Black Canary

The first time Black Canary notices is as she watches Wally and Kaldur train. Though the sparring has been going on for a while, Canary is surprised to see the two teens stop. She narrows her eyes, puzzled (how did they manage to stop simultaneously? why did they stop?) and watches as they both cock their heads at something she cannot hear. Before she can open her mouth to reprimand them Wally gives a loud cry of joy and dashes off. She closes her mouth in frustration, turning to Kaldur.

He gives her an apologetic smile as he walks toward her, "Dinner is prepared," he informs her as he walks by, "if you desire to join us." He exits in the same direction as Wally, leaving her standing there, shocked.

She shakes her head, attempting to clear her brain, and reminds herself that the team often communicates telepathically when on missions. Still, she is shocked by the efficiency of it all – the two teens had stopped their routine effortlessly, without one word. Racking her brains she realizes she had not heard them speak the entire time they were sparring (most unusual for Wally), there had only been the occasional puzzling laugh. Now she knew why – they had been laughing at things they said to each other mentally. Again she is amazed by the efficiency of it, and though she does not usually stick around, she decides she will join them for dinner.

As she nears the dining room she realizes how quiet it is. Now that she is looking for it, she notices that the only sounds are the sounds of people eating together. As she pauses in the doorway she notices that though their voices are silent their expressions are anything but. They are all staring at Wally, breaking the silence with laughter as Wally finishes whatever story she is sure he was just telling. As she moves into the room Kaldur notices her an, as one, the rest of the team swivels to great her. They are loud and friendly, exactly as she expects them (knows them) to be, but she cannot help but feel that they are only speaking aloud for her benefit. She is sure they are still speaking mentally and as the meal continues her suspicions are confirmed.

She watches as Kaldur – midway through a conversation with her – pauses momentarily to turn and glare at Wally – just as Artemis hits Wally on his shoulder. Canary can only guess what Wally has said to her and brushes off the Atlantean's apology as he turns back to her. Later in the meal, she watches as Kaldur and Conner simply stare at each other, and everybody else watches the two of them like a tennis game – their eyes flicking back and forth at a volley she cannot see. Eventually Kaldur laughs and Conner smiles, shaking hands as they agree to something that she cannot hear. And as the meal ends she watches as Wally waves his last forkful of food in M'gann's direction. She watches as M'gann blushes and looks down smiling. And she simply watches as the remainder of the team turns toward M'gann as well, thanking M'gann, she is sure, for a meal well done.

As they all stand to clear the table she can hear the faint sounds of someone arriving through the Zeta tubes. Though they are too far away to hear who it is, Canary knows – by the way the entire team lights up, by the way Wally dashes out laughing, by the way the rest of the team follows him – she knows that it is Robin. Only another member of the team could incite so much joy within them she realizes.

She follows behind them, a bit late due to her thoughts, and meets them on the way. It is Robin who has arrived, and she watches as they walk toward her. Robin throws her a quick wave and M'gann informs her (aloud) of the desert she has prepared. She agrees to stay – only because she is still curious – and falls in step behind them. To her, the silence is unnatural. She cannot see their faces from behind them, so all she can see is the occasional turn of the head when they glance at each other. She is sure they are talking, but she cannot hear it, and it unnerves her. She wants them to talk aloud (to be normal teenagers, to revert back to their old ways) and she doesn't know why. All she can think about is the silence, and about how the only sound in Mount Justice is there footsteps on the floor. (Unnatural) she thinks again.

She is a bit struck by Robin's greeting – barely a wave in her direction – until she recalls that he seemed a bit distracted. His eyes had not exactly been focused on her. He was already talking to them, she muses. Then, another thought, how do they keep track of mental conversations and their surroundings? She has known they do it during missions – but those were always just brief orders. During dinner, Kaldur had been having a conversation with her but had stopped to reprimand Wally. How does one engage in one conversation while keeping track of another? And what about when they were separate? She knew that what one said everyone heard; all of their minds were linked after all. Canary doubted the others had been silent while Wally and Kaldur had sparred, did that mean they had been blocking out entire conversations while they were training?

Previously she had wondered how eight teenagers had managed to take down the Justice League, even if she had been a part of their plan. Though Rocket and Zatanna are not there, though it is just the first six, Canary sees it clearly now. This team is more of a family than the League. She wonders if anything can stand in their way.