This is a story about the Princess/Hero of Brightwall and Elliot. I don't really like how Elliot is portrayed in the game so i'm changing him just a bit. Hope you like it.

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Prologue: The Meeting

The garden was quiet during this time of the day, which is what brought her here in the first place. The only movement nearby was a few guards making the rounds. Sighing in contentment, she leaned back against the firm tree and opened up her novel. A shadow passed over the young princess as she looked up to see who was blocking the sunlight. The glare of the bright Albion sun enshrouded the young man before her. Princess Nicolle rolled her eyes in annoyance once she recognized him. Her perfect garden was now ruined.

"Would you please move, Percy? You are blocking my light." Percy stepped to the side and Nicolle returned to her reading of the Hero's Guild. After a few moments Nicolle realized that Percy was not going away and she glanced back up at him. He crouched down to her eye level, impatience written on his arrogant features. "Will you not put that silly book down to speak to me?" Nicolle bristled at his demanding tone and glared at him with irritation. He was the most repulsive boy she had ever met. At fourteen he had not hit his full growth spurt and stood mere inches taller than her. Even with his short stature, Percy walked around as if he was the tallest man in Albion. He was certainly one of the richest. His parents were two of the most wealthy and influential nobles in her father's great kingdom. For that very reason many young women found him appealing, though Nicolle was certain it had more to with his money and position than it did with his moderate looks. Percy could have any girl he wanted and for some annoying reason he insisted that it be her.

Nicolle addressed him politely, "My tutor has instructed me to have this novel read before our next session. Perhaps we can speak again later?" Without waiting for an answer, she returned to her book.

Her dismissal clearly did not affect him. or he just did not care. He leaned in close and whispered into her ear, "I can think of an much more interesting activity than reading."

I highly doubt that. Nicolle knew exactly what Percy meant and the thought of doing anything with him absolutely disgusted her. She quickly stood up and brushed the dirt and leaves off her dress. "Thank you for your...offer, Percy. But I really must return to my studies." She turned to make her escape for more solitude when Percy grabbed her arm roughly and pushed her into the tree she had just been reading under. His eyes darkened with lust and Nicolle attempted to push him away. He leaned in to kiss her but Nicolle turned her head and his lips went to her neck instead. Percy growled and went in for another attempt. Before he could get close enough he was yanked backwards by a young man Nicolle did not recognize.

"You have insulted this Maiden's honour!" The stranger shouted. His voice cracked slightly and Nicolle found it instantly adorable. Percy was stunned but before he could react, the stranger landed a strong punch to Percy's jaw sending him flying back into another tree. Percy howled in pain, wiping the blood from his busted lip. He considered taking a swing at the stranger but he thought better of it after seeing that the other man was several inches taller than him. Nicolle laughed loudly, watching the cowardly teen turn tail and run. Nicolle looked over at her defender and noticed him clutching his bleeding knuckles as he grimaced in pain. She pulled out her handkerchief and carefully wiped off the blood from his hand.

"You have my sincerest thanks for intervening, noble sir." Nicolle looked up at his face, smiling brightly. His deep chocolate brown eyes met with her piercing green ones and she felt an instant connection. He was a handsome young man with short brown hair that matched his gorgeous eyes. He was tall and muscular and had the most beautiful smile Nicolle had ever seen.

"It was an honour, My Lady," He bowed deeply to her and placed a soft kiss on her hand. "No man should ever be so aggressive with a woman, especially not a royal one."

Nicolle looked surprised, "You know who I am?"

The stranger nodded. "I would be a very poor citizen of Albion if I didn't recognize our beloved Princess." Nicolle blushed deeply, casting her eyes away from his charming smile.

"Well, Sir, you seem to have me at a disadvantage. You know who I am but I don't know who you are."

With another sweeping bow, the stranger introduced himself. "Elliot Hoult, at your service My Lady." Nicolle recognized the name.

"We have a Major Hoult at the castle," she noted. Elliot nodded.

"Major Hoult is my father. He was transferred to the King's personal guard a few weeks ago," he explained. "My family just moved to the grounds outside the castle." Nicolle's smile went all the way to her eyes at this news. She felt her face flush as she attempted her most flirtatious voice.

"I guess this means I will be seeing you on a regular basis?" To her surprise and delight Elliot winked at her and returned her smile.

"I certainly hope so," he said with a charming smile and offered her his arm. Nicolle laced hers through his and allowed him to lead her back castle. Stealing a quick glance at the handsome young man Nicolle knew that his were the only arms she wanted to be in.

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