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"Where is she?" Cooper asked as he walked inside the hospital.

"Cooper clam down everything is okay" Violet answered.

"Oh you think so Violet? My pregnant wife just had a car accident. Yeah you're right everything is just fine" He said sarcastically.

Violet rolled her eyes. "Cooper you won't help her with being that nervous"

Cooper sat down between Violet and Sam. He remembered every little detail since he got this call.

Cooper was sleeping in the bed. Charlotte didn't come back. She was still at the hospital. Mason was lying in Charlotte's part of the bed. He missed his Momma. Also Cooper missed his wife. She worked a lot lately. Since Charlotte knows she is pregnant she works a lot. Cooper wasn't sleeping very well. Suddenly he was awakened by a phone call. Cooper sat up in the bed. He took his cell phone and looked at the display. 'Violet' Cooper sighed and answered the phone.

"Vi, what`s wrong?" He asked. He was sure that something has to be wrong otherwise Violet wouldn't call at about 2 a.m.

"Charlotte, she…she…"

"Violet, tell me what happened to Charlotte. Immediately!" Cooper said.


"Violet?" Cooper asked.

"I'm so sorry Coop. She had an accident. She was in a car crash" Violet said.

Coopers world stood still for a second. "She had an accident? Is she alright? And what`s about the babies?"

"We don't know yet. I'm so sorry. You should come here. We are in the hospital" Violet said.

Cooper woke up Mason and took him to the hospital.

And now Cooper sat there in the hospital, not knowing what`s wrong with his wife and the three unborn babies. Suddenly a doctor came out of a little room. "Mr. Freedman?" He asked.

"I'm Cooper Freedman" Cooper answered as soon as possible.

"Okay. Could you come with me for a moment?" he asked.

Cooper looked at his friends. "There is nothing they shouldn't hear. So why don't you tell me right now what happened to my wife?"

The doctor sighed. "Okay, it isn't as bad as we first thought. She has a concussion and she has a few broken ribs."

Cooper looked at him. "And what`s about our babies?"

"In the moment everything seems to be okay. But we have to look forward. She has to stay in hospital for a while. We could only wait and see" The doctor answered.

Cooper took a deep breath. "Can I see her?"

"Of course, the room over there is her room" the doctor said.

Cooper looked at Mason. "C'mon Mase, we're going to see Momma" he said to his son.

Mason stood up and followed his Dad.

There was a knocking on the door. Charlotte looked up. She felt a little confused. Well, that's the way you fell after a car crash. She put her hand on her belly.

Then she decided to answer the door. "Come in" She said not to loud, because she had a headache that you don't even wish on your worst enemy.

The door opened and Cooper and Mason came in.

"Hello Momma" Mason said running towards the bed.

Charlotte looked at him. "Hey Mase. Everything okay?" She asked softly.

Mason looked at her. "Of course. I'm not the one who came into a car crash." He said.

Charlotte smiled a little.

Cooper came closer. "Honey, what have you done?" He asked softly.

"It wasn't actually my fault. But there are people on the street which don't care about red traffic lights" She said.

Cooper kissed her forehead. Then he put his hand on her belly. "The babies are fine" He said.

"You're sure?" She asked with a little depressed look on her face.

"The doctor said in the moment it looks good so…" He said.

Charlotte smiled. She did never want to get pregnant but now that she is pregnant she is happy to be it. She actually told nobody she liked it so far. But she does. She loves these three babies growing in her belly. So she is happy that everything seems to be fine.

"I love you Cooper. I love you, I love Mason and I love the three unborn babies" She said suddenly.

Silence was around the room. Cooper didn't know how to react. She never told him before that she loves the babies.

"We…we love you too Darling. So you know what you have to do. Get well soon" He said and kissed her softly.

"I try to" She answered.

Cooper smiled. "I see you later. Mason is tired and he needs to go to bed" Cooper said looking at Mason, who is sitting on the chair at the left of the bed.

"Goodnight Momma. Goodnight Babies." Mason said and stood up quickly.

Cooper smiled. "I see you." He said.

Charlotte nodded and watched him go away. He will be back soon. She is quite sure he won't leave her and the babies alone for too long.