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Chapter 5: A Note About Mercenaries

There was something thrilling about dressing as a mercenary. There was something freeing in the ability to become someone else. Walter had gotten her the "uniform" from a drunken mercenary named Jimmy who had effectively passed out on the floor of the pub in Brightwall. Sabine had given several tasks to Nicolle before he would swear his allegiance to her. The one she was working on now was his order to eradicate the mercenaries who had been assaulting the dwellers.

This was the first mission Nicolle would undertake on her own, aside from Remmie who never left her side. Walter could not go for fear of the mercenaries recognizing him. Instead he and Samuel worked on the last task from Sabine which was to convince the people of Brightwall to give assistance to their dweller neighbors. Tilting her pirate hat, Nicole had said goodbye to Walter and Samuel and after readjusting her new mustache, she and Remmie traveled to the mercenary camp.

Getting into the camp had been surprisingly easy. Either the gate guard was incredibly stupid or he needed glasses. Nicolle did not get far however before someone had recognized that her blue eyes were not the same as Jimmy's periwinkle ones. The battle began. Mercenaries rushed at her and Nicolle drew her Hero sword to defend herself. One man rushed her, swinging wildly. She dodged him and spun, cleaving his head off in a quick swipe. Nicolle felt nausea flood her senses as she watched her first kill fall to the ground, the head rolling a few feet away. Bullets flew around her and adrenaline pushed her back to reality. The mercenaries had switched to pistols and rifles knowing they could not beat in her close combat. Nicolle dived behind a thick tree, and returned fire with the pistol her Father had gave her. The mercenaries were too entrenched for her to pick them off with gunfire. Summoning her powers, she raised her hands and sent deadly fireballs towards the mercenaries killing most and Remmie tackled the few left.

Nicolle slashed and fired her way through the camp and she soon found herself closed off in an arena, the doors locked behind her. Cursing herself for her stupidity, Nicolle scanned the blood soaked battlefield for an exit. The crowd of mercenaries lining the walls began to cheer as a man walked forward and jumped from the ledge landing a few feet away from her. To say the man was tall was a vast understatement. The grizzly man towered high above her reaching the impossible height of over seven feet. The smoke from his lit cigar swirled around him as he raised his fists in a fighting stance. He swung suddenly, lunging a giant fist at her face. Nicolle jumped out of the way and the fist swung mere centimeters from her face. She drew her glowing sword and prepared for another attack but the giant man drew no weapon. He stood there fists high puffing out smoke into her face. Nicolle lunged towards him, swiping at his waist but the goliath man kicked out at her chest sending her flying into a wall.

Nicolle opened her eyes, dazed and carefully stood up. She looked to her right and saw the giant lumbering towards her. He pulled out a grenade and tossed it at her. The princess dived to the right; exploding dirt flew into her face. Before she could push an offensive he threw another grenade at her. Nicolle continued to dodge and dive while he hurled endless amounts of grenades at her. Frustration flooded through her, and her eyes became ablaze in fury.

I won't win if I have to keep running from him.

Nicolle spotted her chance when she noticed him slightly limping after he rolled away from the last blast she had thrown at him. Instead of rolling away she rolled towards him as the next grenade came at her. Surprised by the sudden move, the mercenary backed away giving Nicolle the opportunity to attack. She reached for her prized dagger and flashed a small flame at his face. He threw up his arm to block the flames and did not notice the princess come at him. Nicolle ducked under his sudden swing and slashed at his injured leg. The giant howled in pain and dropped to his knees, clutching his bleeding thigh.

He bowed his head in surrender. "Stop! You've won. The battle is yours."

Nicolle took a steadying breath, clutching the dagger tightly just in case. The giant still did not move.

"Kill me or let me live," He grunted. "The choice is yours and my men will honor it. We may be nothing but mercenaries but we have a code and we live by it like any other soldiers."

"If I let you live, you will leave the dwellers alone?"

The leader nodded. "We will leave the mercenaries be no matter what your choice is. That is a warrior's promise."

Nicolle was struck by the morality of this fearsome criminal. He may only be a mercenary but he was surprisingly willing to cooperate. Nicolle studied the man bowed before her. We need more people like him on our side. Smiling she clapped him on the face and when he looked up at her in expectation she held out her hand. He picked up his cigar and stood up with her help. "Thank you, I owe you."

"You can pay me back by joining in the fight against Logan's tyranny. We need more people to fight by a code like yours." Nicolle offered her hand in agreement and the mercenary shook it excitedly.

"I am Captain Saker and you have my word. We will help you in your coming battle with the king."

One week later supplies had been delivered to the dweller camp and Sabine agreed to an alliance. The revolution had finally begun and Nicolle was excited. She leaned over the bridge outside Brightwall, watching birds fly over the river beneath them. She was waiting for Walter to join her with news of their next destination. The sun rose in the distance, painting the sky in an array of pink and orange. Nicolle felt a pang of sadness hit her as she remembered that she was in the spot of her and Elliot's first kiss. She missed him painfully.

"Stop looking so blue," Walter walked over to her, a map in his hands. "We are off to a fantastic start."

Nicolle gave him a small smile that did not reach her eyes. "It's been almost two months without a word from him, Walter."

The older man patted her affectionately on the shoulder; he knew who she was referring to. "I'm sure Elliot is fine. The sooner we deal with Logan the sooner you can see your beau." Nicolle flushed faintly but smiled anyways. "Now let's get going, we've got a long walk ahead of us." Walter led the way up the mountain trail. Nicolle took one more longing glance at the bridge, wishing desperately for the revolution to be finished as quickly as it started.