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Rose's POV

Dearest Mummy and Daddy,

The school year is up to a good start. We have a new roommate who's name is Jessica. Have you ever heard of a student that joined Hogwarts in the beginning of Sixth Year? Or any year except for first really? And yes, I've been keeping an eye on Hugo and he's fine as usual.

Love you Lots,


The morning of the second day of school I'm awoken before my alarm clock, by the sound of sheets rustling besides me. Turning in my bed I'm unsurprised to see a grinning Scorpius lying besides me.

"When'd you get here?" I grunt, stretching out my sleep induced arms so I can snuggle with him.

"Right now," He whispers, not wanting to wake up the rest of the girls. "Wanted to say good morning before quidditch practice, love."

"Mmm, good morning." I yawn, giving him a sloppy kiss on the cheek. Scorpius was made quidditch captain this year after James left, which made him absolutely ecstatic. He deserved it too, having been playing keeper on the team since second year. The only player that's been on the team longer is Al, who's still the seeker. He wouldn't make a good captain though; he just doesn't want to be one. Henry and Anna are also on the team, they are chasers along with Lily, while Hugo is a beater along with another girl in his year named Laura. "Now shoo, before the team skins you for being late, Mr. Captain."

"I'd pay to see that." He winks, before pulling me in for a longer, more passionate kiss. I love the little acts he does, like this, making me feel beautiful even before I get out of bed. I mean, really, I have horrible morning breath. The boy must really love me if he has the guts to kiss me. "Bye, love you."

"Love you too." I murmur, and he gets up, leaving the bed cold and empty. A few minutes later I hear a thud, and then Scorpius yelling 'GET UP YOU LAZY ARSE!' followed my some curses from Anna. Oh, how I love my boyfriend.

Scorpius must have left because I hear the door open and slam shut. A few minutes later I hear it again, and I know that Anna is gone too. Thank God Halie is a heavy sleeper.

It's good to be back home again.

Later during breakfast I'm munching on some toast and chatting with Halie when I see the new girl, Jessica heading my way. I smile at her, and she returns a shy smile, coming and sitting across from me.

"You guys are really cute." She says, and I realize this is the first time I've really ever heard her talk. Except for Al pointing her out in some classes, I haven't seen her at all, not even in the dorm. It's all kind of weird.

"Huh?" I ask, not understanding whom she's implying the statement is about.

"You and Scorpius. I saw you two this morning. In the dorm. He really loves you, you know. It's adorable." Jessica continues, and this time I notice her light American accent.

"Oh, well thanks." I mumble, blushing a bit. I hadn't even thought of the possibility that she had been in the dorm that morning. "I hope we didn't wake you up or anything."

"No, no I was already up. Jet Lag." She smiles, and then glances down at her hand, where I notice a purple muggle watch on her wrist. "Well, I should get going. I still have some homework to get done before class."

"Wait!" I say, jumping up from my seat. It comes out a little more urgently than I expect. Jessica, who's already gotten off the bench, stops, and Halie shoots me a curious look. "I never introduced myself! I'm Rose, and this is Halie, and um the brooding guy next to her is Will. He doesn't talk much."

"Yes, I know, Al told me." She laughs. "I'm Jessie."

"Well if you ever need any help with anything, you can ask me. You know, I'm around the dorm and stuff. Come talk sometime." I continue. Maybe I could finally get to know Jessie…figure out how she managed to get here…

"I'll be sure to." She smiles, and then with a swift turn she walks off and is gone. I sit back down, oddly content with how the conversation went.

"What do you think that was about?" Halie asks, after making sure that Jessie is gone.

"I don't know, but I know for sure that we will find out." I reply, and I hear Will sigh.

"What?" I shoot at him, narrowing my eyes.

"Maybe you should let the poor girl just live her life unbothered." He tells me in a bored tone. "From experience, she'd be better off without you constantly stalking her."

"I do not stalk people!" I pout, slamming my hand down on the table and a few Gryffindors turn their heads to look for the source of the noise. Whoops.

"You kind of do." Halie points out, siding with Will.

