That's all that she could feel.

She lay on the ground, her body throbbing with pain as the cold seeped into her still bleeding wounds.

I promise… I will not fail, the six-year-old thought as her body began to shut down.

As the child began to lose consciousness, her body began to change.

Her once sickly pale-skin became a normal hue. Her once brown clothing became a red outfit. Her once black hair became a light pink and her eyes…

Her once deadly golden snake-like eyes had become a disgusting jade-green. The life she once knew was gone, and her new one had begun.

She was no longer the Heiress and feared predator of her land. She was now a lonely orphan girl, with no value. She had no family here, but back home…

No! she thought, desperately trying to stay conscious, but failing. Don't think about him… Father. I won't fail… I will make this mission a success. I will make you proud…my… Chinchoue… Father…

With that last thought, the young girl finally fell into a blissful 'sleep'.

However, on a ledge above the child, a pale figure stood over the proud-his old home- the Hidden Leaf. Turning his golden eyes to the girl on the ground, he smiled. You will fulfill your mission… daughter.

As silent as a snake, the man disappeared into the shadows never to return for quite a while.

The small rosette shifted in her sleep before a small sadistic smile placed itself on her lips.