This is the new chapter. I hope you liked the first one.

Charlotte watched the door closing. Now she was alone again. She sighed. The babies are okay, she said to herself to calm down a bit. Charlotte was thinking a lot during she was alone in the room. She thought about so many things which happened in the past.

"What the hell? I mean I told you that I'm going to leave Alabama. And you don't have to say anything?" Charlotte yelled at her mother.

Augusta King was watching her daughter. "Do whatever you need to" She said.

"You can't stay that calm. You are my mother. Do I always have to remind you?" Charlotte asked angrily.

Augusta smiled. "I know that I am you mother. But it is your future. I don't care what you do. You are a grown-up person. So why should I care about you?"

Charlotte shook her head and walked upstairs. Towards her father's room. " Big Daddy?" She asked when she was knocking at the door.

"Come in", her father answered.

Charlotte slowly opened the door.

"Is everything okay?" he asked. Her father was lying on the bed as usual. A few months ago he was diagnosed with lung cancer. The doctor gave him three months. Since this he was just lying around all day. She went to the bed and sat down on her father's left.

"I need to say something" She started.

He watched his daughter.

"I'm going to leave Alabama. I'm moving to Los Angeles" She said slowly.

Her father looked at her. "You are leaving me behind whit your mother and your brothers?" he asked.

"I'm sorry Big Daddy but there is a job for me in Los Angeles. At a very important hospital" She said.

Big Daddy shook his head.

Charlotte woke up. She didn't even recognize that she fell asleep. Silly dreams this must come from the concussion. Charlotte sighed. She made herself feeling comfortable. Then she closed her eyes again. Hopefully the dreams will get better by the time.

"He is dying. We need you here. Charlotte you are the doctor in this family" Landry said at the telephone.

Charlotte sighed. She was sitting in her office at St. Ambrose when Landry called her. "Listen, I have to run a hospital I can't just go away"

"It's our father! And you are the only one he had ever loved." Landry said.

"Don't be silly. He loved you too. And he loved our brother. And of course our mother otherwise he wouldn't have married her." Charlotte said.

"We know. But I can't do that Charlotte. You have to turn out the machine"

"I should kill my own father?" She asked.

"Charlie, you are a doctor. You know that he is already dead" Landry reminded her.

Charlotte sighed again. Of course she knew that he was already dead. But this didn't change the fact that he was her father.

"Alright I'll take the next plane." She said.

Charlotte knocked at her own house door. Landry opened the door. "Charlie, nice to see you" he said.

"But a sad reason" She answered and walked in. She couldn't even imagine what is going to happen soon.

"Charlie, he is dead. You know that. He is just lying and breathing with the help of a machine. He just suffers." Landry said.

"If it is that easy why don't you turn of the machine?" Charlotte asked.

"I…I…I can't" Landry said.

Charlotte shook her head. "And everything just because I am a doctor" She said.

"And because you are the oldest child. Hi Charlie" Duke said.

She looked at her second brother.

"Hi. Where is momma?" She asked.

"She is in her room. She…she…she is…" Duke started.

"High you mean? That is nothing special" Charlotte said bitter.

Duke nodded.

"I'm going to see her. No matter if she is high or not" Charlotte said and walked upstairs.

She knocked at her mother's door.

"Who is there?" a strange voice of her mother came out of the room. Sure the voice was strange. Her mother was high as usual. She was addicted for a very long time.

"It's me momma. Charlotte, your daughter." She said.

"Charlotte? You are here? Come in darling" she said.

When August was high she always loved her daughter. But when she was too high she started punching her and screaming at her without any reasons.

Charlotte wasn't angry. She didn't care about her momma. She walked inside the room.

"Hi momma" Charlotte said.

"Hi darling. Are you fine?" She asked.

'Better then you' Charlotte thought. But she didn't say. She just smiled and said: "Yeah everything is fine. But Momma you know why I am here don't you?"

"Yes your father is dying and you need to turn off the machine" Augusta said smiling.

Charlotte sighed. How could her mother be smiling during she said this?

"Yes I am" Charlotte answered sadly.

Augusta took some pills in front of her daughter.

Charlotte just shook her head. Then she slowly took her mother's hand. "Momma listen to me. Bid daddy is dying. And you are sitting here and taking pills. You are high!" Charlotte said a little louder.

"You are not coming here after leaving your family behind and judging me for what I do. Nobody helped me after you left!" Augusta shouted at her daughter.

Charlotte looked at her. "No reason to become addicted. And you know that you have been addicted before I left." Charlotte said.

Augusta punched her daughter in her face.

Charlotte woke up screaming. Fucking shit why does she have that confusing dreams? She breathed heavily. Hopefully this stops soon otherwise she will never have a silent and comfortable night again.