"Well then." I say, crossing my arms. "I'll just get Scorp to do this with me."

"The boy will do anything you want!" Halie yells back at me, but I've already gathered my stuff and stalked away from the table.

Dearest Rose,

I'm glad to hear school is going well. Sixth year is a very stressful year, especially with the starting of N.E.W.T. level subjects! No, I have never heard of a transfer student to Hogwarts, but I'm sure there is a perfectly good reason for why she is there. If you want, I can ask around the ministry.

Love you more than lots,


p.s. tell Hugo to write home!

Dear Rose,

I would tell you good luck for the year, but I know you wont need it. You definitely take after your mother in school related topics. You should be thankful for that. I see that you haven't mentioned Scorpius at all….have you two broken up? If you have, I'm sorry, but it's for your best.



Albus's POV

Having quidditch practice at five in the morning is bloody brutal if you ask me. By the time dinner comes around I'm so pooped that I excuse myself from going down to the Great Hall. Actually, instead, I sneak myself outside for a quick stroll. Walks always calm me down, and lately something's been really nagging me.

The brisk September air nips at my cheeks, and I can already feel the blood start rushing to them. But the cold doesn't bother me, not really. I like the feeling of the cold, it's awakening, fresh.

A rustle in the bushes besides me startles me, but I disregard it as a squirrel or something. I continue on the path that circles the quidditch pitch, head down and hands in my pockets. Again the rustling returns, and this time I take a good hard look at the bushes. Nothing. Just leaves and branches.

I still can't seem to ignore the feeling that someone is watching me, so with one last glance, I hurry back towards the castle.

Fortunately everyone is still at dinner, so the corridors are empty. I take my time making my way back towards Gryffindor tower, checking up to see if all the secret passageways are intact, looking out for some new ones. By the time I'm around the corner from the Fat Lady, my mood has improved drastically. Actually I've almost forgotten about the weird noise on my walk, that is, until I ram straight into someone.

We both go flying backwards from the force of the collision, and I hear books thud to the ground. I blindly rush up, gathering up the person's belongings, while profusely apologizing.

"I'm really sorry," I start. "I didn't see you there-"

"It's all right." A sweet American accent interrupts. "I was pretty distracted too, happens all the time. We're only human after all."

"Yeah I guess so," I mumble, suddenly embarrassed. Slowly I lift up my head to meet the hazel eyes of Jessie, and fortunately, I see that they are twinkling. In some sudden burst of courage, I try to push my luck. "You're lucky I'm not some incognito dementor or something."

Jessie laughs, and honestly, it's the cutest thing I've ever heard. Her laugh isn't light or twinkly like all the other girls' I've met, it's addictive, hearty and real. She seems to shake slightly with it, which makes me break out into a smile. Gosh, this girl really is quite something.

"Well if you are one, it's good that you didn't kiss me." She says, taking her books back. I freeze momentarily and Jessie does too, when we realize what she has just said. A blush creeps up her cheeks, and she quickly breaks our eye contact and looks down. "You know, 'cause I like my soul and all."

"Yup." I say quickly, trying to ignore the awkwardness of the situation. Luckily, my stomach decides to save me, gurgling loudly. Jessie's eyes widen, and this time I feel myself blush.

"Oh God, I'm sorry about that. I kind of skipped dinner. Yeah, that was pretty stupid of me, but you know." I ramble, but she just bursts out into another bubble of laughter. "Actually I was just heading to the kitchens. Want to join?"

Wait, what did I just ask her? Smooth Al, real smooth.

She ponders the question for a second, her head tilting a bit to the left.

"Sure why not?" Jessie answers after a moment. "I've finished all the homework, and I'm sure it'll be handy to know where the kitchens are."

"Well the entrance is a bit unconventional," I grin, "Come on, we better get going before the whole school starts to fill the halls."

"Tickling a pear, huh?" Jessie laughs, sitting down at the wooden table with me. "Well you were certainly right when you said unconventional."

"Believe me, it took Scorp and I like half a year to figure out how to enter. James, being a tosser, only told us where the entrance was, not how to actually get in." I smile, the kitchens bustling around us.

