A Different Kind of Mission.

"Steven, I think… we should start a family," Samantha said.

"I'd say… we already… have," Steven said in between shooting at the goons who were trying to keep them from their safe escape route.

"You know what I mean Steven, I think we should have a child."

"I don't think is the best time for this discussion, let's just get home safely first."

"Sam, what's this?" Steven asked holding up a fertility brochure, he was in bed waiting for Sam to join him.

"That's my way of reminding you of a certain conversation we were supposed to have," she said as she climbed in bed and smiled at him. Despite the lighthearted façade she presented, Samantha had seriously been considering this because she did want a family with Steven.

"Ok let's do this," Steven said but he'd hoped to postpone it long enough that she'd forget, he must've forgotten whom he was dealing with cause Sam never forgot something she really wanted to talk about it.

"I know you're thinking our job description or rather a distinct lack of one isn't the best possible condition to bring another person into the world but I think we can do it."

"I know we can do it… its just…"

As Sam looked at him, it dawned on her that she'd just assumed he wanted kids,

"Do you want kids at all with me?"

"Yeah I do, I could never imagine having kids with anyone else, its not that. I just… I just don't know if I'm ready to be a dad. I'm just not sure this is one mission I won't mess up."

She intertwined her fingers with his and said,

"I know you would be a great father, you are loving, patient, kind and you're a 'super-spy' so I'm sure this mission would be a piece of cake besides you wouldn't be going it alone, you'd have me."

He brought a hand up to brush the hair out of her face, "you're absolutely right plus a beautiful little girl that looks just like her mom wouldn't be too bad."

"Or a cute little boy with his father's eyes," she said as she chuckled along with Steven.

"I say we start now mama," Steven said as he rolled Sam beneath him.

"I knew you'd love this part," she said with a smirk before he silenced her with a kiss.