Chapter 1: Where do we go from here?

Walk The Dinosaur.

By Oxnate

You don't need to have seen Terra Nova to read this story. Most of the first episode will be discussed before going AU. (Though it will help if you're familiar with the concept.) There will be some things that might happen off screen, but I also want to keep this readable for fans of Terra Nova and won't be rehashing every episode.

I do not own Buffy, Terra Nova, or any of their characters. The title comes from the song by the same name by the band - Was (Not Was). Don't own that either. (Open the door. Get on the floor. Everybody walk the dinosaur.) Apparently it was a minor dance craze in clubs for a while. I remember it more for the pounding cowbell. If you like 'more cowbell' this is a good song for you.

I haven't actually read Buffy: Season 8, so not taking any of that as canon. Making up my own back-story.

My OC is very, very old and knows how to dimension hop, which is how she ends up in so many different stories. She is immortal. And not in the "he can not die unless you take his head and with it his power." way. Also not a vamp. She can feel pain and can be injured, but heals super fast. She was born a man but came down with a mild case of Dick-fell-off along with immortality. (Men, would you trade your pecker for immortality?) He/she can and will be referred to in both the masculine and feminine tense. Confusion on the part of other characters as to whether he's a boy or girl is common. (think Pat from SNL) Though in this story she will stick to mostly to feminine pronouns.

It's going to be really confusing. Also because I'm going to go back and forth between the past and the present, which also happens to be the future. Try to keep up. (unless otherwise noted; things written in chapter1 that happened X years ago happened before things written in chapter2 that also happened X years ago)

Possible spoilers for all of Buffy and Terra Nova. For Terra Nova, there weren't enough episodes yet when I started writing to really know what was going on. So, I had make some assumptions that their writers later decided are wrong. Which isn't true. My story is the way Terra Nova was supposed to be, before humans came and screwed everything up. :-)

And since my OC is taking the place of a character in the series, I'm not sure I even own that for this story. Though I did keep my original name for her and didn't change it once we found out her last name. So, maybe.

/Nykoraptor Speech/

Chapter 1: Where do we go from here?

After defeating the First Evil and destroying Sunnydale, the Scoobies set up a base of operations in Cleveland, OH. Willow's rusty hacking skills, combined with a little magic, allowed them to take control of the accounts and properties of the Watcher's Council. And boy, were they loaded. Millions of pounds in various bank accounts and hundreds of millions' worth of properties spread all over the world. Which was good, because they now had 1,545 new "mini" Slayers to find, recruit, train, and most of all, pay. Buffy insisted on a living wage for each and every Slayer.

Unfortunately, the Council had had plenty of money in the bank, but almost no income other than the interest on the principal. And paying over 2,000 people used up over ₤50,000,000 a year. Add in travel costs for finding the Slayers, room & board, training costs; and the new Slayers' Council was bankrupt before its fifth year.

Giles stepped in before Buffy was able to sell off the only income producing properties on the books. Instead he sold off the retreats that everyone had loved so much. Explaining to 1,500 Slayers, who were used to being paid for their services, why they would no longer be paid was probably the most difficult and dangerous thing Giles had ever done in his career. Including the time he attacked the plant thing from the Hellmouth with nothing but a dull battle ax. Many girls revolted, refusing to work unless they were paid, and only Faith kept the minis from outright attacking the messenger. Many of them went home.

After balancing the books back up to zero and selling some properties while converting a number of others to income production, the new council had enough money coming in to provide room and board to the 200 odd Slayers and Scoobies that stayed.

Giles retired again, but not before giving over the reins to Andrew of all people. Andrew showed a surprising amount of business acumen and Giles' reforms combined with an aggressive "steal from the demons, give to the council" campaign, allowed Andrew's council to start rebuilding the old nest egg.

With a solid base again, they were able to get back to fighting demons. Within another 15 years almost all demons had been wiped out. But 20 years after the fall of Sunnydale made it clear that no other Slayers were being called. Twenty years also made it clear that neither Willow nor Faith were aging. Just looking at their friends and the remaining minis, the two still looked to be in their 20s while their friends looked every bit of their 40 years.

With most demons now gone, Willow started researching why she and Faith were no longer growing older. She had a hunch that it had something to do with the spell to activate the minis. Faith as the active Slayer at the time and she as the caster of the spell. Faith had no patience for such things and left to go find something to fight. With all the Hellmouths closed and demons becoming endangered species, she and most of the minis went off on their own to find something, anything, to fight. They'd fight human criminals as freelance super-heros, some dictator as mercenaries or soldiers, or almost anything that cheesed them off, even each other. The need for Slayers to fight something seemed to be innate.