"James?" Jessie asks. Oh right, stupid me.

"James is my older brother." I explain, running a hand through my hair. "He graduated last year. Actually he just started training as an Auror, but you probably didn't want to know that. Um, lets just say he and my cousin Fred, who also graduated last year, were big in the pranking department."

Jessie smiles, but before she can answer, Gigi the house elf, bobbles over to us.

"Good evening Master Albus Potter and Girlfriend." She squeaks. Jessie and I automatically look away from one another, and I know that she's just as red as I am.

"Oh no no, she's not my girlfriend, just a friend." I quickly say, and Jessie just looks down at the table. Shit, I've made her uncomfortable again. "Her name is Jessie. Jessie, this is Gigi, the best cook in all of Hogwarts."

"Nice to meet you," Jessie smiles, taking Gigi's hand and shaking it lightly. Gigi breathes in sharply, her big eyes growing widely.

"Oh my, you shook Gigi's hand! You are just as kind as Master Potter! But more beautiful, oh yes." Gigi says, causing Jessie to blush some more. "Master Potter flatters Gigi. Gigi is a good cook, but not the best. Would you like some chocolate cake?"

"Yes please." I say, and Gigi hurries off, leaving Jessie and I finally alone.

"Sorry about that," I apologize. "The house-elves can get a bit over excited sometimes."

"It's fine," She says, still smiling. "I thought she was really sweet."

Again Gigi interrupts us, but this time with two small chocolate soufflés. We both quickly thank her before digging into the chocolaty goodness. Jessie seems to be just as immersed in her heavenly desert as me, which is good, because there's nothing better than a girl with an appetite. I hate when girls are all fake and refuse to touch anything that isn't salad, as if they are afraid that the food will eat them somehow. It's bloody annoying.

"Goddamit this is good," I hear Jessie moan from the other side of the table, and looking up I see that she's already polished her plate clean. "Oh my, did I say that out loud? That's embarrassing."

"Believe me, it's totally normal. Gigi's food has the effect on people." I laugh, finishing my own desert. "You should've seen me after I got in this place. I must've gained like half of my body weight in one night."

"I doubt that," she retorts, picking up her bags. "You're as skinny as a stick."

"Thanks to exercise," I point out, following her. We both thank Gigi one more time, and then exit the kitchens. "If it weren't for quidditch I'd be the size of London by now."

"Sure, and I'd be the President of the United States." She says sarcastically, shifting her books to her other arm.

"Oh, so that's where you're from." I wink.

"Come on, its not like you didn't know." She laughs. "My accent pretty much gives it away."

"Who knows, maybe you're from Asia or something and just grew up in an American environment." I say, and I feel Jessie tense up besides me. Just as quickly though, she's back to laughing besides me, and I'm left to doubt if anything really happened.

"You, Albus Potter, are ridiculous." She says, shaking the hair out of her face. It strikes me odd for a moment that she used my last name when I never mentioned it, but then I remember that Gigi referred to me as Master Potter several times. Fortunately she doesn't seem to mind much for the name, unlike the several prying fans my Dad has. "I was born and bred in the states, thank you very much."

"Well I'm glad we have that covered." I smile, shaking my head slowly. "Now I only have to guess what state you're from."

"Good luck with that." Jessie retorts, her smile sly.

"Oh I'll get it out of you."

"Uh huh."

"I will!"


"Pigeon Wings."


"It's the password, we've reached the common room." I laugh, as we climb through the portrait hole together.

"Oh wow, that walk went a lot faster that I expected." She says.

"You know what they say," I tell her, walking her over to the girl's staircase. "Time flies by fast when you're having fun."

"Who says I was having fun?" She teases, stopping outside of the stairs.

"Well firstly you're laughing," I point out. "And secondly, you're still talking to me."

"Touché." She grins. "Goodnight, Albus Potter."

"Night…" But Jessie's already gone, swallowed by the stairs, and I'm left like a love struck fool, staring at the empty stairwell.

How am I going to survive the whole school year?


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