Green Arrow

Green Arrow stood loosely, nocking an arrow as he demonstrated the proper technique. Batman had suggested that the team should branch out a bit, learning new skills, and Green Arrow had volunteered his time to help Black Canary and teach archery. Several members of the league had thrown hints and raised eyebrows his way, suggesting that his reason for volunteering had been solely to spend time with Black Canary.

Of course, that was one of the reasons, but they weren't exactly spending much time together and he hadn't anticipated that they would. Upon arriving the two adult mentors had split the teen heroes into groups of three, deciding to rotate halfway through the session.

No, his main reason for volunteering had been the teens themselves. They were frequently discussed among the Leaguers and he wanted to see what all the fuss was about. It wasn't that he didn't think the team deserved recognition but each of the members of the League seemed to have differing opinions on this link that was apparently always in use. Some were unsettled, like Black Canary, some seemed indifferent, like Batman (then again, when did that man show any emotion?), while others seemed to like the idea of it, like Captain Marvel (who was, admittedly, a kid himself).

Green Arrow had reserved judgment but he really hadn't seen much. Granted, he had just arrived and you couldn't exactly see a mental link, but the way everyone had mentioned it he thought it might be a little more obvious. He finished his demonstration, watching as the teens took up their own bows. He had Artemis, Superboy, and Wally with him while Robin, Kaldur, and M'gann sparred with Black Canary.

Artemis didn't really need any instruction but they weren't about to let her sit out and practice always helps. She had already fired off an arrow and Green Arrow's gaze switched to Superboy, still nocking his first. He opened his mouth to correct him – that bow string was going to break if Superboy pulled back any farther – but before he could say a word Superboy paused.

Green Arrow watched as he turned toward Artemis, adjusting his stance as he stared at her. Finally Superboy nodded, loosing up on the bow string as he turned back to his target. Noticing that Superboy no longer need much correcting Green Arrow turned to Wally, only to notice that he too had been 'listening' to Artemis's advice. Both of the novices were much better than Green Arrow had expected as they received advice from one of the best teen archers. True, their arrows didn't quite fly straight, but Green Arrow was pretty sure that this was the first time either of them had used a bow and arrow in their lives.

Green Arrow pushed the link out of his mind for the time being, correcting the little things that each of the boys had done wrong - the way they held their elbow, their stance, how far back they pulled the string - as Artemis let loose arrow after arrow at the moving targets brought out just for her. As the boys let loose their second round of arrows Green Arrow's mind wandered back to the link that had been so obvious and yet so subtle at the same time. If he hadn't known it had existed he would have been clueless as to the interaction that had occurred but because he had been looking there had been so many signs.

Both Superboy's and Wally's heads had swiveled towards Artemis, who had momentarily paused in her archery. They had also both corrected the same parts of their positions at the same time as Artemis had given them a run down in what they had done incorrectly. He was beginning to see exactly what the League had been talking about and continued to see more evidence of it as the time progressed.

When it came time to switch groups, allowing him to teach the others archery, he had been quite surprised in the way they greeted each other. They had mingled but no words had been exchanged. Robin had given Superboy a high five - probably because he got closer to the target than Wally - while Wally had scowled playfully, nudging Robin with his shoulder as the group laughed. Then their heads had swiveled toward Artemis, who had a smirk on her face. Their conversation continued in this vein as they took their short break, turning their heads, laughing, gesturing, and nodding all without saying a word.

Green Arrow couldn't keep track of it and he almost started when Black Canary spoke up beside him. "Disconcerting, isn't it?" She asked, also staring at the teens.

He frowned slightly in thought, turning his attention away from them. "A bit," he admitted. "It's just..." he trailed off, unable to finish his sentence, but Black Canary nodded in understanding.

"Different," she finished for him, "it's different. I've never seen anything quite like it."

Green Arrow couldn't help but agree and prepared himself for the mental conversations that were sure to occur between the others. As the break ended and he began teaching the three he found himself pleasantly surprised. All three teens had remarkably good stances and he couldn't help but speculate that they had been listening in with the last session or exchanging information at the break. He was not surprised to find that the Boy Wonder was the best, having picked up some archery either during his tenure with the Dark Knight or before it.

Overall, at the end of the training, Green Arrow was very happy with how the teens had done, but that wasn't what he was thinking about. His mind wouldn't stop wandering back to the link as he tried to decide for himself whether it was good or bad that the teens were so silent.

Authors Note: Well, after a very long break (sorry about that!) I have finally finished this story. I will not be doing any more chapters because I simply don't know any other members of the league well enough to write from their perspective. Even these last few chapters were a struggle. I'd like to thank everyone who reviewed with a shout out to kyuuo who helped me with the Wonder Woman chapter. Seriously though, I never expected such a large response and I wouldn't have written so many chapters if you guys hadn't said you enjoyed it. Just as a personal challenge for myself every chapter (including the title) is exactly 1000 words long, at least by FanFiction's standards. (This authors note is 170 words, bringing the grand total of words to 11170). I'd love it if you guys could let me know which chapters are the best/worst and who is the most/least in character of the Justice League. Thanks for reading!