But Slayers aren't immune to time, disease, or bullets. And slowly, the minis started to die off. Few were left when Buffy died the fourth and final time. In the end, a mugger with a gun decided to shoot before Buffy could grab his weapon. An anti-climactic end for the world's longest-lived Slayer. Willow, Andrew, Faith, and Dawn laid her to rest in an L.A. cemetery. Andrew and Dawn both died of natural causes but not before leaving Willow and Faith a substantial inheritance. The council's finances were finally strong again. Strong enough to keep two people comfortable almost forever.

But the pollution was getting worse and worse every year. Soon, rebreathers were needed just to walk outside. What was amazing to both Willow and Faith was that no one learned anything. They just kept polluting and no one changed their actions to try to reduce the pollution. Faith no longer patrolled under those conditions. Rebreathers couldn't provide enough oxygen for her to fight to her full ability. She started helping Willow with her research instead. Neither of them wanted to live forever in a poisoned world.

They were completely engrossed in their research even though it was going nowhere. One particularly late night, Faith got frustrated and stomped out of the research room and into the almost unused TV room. She flicked on the TV just to have some mindless noise to relax her brain. That was the first time they'd heard of the Terra Nova portal. Faith immediately called Willow in and they watched the show together. After this long together they didn't need to speak. They just looked from the TV to one another and nodded.

Willow pulled out a small packet of deep purple powder. Pouring some of it into a shallow pan and mixing it with water it turned vaguely red. She added some herbs and muttered an incantation. The reddish/purple liquid turned jet black. Willow smiled and stuck her arm through it. It came back out holding a bag of frozen blood.

"What's that?" Faith asked.

"When it became clear that we might not be able to find a... cure for our immortality, I asked Dawn to donate some blood so we could escape this world if it should ever fall or become uninhabitable." Willow answered. "The powder I just used is Dawn's dried blood. I keep the frozen stuff in a separate dimension to keep it safe."

Faith shook her head. "So, you need Dawn's blood in order to get to your stash of Dawn's blood? That seems a little weird. And what do we need it for anyway?"

"I can get to it without the blood, but it just makes it so much easier. Her blood just has so much portal making power stored in it – it's amazing. And we need it because we're leaving Earth. Or at least this Earth." Willow answered.

Faith cocked her head, "Why can't we just hack our way onto the list for the other portal? Seems like that would be easier."

"Naww." Willow answered. After 150 years, Willow and Faith sounded more alike than they were wiling to admit. "Our IDs wouldn't hold up under that kind of scrutiny. Plus, we'd be knocking someone else off the list."

Faith shrugged. "Whatever you think, Red. I'll leave the brainy stuff up to you."

Willow frowned. "Okay. First of all, you're plenty smart, as I keep telling you. Secondly, we've known each other for one hundred and fifty plus years. You really can call me Willow, you know?"

Faith's mouth fell open, "You mean 'Red's not your name?" and held the confused look for a second before bursting into laughter at her own joke.

Willow just rolled her eyes.

(Four Years Ago)

It was clear that civilization on Earth was ending... again. He sighed. Then he paused to consider his own pronoun usage. "He". Was he still a 'he' anymore? Even if he was living as a man, it had been a long time since he had masculine genitalia. Though, if he thought about it hard enough, he could still remember what a swift kick to the nuts felt like. Unconsciously crossing his legs and groaning a little at the memory of the pain, he decided he would still be a man until he forgot that pain, no matter what he looked like.

For now he had more immediate concerns. The humans (whether or not he still qualified as human was another issue entirely) had made this Earth very inhospitable and he was leaving. But in a chance occurrence, someone had discovered a small dimensional rift he had left somewhere near Chicago and figured out how to open and close it again. He had been thinking about using that path anyway, but he always got rather lonely when he went without human contact for 85 million years.

That people were willingly going through and colonizing the other side was a huge bonus. He'd make sure to leave it open until there were enough people over there to prevent genetic extinction and then he'd close the portal once and for all. He was fairly certain that they'd never be able to re-establish the connection.

Now, he just had to find a cover. It never paid to go into things like this full-grown. In small communities, everyone knew everyone and his unaging appearance always freaked people out after 5-10 years depending on how observant people were. More than once, he'd been chased out of town as a 'witch' simply because he didn't age.

He'd have to starve himself before he went. As he starved himself, the nanites would eat his own body for fuel and he would shrink; first in weight and eventually in height. At his minimum size, he appeared to all the world as a very hungry 12 year old girl with big feet (or a tall Hobbit, if you liked those kinds of stories). And if he controlled his food intake carefully enough, he could simulate the aging process for at least ten years. Though he always stopped in his late 20s, if he could make it there, it was often 10 more years before anyone noticed he'd stopped aging giving him at least 20 years to help the new colony.

So, no more eating for a while. Then he would find an 'adult' he could bribe into taking him through the portal. The thought of bribing some 40 year old kid to be his 'adult' always made him laugh. If that didn't work, he could always make another portal just for himself. Though that would require outside energy. Portals required a lot of energy no matter his size but the smaller size of his minimum height made it hard to store enough energy.