So hello I am back with my 2nd chapter! I obviously wanted to continue this story with a lot of support from a lot of people, so here it is! (:

August 6, 2012

Dear journal,

I'm back! It was just my annoying older brother Max that's in 1st year college, taking Arts. He was just annoying me obviously! (:

So where did I end before my annoying brother disturbed me? Of yeah something about my 'boyfriend' Justin Cole and my first day of school. So lets skip talking about Justin, its just gonna make me a bit more angry.

I guess you don't know my secret, why I'm forced to date Justin and all of that because you're a new journal I'll tell you later. But let me continue telling you about my day.

So there's this "new" boy named Zander Robbins but you obviously know our past and present if you read my old journals (:

Ugkh! Someone's at the door again! Oh wait its 7:00 pm, time to eat! (: I'll write tomorrow again!

3 Stevie (still to girly!)

Haha cliffhanger! (: But inkheart told me to make my chapters longer so I have a surprise for you people! (:

August 6, 2012

Dear Perfect Diary,

First day of school being second-in-comand-perf (if you don't count Stevie) ): I NEED TO TAKE KACEY SIMON DOWN! So that I can be HEAD PERF! I need to be head perf because im much more perfect that Kacey Simon OBVIOUSLY! (Sorry diary you had to see me rant and that is not perf)

There's this new boy named Zander Robbins and he is so PERF! And CUTE! He is obviously gonna be my boyfriend!

Justin Cole my "current boyfriend" but he's "dating" Stevie so it wont be obvious that were dating, and I can flirt with other dudes! (:

So Justin gave Stevie a necklace which says "I love you 3" but obviously fake! And he gives me a cuter outfits and accessories' whenever we go shopping! (((:

Sorry perfect diary, I have to go, its time for dinner with daddy and my not-so-evil-but-mean stepsister and mom.

Bye with all perf love 3

Soon to be head perf Molly! (((: 3 muah! XOXO 3 3 3

So there are two journal entries Molly and Stevie.

So Stevie knows Zander, Molly and Justin are secretly dating, what else? What is Stevie's secret? Why does Molly have a stepsister and mom? All of that will be answered soon! If you review! (:

Tell me whose entry you want next for the first day of school?

With all perf and Gravity 5 love Crazy, oe Ai-Ai whatever you prefer! (:

And P.S. thanks to ZevieObssesed2012 for reviewing! (: Please review! (: