If you recognize the characters, they belong to Janet Evanovich. If you don't they belong to me.

My name is Stephanie Plum and I just had a chat with Ella.

My mind was made up. I took the afternoon off at Rangeman and visited my parents. They would miss me but they understood. I went to my apartment, picked up Rex and grabbed my bags. My dad would dispose of the stuff in my apartment and deliver the letter to Dillon.

I drove back to Rangeman and parked in my assigned spot. Taking the elevator to 5th floor seemed surreal. I stepped off as the elevator door opened and headed to Ranger's office. His light was on and he was behind his desk working. I knocked on the doorframe and smiled as he looked up. He was so handsome he took my breath away. Taking a cleansing breath for bravery, I closed the door and walked to stand in front of his desk.

Ranger's eyes changed from twinkling to blank instantly. Standing in front of his desk I finally spoke. "I love you, Ranger, and have for a long time, but I can't do this anymore." He started to get out of his chair, but I held up my hand to stop him. As I put the large brown envelope on the desk, I said, "I realize now that I cannot ever compete with Rangeman. She is your wife and I don't date married men."

I turned around and left the office, walked to the elevator and stepped in.

After what seemed hours, Ranger opened the envelope and poured out the contents. In it was the key fob, all my trackers, my phone and my Rangeman assigned Glock. There was also a little black box. He opened it with trepidation and nestled in it was a wedding band. Ranger took it out slowly and noticed on the inside, an inscription. It read Rangeman Forever.