Sometimes, words can't be expressed easily.

Homura stared at the countless bills that were on her table as she continued jabbing onto the calculator furiously. She knew she shouldn't have order those advance technologies that she installed in her house. The expenses for the security camera installed outside Madoka's house and places where Madoka usually hung out were not even included to the long number Homura had calculated. She stood and huffed, throwing the bills on the floor and stalked out of her large bedroom.

She was about to walk to her kitchen to fix herself a meal when she noticed a familiar figure seated uninvited on her couch with a cup and chopsticks in her hand.

"You again, I'm going to set a barrier soon." Homura scoffed as she made a way to the couch instead.

"Why are you like this, my dear friend." Kyoko slurped her noodle loudly, "by the way you should buy the Tom-Yam flavor, I'm craving for it."

Homura gave her a look. "I'm charging you. With every cup of instant noodle, 1000 yen. Use of utensils, 50 yen per minute."

Kyoko literally choked as she stared wide eyed at her food before placing it back on the table. "Whoa hold it right there." Kyoko exclaimed.

"Money doesn't flow like tap water. And I'm not a con-artist like you. I have limited resources currently and I need money to cover for a lot of payments.." Homura narrowed her eyes.

"But you're the only place where I can enjoy my food in peace, other than Mami's house but we got into a fight you see."

"That would be your problem, not mine. If you don't have anything to discuss, I would suggest you leave this house or I'll personally send you out." Homura raised her hand, prepared to activate her powers. Kyoko gestured Homura to calm down before she grabbed onto a newspaper that was conveniently on the table.

"For the exchange of this meal, I'll help you find a job for free." Kyoko flipped the pages as she scanned through the advertisements. A vein slightly popped on Homura's forehead.

"I counting to 3..."

"Hold on, let me look for a moment!"


"You impatient brat-"


"Hey! This is a great deal!" Kyoko jumped across the table with the newspaper in her hand and slumped right beside Homura.

"This couch is made of fine leather you ignorant free-loader." Homura muttered.

"Just look at this. All you need to do is dress up as a mascot for a week and you'll earn quite a generous pay. Lunch and dinner is provided too!" Kyoko grinned.

"Good, go an apply for the job and pay me the money." Homura snatched the paper and shove it to Kyoko's chest. She stood up and made her way to the kitchen.

Kyoko shook her head and followed suit. "Hang on buddy, I'm just helping you find a job, not for me. I'll stick to conning people."

"I'll give you two choice. One is to find a job and pay me for the food you've eaten here, the second is to kill Kyuubi."

"What the hell-"

"If none is good for you then get out of my house." Homura snapped.

"Okay, let me make a deal. We'll do this together. Since they say 'urgent help needed' I suppose they are desperate and we can negotiate for a higher pay."

"Why is it a we?"

"Since you don't want to do the job alone apparently, let's do it together!" kyoko slung her arm around Homura and started to dance in circles, pulling Homura along. "You know, I really need a place to hang out with food and a human to talk to or I'll go mad talking to a white cat, which is actually invisible in front of other people." Kyoko gave a smug smirk.

"I have more important things to do rather than doing jobs." Homura slapped Kyoko's hand away.

"What is it? Fighting witches? You're actually my strongest rival so you don't have to improve on your skills anymore."

"You don't understand." Homura turned away and started pouring a glass of water.

"Then tell me so I can understand."

"Fine, I'll do the job, are you happy now? Stop bothering me." Homura growled.

Kyoko's eyes lit up as she smirked. "That's the spirit." She went to pick up the newspaper that was left lying on the floor as she started to read about the information for the interview.

"Tomorrow at nine a.m sharp, register at the fun fair ticket booth for the interview."



It's impossible for me to complete this as one-shot, so this may be a three chapter fic, I guess.