A young boy stood by the waters edge. The boards beneath his bare feet shone in the late afternoon sun, and the wind blew around the sea below him, splashing the salty water into his face. The cool sensation invigorated his childlike senses as he let the mists kiss his round, youthful face. He glanced down towards the waves grabbing at the wood poles of the dock like greedy hands at a particularly delicious bowl of candy. Something shown below the grey waters, beyond the dancing fish below him. It tantalized the boy until he was leaning over the dock edge, staring into the abyss below. He had never been this close to the water's edge before, and he leaned down touching the surface lightly with his fingers, his touch shattering the delicate images reflected by the sea. The child glanced to the side, little fingers slipping to get back in his feet. Standing, he made his way to the large harbor boat tied up at the end of the long dock. None of the large men that usually worked hoisting barrels and other crates were there. Usually they'd be running about, untying and readying nets, but today the boat was clear and none of those adults were around to yell at him. Looking around to make sure nobody was watching, he moved toward the boat. His father, the captain of the boat, had never let him on much. Not that that was a problem; the child never got close to the water, he always feared the great sea monsters his father's friends told him of. The boat shown with its large motor and sleek design. Cautiously stepping onto the rocking machine, he made his way toward the mast. Laughing to himself the boy explored the ship, imagining himself a captain like his father or an evil pirate swashbuckling the seven seas. In his joyful play, the child payed no mind to the sea below him- which was currently becoming darker and rougher as a storm brewed overhead.
It began to sprinkle, but even rain can't stop a child's imagination.
No friend's meant you had to play all the parts while being a pirate, so the boy laughed to himself again as he stood on the edge of the boat, pretending to be a prisoner being forced to walk the plank. The pirates were gaining on him, poking each moment with their sharp cutlasses, but no they couldn't get the best of him! He would take down the pirates and keep the treasure for himself, but the boys play soon became an all too real reality. Ready to set his plan onto action the "prisoner" took another step onto the plank; right onto the slippery edge of the boat. Before he knew it, the young boy was falling straight into the churning sea below.