President Snow rolled his eyes. It had been a long day, indeed, it had been an insufferably long month. If it was not enough that Peeta's escape had been national news, it was now apparent that Bee-Tee and Katniss had managed to get away from the games as well.

Publically, she had been declared dead. As had Bee-Tee. Currently, Finnick Odair is locked away under Snow's direct orders. He knows too much. The Capital will take great pleasure in extracting those secrets.

Still, there were too many warm bodies for Snow to feel comfortable. Scientists in the capital had theorized for years on how much of 13 had survived. Yet... yet there was nothing to be done. The quarter quell had been a nightmare, and if Snow knew where Herald was, he would have the advisor executed.

And now this beam of light. It had been detected by equipment left by Herald. Obviously it came from space, but for what purpose? Why would the aliens target the Capital? The only conflict here, well, physical conflict, was when the latest fashion trends came out. People would elbow one another out of the way to get their hands on the latest hand-bags.

That and the revolution going on around the districts...

Snow pressed his hands to his temple. It was over. He could feel it. Something in his bones told him that the Capital simply could not survive another revolution. Wiping out 12 was an act of desparation, and all his advisors knew it. To make matters worse, his airships had informed him that the survivors had made their way to 13.


The world was falling down around ears and Katniss was moving an entire gorram district where she wanted them. Maybe he would kill Cinna, just for kicks...

Still, there was only one way to go, down. And looking into the hole drilled by the alien beam, it was apparent that hope lay not in the stars, but under the earth.

President Snow called his granddaughter, hugged her close, and told her to obey her parents.

He was going underground.