final chapter of this story. the very last scene of the story was actually the first one written for the story.

For the Love of Circuits and Wires-part 5

Roboto helps He-Man up.

"Thanks. I'll hold off Skeletor. You should get the girl out of here."

Before Roboto can reply Evilyn appears blocking the path. "No one is going anywhere." While Skeletor is distracted with He-Man, Evilyn would very much like to claim the girl's powers for her own.

On the other side He-Man faces down Skeletor who walks closer. "Give the girl up and I just might leave the village in peace."

"Don't you mean in pieces whether or not you get your way Skeletor?"

"You know me too well He-Man."

Jezyca looks up as a blast comes from above that sends both Skeletor and Evilyn flying away. "The other villagers."

He-Man and Roboto look up to see Orko with the villagers he was supposed to lead to safety.

Orko looks down at Skeletor. "These people have decided your not welcome here anymore."

Zizal speaks up. "It is time we use the powers we were given to stand up for ourselves. We will not allow you to enslave us or anyone else in the village."

"As long as they ban together it looks like you don't stand a chance here Skeletor."

Skeletor turns glaring at He-Man. He reaches to pick up his Havoc staff and blast the nearby over hang of rock above them but it is blasted away from him by the villagers above. "Another day He-Man-I will be the victor-that's a promise." Skeletor races to the terrorsaurs and takes flight.

Evilyn uses her powers to take her leave rather than face all the villagers-Roboto and He-Man alone.

He-Man looks up at the villagers. "You did the right thing by standing up for your freedom today."

Zizal looks around at all the villagers before speaking. "We shall use our powers for good to make sure that the village is never endangered again."

All the villagers cheer at the statement.

Roboto looks over at Jezyca as she kneels by her deceased father. "Are you okay?"

"He was all I had. Without my father I don't know what to do or where to go now."

"I did promise him I would see you safely to Man-At-Arms. He will know what to do."


Roboto watches later from the doorway of the lab as Man-At-Arms patches up Jezyca's circuitry. He wanders out into the courtyard musing over all that he has 'felt' since meeting her. He finds Syclone there.

"You seem troubled Roboto."

"Troubled-an emotional state. I am a robot it should be impossible for me to feel."

"What have you felt that troubles you?"

"The girl...Jezyca. Ever since I located her something has been off in my programing. I believe humans would call it having a crush on someone."

"You think that just because the two of you are made of circuits and wires it means you shouldn't be able to feel?"

"Logic does not dictate it as a possibility."

"You can think-so it should stand to reason that somewhere inside the circuits and wires which make you up that you can also feel. We wouldn't be having this conversation if it were not possible."

"I look so much different from her and she was raised as a human for much longer than I have been online."

"Looks should not matter. It is the feelings that count. The girl lost her father she could really use a friend right now and she knows you better than anyone else here. When the time is right if you still feel the same about her-begin with something simple. Perhaps you share the same interests-like a game of chess."

Roboto looks up at Syclone and nods. "Your logic is sound. Thank you Syclone."

"That's what friends are for."

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