HLP2 – Slytherin's Secrets

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Second, the year 2 you will find in these pages is going to be vastly different from the Chamber of Secrets. There will be some similarities, but those will be obvious.

A/N: This story is about Harriet Lily Potter and what her life might have been like if she had been raised knowing about the Wizarding World. This story will be rated 'M' mainly for language and certain issues that will come up.

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Here is the 2nd installment of the HLP series.


He pushed his blonde hair out of his eyes as he peered into his father's study through the crack in the door.

"Weasley will pay dearly for what he has wrought,"

"How are you going to do that?" Adrian Nott asked, pacing the study.

"With this," His father held up a small black book.

He heard a gasp and a thin feminine voice asked "I-Is that...?"

"Yes, he left it in my keeping. With this, we can kill two birds at once. Dumbledore will be discredited when the Chamber of Secrets is opened again, and Arthur Weasley will lose his job," Lucius smiled a vicious, satisfied smile.

Draco withdrew from the doorway, knowing his father would react poorly if he was caught spying on his secret meetings. He kicked the carpet with his toe as he retreated down the hall. There was nothing fun to do in the boring mausoleum. Even tormenting the house-elf wasn't fun anymore. He wished Pansy and Theodore were there, but Pansy's family had gone to France for the summer, and Theodore and his mom had gone to Scandinavia to visit some of her relatives.

He sighed and threw himself onto his king-sized four poster bed. Even flying wasn't much fun when there was no one to fly with. With a flick of his wand, he summoned his school books from the shelf he kept them on when he was at home. Lying on his stomach on the green and silver bedspread, he set to work completing his homework.


"Mu-um, can I pleeeease invite Harriet over? Her birthday is in a few weeks and I was hoping she could spend part of it with us," Rhonda stood in the kitchen of the burrow, pleading with her mother as she washed dishes.

"I don't see why not, so long as it is okay with her uncle. Has she told you much about him?" She fished.

"No, only that he's a muggle and he travels a lot. She calls him Uncle Toby," Rhonda explained.

"Why don't you hang the laundry to dry and gather the eggs, then you can write to her and see if she can come," Molly suggested to her youngest daughter.

"Fine," Rhonda pouted, stomping off to do her chores. She loathed gathering eggs. The hens were constantly pecking at her and the chicken coop smelled like an open sewer.

"Ooh, does ickle Rhonniekins have to gather eggs again?" Frederica taunted as she left the kitchen.

"Yeah, be careful of those chickens, they might eat you," Georgia sneered, up to her elbows in flour as she kneaded dough for the bread.

"Go shag a troll!" Rhonda snarled.

"RHONDA WEASLEY, I DID NOT JUST HEAR YOU SAY THAT!" Their mother bellowed. Rhonda shrank back. Molly Weasley was very strict about the use of inappropriate language in her house.

"You should never speak to one of your sisters like that, no matter how mad they make you. You will be weeding the garden and de-gnoming it for the rest of the summer, Rhonda." She wheeled on the twins, "You two stop taunting your sister or I will find more work for the both of you to keep you out of mischief."

They hung their heads, but Rhonda thought she saw them exchange a smile. She stomped out to the garden and began hanging the laundry.

"What did you do to piss mum off this time?" Gryffin asked, as he tossed gnomes out of the garden.

"I told Georgia to go shag a troll," she whispered back, looking around to ensure her mother wasn't in hearing distance.

Gryffin laughed, "haven't you learned by now that mom hates language like that?"

"Yeah, it's just—just that they make me so mad," she raged, whipping a sheet out of the basket.

"I know what you mean. I had to hex them to get them to stop dressing me up as a girl every time I turned around. I am not sure which is more annoying, that or being a test subject for their pranks."

They thought about that for a moment, "definitely the pranks," they said in unison.


"Can I go to Rhonda's house on my birthday? She said her mother said it was alright," Harriet asked, clutching Rhonda's letter.

Severus Snape looked up from his book, "I don't see why not, provided Dora is available to escort you there. It will have to be in the evening though because I wish to spend the day with you on your birthday. Oh, and write to her and ask if it is alright if you stay until term starts, I have to go to Romania and gather dragonsbane for my potions stores. I don't know how long I'll be gone, I am hoping to take a trip over to Yugoslavia and gather some rare fungus that grows in a cave there. I want to see what properties it has and if it can be used in potion making."

Harriet smiled, "thank you. I will go write to her now." She hurried off to compose her letter.

Severus sighed, she was growing up more like her mother every day. It was a shame she had James' coloring. She might not be a red-head like Lily, but she sure had her fiery temperament. He blanched at the thought of explaining the necessities to her. He'd have to beg Andromeda to take that unpleasant job. He wondered what he could bribe her with. Perhaps a lotion to help ease her joints would work; he laid his book aside and headed to his potions lab.

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