Amy laughed along with the Doctor while Rory just rolled his eyes and smiled at the both of them, thinking how childish they were to be laughing at something as silly as the Doctor pressing the wrong button which blasted out a hugenoise that sounded like a ship's horn. He didn't know why it was so funny, but it made him laugh when he saw Amy laughing, so he just smiled along with them.

Then, there was a bright light and a zap of electricity that echoed through the halls of the Tardis for a second before they heard the slow click clack of heels against the floor, coming closer until River emerged out of one of the corridors, her face stained with tears, her eyeliner smudged and her hair messier than usual. Amy felt her chest clench in sadness as she ran towards River, her friend since she'd met her, and wrapped her arms around her while River immediately returned the hug.

She didn't care that this was a young Amy who probably didn't know who she was, but she didn't care at that moment. She just wanted to feel her mother's arms around her one last time. She wanted to feel the safe and comfort she felt when she was with Amy. River couldn't help it when she began to cry on Amy's shoulder, sobbing quietly while Amy consoled her.

"Hey, hey, what's wrong?" Amy asked, rubbing her back soothingly. River shook her head slightly, burying her face in Amy's long ginger hair.

"Spoilers," she whispers, her voice cracking a few times. Amy sighed and laughed a little before smoothing down River's wild hair. "Just... please don't leave me..." She begged, sobbing a little louder now.

"Why in the world would I leave you?" Amy questioned, pulling back to look at her tear streaked face. River merely shrugged.

"Just please don't?" It was a question, one she knew Amy would answer with 'of course not', but in the end, she would leave her, and so would Rory. Her mother and father who she would never be able to see again, so she knew she had to spend as much time with them as she could, no matter how early it was for them.

Amy put her arms around River and guided her down the steps towards where Rory and the Doctor were standing, shocked at the vulnerable side of River they had never seen before. River wasn't one to show her emotions, not really, and then to see the vulnerable side of her, it was a little surprising. But not to Amy. She didn't care weather River was strong or weak; she just wanted to comfort her.

River was her best friend, along with the Doctor, so she didn't want River to be upset like this. "Tell me, River." She demanded, looking at her with kind yet sharp eyes. River sighed and wrung her hands together.

"M-my parents died," River stammered, more tears spilling out.

"How?" Amy reached up one hand to stroke her hair.

"Old age. But I miss them. S-so much."

"Oh, River. I'm sure they're very proud of you."

"Yeah, I hope so," River whispered. She knew they were, but for now, she just wanted to be safe, so she hugged Amy, and Amy hugged back, keeping her close.

She was safe. She was always safe in her mother's arms.

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