notice another person come to her aid on their way across the campus. When Emily noticed her helper she immediately felt grateful to the girl who had stopped to help her. As the last few pieces of Emily's course work were collected Emily took in the girls appearance from the simple lace up ankle boots she wore, with her dark jeans and olive-green military styled jacket covering a plain top and a long chain with a large leaf pendant hanging to the way she tied her long black hair in a pony tail with her straight fringe meeting her face just above the line of her eyebrows. She looked to be a friendly person. When the last sheet was picked up the girl headed towards Emily, as she handed everything back to Emily she smiled brightly saying with an accent Emily couldn't quite figure out "Well I think we got all the escapees" Emily smiled back and thanked the girl still wondering what country her accent was from. " No Problem" was the reply from Emily's helper, as she turned to make her way to class the girl called back "the answer is Australia. "

Just as Emily had settled and was taking a drag on her lit fag. She felt a persons presence behind her. Knowing exactly who it was Emily didn't turn around to acknowledge them. But Emily did say "What do you want Naomi? I'm not in the mood to deal with your fucking shit right now" Emily could feel Naomi shuffling nervously behind her, after an audible deep breath Naomi started to talk "Emily please look at me." Emily did oblige she knew she had to get this over and done with sometime, after all they shared all their friends they had to 'talk'. Naomi was so nervous she could already tell things weren't going well, after Emily had skipped this English lesson as well Naomi knew she had to take matters into her own hands and seek Emily herself so making some stupid excuse she left English class to find Emily. Emily didn't say anything instead waited for Naomi to start, Emily had nothing to say to her. Naomi seeing Emily wasn't going to start this conversation, not even sure if Emily would actually say a word to her like last time finally spoke again "Emily please can we just talk…. Ill do anything to make it up to you… it was a stupid mistake… I'm so fucking sorry… I was scared and I shouldn't have done it."

Emily felt all her hurt and anger fill her like an energy. Not a good energy a fierce, emotional energy, and this time Emily's hurt and anger was going to pour out of her system. " THEN Why did you do it? I FUCKING LOVE YOU NAOMI! But I can't live like this." Once Emily started she couldn't stop herself. Everything just poured out. "Sophia, Just proved to me I wasn't a paranoid crazy bitch, ALWAYS I felt like I was second best to you, when we went out and you ignored me the entire night flirting with every girl you saw. DID YOU THINK I COULDN'T SEE OR NOTICE OR DID YOU JUST NOT EVEN GIVE A SHIT!." Emily had started Yelling at Naomi and Naomi was looking helpless tears starting to fall, but Emily couldn't stop herself, she wanted Naomi to feel as shit as she had made her feel all those times. Emily did stop shouting well as much as she could control herself " IT wasn't A mistake its wasn't ONE time you hurt me it wasn't A SINGLE THING. Always you did it. But it was ONE time TOO MANY. AND Don't you dare say you were scared Naomi Campbell. Because right now I am absolutely paralysed with fear of what you could do to me and my heart. OF WHAT YOU HAVE DONE. And you're asking me to ignore that and to forgive you to try at this again!?" Emily's Voice gentled a little but it still was filled with steel as she said

"I will not do this again Naomi. I cannot do this again. We are done. I am done. "

Naomi was really crying now the tears blurring her vision. It took Every ounce of Emily's resolve not to go and comfort her. As much as she hated Naomi right now she still cared for the girl. And Emily did feel a wall of remorse crash down on her for being so cruel to Naomi. But she didn't feel regret. She couldn't because everything she said was true. And as horrible as it was Naomi needed to know how Emily felt. What the consequences of her actions were. Emily rustled through her bag, pulling out some tissues, and placing them on the ground next to where Naomi was now crumbled on the ground, Naomi took them as she noticed the redhead now turning to leave the conversation "I'm sorry" Naomi exhaled in a defeated voiced. Emily much gentler than she had ever spoken to Naomi could only say regretfully, " I know. But it's not enough this time. I'm sorry"