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Albus's POV

Platform 9 ¾ is packed as usual, crowds of screaming children and crying parents milling about everywhere. Lily has already disappeared, probably to find her fourth year friends, and I quickly kiss Mom and hug Dad before leaving myself. I step onto the train and sigh in relief that no one has spotted me yet. I take and deep breathe in and let it out. It's time to start anew and forget about last year, even if Anna and I are still on good terms.

I start down the narrow corridor of the train, quickly spotting my usual compartment, which is already occupied by Rose and Scorp.

"Hey," I greet them, sliding the door close behind them. I throw my luggage on to a bench before collapsing beside it. Scorp and Rose don't reply, so I look up, and disgusted find myself looking at their daily snogfest. Ugh. You'd think that after two years together they'd already be tired of each other, but no. If there is such thing as soul mates, these people are like, ten times that. I doubt they'd ever break up.

Scorpius finally pulls away from Rose for a moment to lift an eyebrow of recognition at me, before they resume their activity. PDA much?

My mind wanders to Anna, and I wonder for a moment if I miss, even the tiniest bit. The truth is that I don't, at all, and I guess I still feel kind of bad about it.

The door flings open and Halie appears in the doorways, glowing and bubbly as always.

"Helloooooooooooo people!" She screams, before throwing herself at Rose, who manages to breakaway from Scorp just in time to save herself.

Henry enters the compartment right then, followed by Will and Anna, who shields her eyes away from me. I grimace, and grunt hello at all of them, before burying myself in a new muggle book.

Before I know it I'm being shaken awake by a blond blob, who, when I sleepily find my glasses, turns out to be Halie.

"Whahugh" I ask her, still not fully awake.

"Albus, sweetums, we're at Hogwarts." She smiles, before stepping back. I blink and sit up, stretching, before I realize that the compartment is empty except for us. Realization hits me.

"Oh, wait- what? Shit! I haven't even changed!" I say, frantically opening my suitcase and pulling out my robe. Halie just chuckles by the door as I haphazardly close my bag and pull on the robe, dragging both of us out of the compartment and out the open train door.

The September evening is cool and clear, so it doesn't take much time to find our friends, who have held up carriages for us.

"Thanks." I say breathlessly, climbing into a carriage with Rose and Scorp. I turn back to help Halie in, but she has already climbed into the other carriage. Oh well, I'll thank her for waiting for me later.

"No problem mate." Scorpius says, before questionably pointing to something in my hand. "Why are you holding a book?"

"Huh? Oh, goddamit. I forgot to leave it with my suitcase! You see, I feel asleep, and-"

"Yeah, yeah, typical Al behavior." Rose teases, snuggling up with Scorp.

I immaturely stick my tongue out at her, and before she can retort, the carriages stop and I jump out, awed yet again by the magnificent silhouette of Hogwarts against the night sky.

The sorting is boring and the feast seams to drag out for ages. All I want to do is curl up in my bed and sleep, sleep, sleep, but I somehow manage to sit through dinner, and even carry out some conversations with people. At long last, after the usual warnings from McGonagall, Scorp, Rose, and the other prefects gather the first years and we head off to the dorms.

As soon as the Fat Lady swings aside to let us in I rush past all the younger kids and make a beeline to the stairs, wanting to arrive first. I do have to make sure that I claim my favorite bed, after all. I don't even manage to catch what the password is, but I figure that I'll just ask Scorp later. I climb the stairs and swing open our dorm's door, flopping right on to the bed with the window view.

It's good to be back.

At eight o'clock sharp the next morning Scorp and I enter the Great Hall for breakfast. The girls don't seem to be down yet, which is weird, since usually only Halie is late. I shrug it off and plop myself down next to Henry, who is inhaling bacon, before reaching over the table for the orange juice.

"What classes are you guys taking this year?" Scorp asks as he sits across from me, grabbing a piece of toast.

"Transfiguration, Charms, Defense, History, um, and Astronomy I think. I dropped Potions and Herbology." Henry replies in between bites.

"I'm taking the same except instead of Astronomy I have Divination, and I didn't drop Herbology." Will says.

"Why are you taking Divination? It's a useless class." Scorp asks, forking some bacon on to his plate.

"Easy A." Will grunts.

"Well, Scorp, we have the same schedule right?" I comment, slowly savoring my orange juice. Yum, there's no better way to start the morning than a fresh cup of OJ.

"Yup. Transfig, Charms, Defense, Potions, History and Herbology. Everything we need to become Aurors!" He recites cheerily, and before I can add a sarcastic remark, the girls join us.

"What took you so long?" I ask Halie, who sits down next to me in a huff.

"Get this," She says, taking an expectant pause. "We, have a new roommate."

"What? How is that even possible?" I ask. "I didn't know Hogwarts allowed transfer students…"

"Me neither!" Rose exclaims. "And I know everything. But when we entered our dorm room last night there was an extra bed, and I swear I heard someone come in the middle of the night, but by the time I woke up, the bed was empty. And perfectly made too."

"Maybe the administration made a mistake?" Scorp offers, but the Rose shakes her head furiously.

"No, no, there was a suitcase by the trunk."

"That still doesn't explain why you were late." I point out, refilling my cup.

"Rose and Halie felt the need to snoop around a bit to figure out the mystery of the missing roommate." Anna says, and Rose and Halie blush furiously.

"Well if you put it that way…" Halie starts, but I never hear the end of her sentence, because at that moment Professor Longbottom enters the Hall, a girl around my age treading softly besides him.

The girl is simply beautiful, but not in the conventional way. Her nose is a bit sharp, and her smile a bit crooked, but beautiful nonetheless. She has long brown hair that seems to frame her rosy cheeks perfectly, a sprinkle of freckles, and large hazel eyes. She's definitely taller than average, and not stick skinny, but not anywhere near fat, with a lean muscular athletic build. I almost choke on my Orange Juice when I see Neville smile to her and point out our table.

"Uh, guys, I think Al found your missing girl." Will points out nonchalantly as I feel my cheeks turn bright red.

"Where?!" Rose and Halie hound me simultaneously, causing me to flinch.

"Uh, she's um," But when I look back at the Prof, the mystery girl is gone. "I swear she was just standing next to Neville."

"Professor Longbottom," Rose corrects me, earning herself a kick under the table. "Ow! What was that for?"

"Whatever." I say, before excusing myself from the table. "I'm sure you'll see her during the day."

Maybe this year is off to a good start after all.


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