I wrote some 80s version of He-Man and She-Ra fanfics back in college-none of them were good enough to see the light of day or they would be up here by now. This is a new one based on a recent dream in had that Roboto (the 2002 remake version) was in for some odd reason. I'm revamping the dream I had to make a story out of it cause i think this is an awesome idea. So this is based on the 2002 remake version and not the Classic 80s or 90s NA series-and it would be pre-snakemen saga.

For the Love Circuits and Wires

Man-At-Arms looks around at the gathered Masters. "I have received word that Skeletor is planning to enslave an entire village. The citizens there have created a lottery hoping that offering a few will appease him and spare everything in the village and leave everyone else there in peace."

Mekanek looks up from the map laid out before them. "Not likely."

Pointing to a location on the map Man-At-Arms continues. "We can ambush his forces here and stop them from reaching the village."

Ramman looks at the name of the village. "I've heard of that place. They used to have a lot of magic wielders. Now the place is mostly inhabited by people that specialize in technology."

"Both of which would make it appealing to Skeletor." Stratos adds.

"I'm sure that Skeletor is only playing along with village officials for now until his forces arrive and enslave everyone." Man-At-Arms continues. "He-Man and I will join you later once I pick him up from his current assignment."

"And Adam?"

Man-At-Arms looks over at Teela. "Held up in a state function the King expects him to attend. The sooner you all get into position the better chance we will have of saving these people." Man-At-Arms watches as they all file out. "Roboto would you wait here please? I have another assignment for you."

"Of course Man-At-Arms. I am eager to help in anyway that I can." Roboto follows Man-At-Arms into another room as the Masters leave.

"Roboto this is my old friend-Titus. He brought me word of the village's plight." Man-At-Arms looks up at Roboto. "I asked you wait here because Titus' daughter was one of those that was chosen in the lottery. It is imperative that she not end up in Skeletor's hands." He pulls out a box with armor parts to create a disguise for Roboto. "I want you to go back to the village with Titus. Let no one know that you are a Master. As far as everyone else is to be concerned Titus built you to swap for his daughter."

Titus speaks up. "They won't go for it of course-but the point of it is to get you into the holding area so that you can get Jezyca out." He holds up a very detailed drawing of the girl. "My late wife drew this before she passed on several years ago."

"The plan is that Titus will leave dejected-not having any further use for you. Don't say anything to anyone-just do as you are told until you are left alone and have the chance to free Jezyca."

"I understand Man-At-Arms but what of the others chosen to be sent to Skeletor as slaves?"

"Free them if you can Roboto but getting out with the girl without being caught is your number one priority." Man-At-Arms hands Roboto a holographic projector. "If you can get everyone out set this up. It will make the transport appear full and buy you some time until Skeletor figures out its a trick. I'm sending Orko to lead them to a hiding place if this all works out as planned."

Roboto looks from Man-At-Arms to Titus who produces a schematic.

Titus points out a path. "If you can get the others out-tell them to go here-through this vent. It will lead them out into the mountains where they will be safe until Skeletor has been stopped." He points out another one. "Take Jezyca here. I'll be waiting for you with a transport to get her out of the village. I only hope there is enough time to free her before Skeletor arrives."

"He-Man and I should be there by the time you get her out as back up in case Skeletor arrives early."

Roboto nods in understanding. "I will do my very best."

Man-At-Arms sets down the box on a work table. "Lets get you disguised so no one recognizes you."